The Snow Queen 2

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The Snow Queen 2
The Snow Queen 2 (Film Poster).png
Theatrical release poster
Directed byAleksey Tsitsilin
Produced byTimur Bekmambetov
Yuri Moskvin
Vladimir Nikolaev
Diana Yurinova
Written byAleksey Tsitsilin
Vladimir Nikolaev
Roman Nepomnyashchiy
Aleksey Zamyslov
StarringIvan Okhlobystin
Garik Kharlamov
Valeryia Nikolaeva
Music byMark Willott
Edited byAleksey Tsitsilin
Distributed byEntertainment One (U.S.)
Signature Entertainment (UK)
Release date
  • 11 October 2014 (2014-10-11) (U.S.)
  • 12 December 2014 (2014-12-12) (UK)
  • 1 January 2015 (2015-01-01) (Russia)
Running time
78 minutes
Budget$6.5 million[1]
Box office$15.5 million[2]

The Snow Queen 2: The Snow King[3] (also released as The Snow Queen: Magic of the Ice Mirror[4]) (Russian: Снежная королева 2. Снежный король, Snezhnaya koroleva 2: Snezhny korol and Russian: Снежная королева 2: Перезаморозка, Snezhnaya koroleva 2: Perezamorozka) is a 2014 Russian 3D computer-animated adventure fantasy comedy family film created by the animation studio Wizart Animation, and released by the Bazelevs Company. The film is a sequel to the 2012 animated film The Snow Queen. It was released on 1 January 2015 in Russia.


A year after the Snow Queen was defeated by Gerda, Orm the troll has thawed out the rest of his kind and now lives with his grandmother Rosa[5] and Gerda's pet white ferret Luta, working in the troll village as a miner. Orm takes an oath at lake Gow never to tell another lie and from that moment his reflection comes to life and starts manipulating him into doing the wrong things, including lying.

Upon being fired from his job after insulting the knight Arrog and facing eviction from his cottage, Orm is manipulated by his reflection into donning armor so he can take part in a competition to decide who will marry Princess Maribel. In order to impress the Princess and her uncle, the King, Orm lies about defeating the Snow Queen. However, Gerda, who had arrived at the village with her brother Kai and friend Alfida, overhear Orm's lies, leading to an argument between the two that culminates in Gerda leaving.

Later, as Orm and Rosa are moving into the King's palace, the King says he feels as if he has seen Rosa before, to which she asks if she has changed that much over the years. Suddenly the North Wind appears and abducts Princess Maribel, causing the King to decree that whoever rescues her will marry her. Orm, joined by Arrog and the other warriors, set off to rescue the Princess, but Orm reluctantly abandons the others and arrives at Gerda's village, only to discover that her mirror has been stolen. Orm then sends Gerda a message asking her to meet him at the Black Cliffs. En route, Gerda, Kai and Alfida meet the trolls, who reveal that Orm had abandoned the troop. Gerda, disillusioned with Orm, sails off with the others, tearfully abandoning Orm at the cliffs.

A distraught Orm is manipulated by his, now blue and frosty, reflection into pulling him into the real world, upon which he freezes the ocean, trapping Gerda and the others. After a confrontation between the two, Orm's reflection, referring to himself as the 'Snow King', reveals that the more he grows in power, the more Orm weakens and becomes invisible. The Snow King then unleashes his army and overwhelms Orm's friends, encasing them all in ice. Orm tries to warn Gerda but she can't see, hear or touch him and the Snow King tricks her into thinking he is the real Orm and freezes her, and Luta, then traps Orm in the mirror realm. Orm, while trapped, realizes that the Snow King was born from his lies, and manages to free himself by loudly confessing to his lies, thawing out Gerda and the Snow King's other victims, while at the same time reverting the Snow King back to his normal reflection.

In the end, Orm is taken back to the troll village but instead of being punished he is hailed a hero. Rosa marries the King, and Orm gets his cottage back and rekindles his friendship with Gerda. Arrog marries the Princess and have children, as seen during the end credits.


Character Actor
Orm, Snow King Ivan Okhlobystin
Arrog Garik Kharlamov
Gerda Nyusha
Alfida Valeriya Nikolayeva
Luta Dee Bradley Baker
Rahat Shura Bi-2
Troll King Fyodor Dobronravov
Grandma Olga Zubkova
Boss Mikhail Tikhonov
Guard Aleksey Likhnitskiy
Roman Yunusov
Snow Queen Galina Tyunina
Maribel Anna Khilkevich
Young Orm Olga Shorokhova
Eric Diomid Vinogradov
Lokum Lyova Bi-2
Kai Ramilya Iskander

English Dubbing[edit]

Character Actor
Orm, Snow King Sharlto Copley
Arrog Sean Bean
Gerda Bella Thorne
Alfida Isabelle Fuhrman
Luta Dee Bradley Baker
Rahat Pat Fraley
Troll King Jeff Bennett
Grandma Candi Milo
Boss James Connor
Guard JB Blanc
Nick Tate
Snow Queen Cindy Robinson
Maribel Sara Cravens
Young Orm Tyler Merna
Eric Larry Cedar
Lokum Bill Chott
Kai Miles Hoff


"The Snow Queen" was originally conceived as an international project with the appropriate high level of animation and the more satisfying is the high demand, which we celebrate at the largest film markets around the world. Like the original fairy tale by Andersen which served as the starting point for our film, its story is universal and is understandable to audiences all around the globe.

— Timur Bekmambetov.[6]

After the worldwide success of animated film The Snow Queen at the box office producers and the creative team of Wizart Animation decided to continue the story. The director's chair in the new project was taken by Aleksey Tsitsilin who worked as the director of photography in the first installment.

Director Aleksey Tsitsilin, executive producer Vladimir Nikolayev and art director Aleksey Zamyslov, with participation of Timur Bekmambetov and Roman Nepomnyashchiy wrote the script of sequel.[7]

Work on the second feature progressed at an international level. For the English version international stars took part in the dubbing including Sean Bean, Sharlto Copley, Bella Thorne, Isabelle Fuhrman. Thorn also sings an original song "Diamond" for the film.[8] In the South Korean dubbing the song is sung by Soyou from the girl group Sistar.[9]

The music score was written by the British Emmy Award winning composer Mark Willott, who continued his cooperation with the studio after the first part of the film.


Box office[edit]

The film grossed US$4.5 million in Russia.[10] It was released in China on 31 December 2016 and grossed CN¥35.3 million in the country.[11]

Critical reception[edit]

The Guardian concluded on the film and its predecessor that "both films, rather obviously, are rather in the shadow cast by Frozen, but this is cheerful enough, with a wacky troll, a sinister ice queen, and feisty girl-hero named Gerda. There’s a frenetic, eye-popping quality to the visuals that forestalls the kind of emotional engagement Disney can offer, but there is some entertainment to be had here."[4]


The Snow Queen 2 won the award for "Best Animated Film" at the Prague Independent Film Festival in August 2016.[12][13][14]

The film was in the shortlist for the 2015 Golden Globes.[15][16]


A third installment, titled The Snow Queen 3: Fire and Ice, was released on 29 December 2016.[17][18] The picture, made in collaboration with Beijing's Flame Node Entertainment, would have been the first Chinese-Russian co-production in film history,[19] but only Russian animation company Wizart Animation was credited with the production of the movie.


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