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Three Kingdoms Online, (Simplified Chinese:三国风云,Traditional Chinese:三國風雲, Sānguó fēngyún; often referred to as TKO) is a strategy browser game (MMO-SLG) based on Three Kingdoms era of Chinese history by Koramgame. Three Kingdoms Online was firstly released on March 5, 2008 after the closed beta ended.[1][2] The English version of Three Kingdoms Online was subsequently introduced in December 2009.[3]

Three Kingdoms Online
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Three Kingdoms Online is set during the end of the Han Dynasty in ancient China, and follows the exploits of the three leaders who rose to prominence during this period, the warlords Liu Bei, Cao Cao and Sun Quan, and the titular Three Kingdoms that each warlord ruled over. Other figures from this period—both historical (such as Lü Bu and Zhuge Liang) and fictional (such as Diaochan) are also represented.

The gameplay map of Three Kingdoms Online—similar to the unrelated video game franchise of the same subject matter, Koei's Romance of the Three Kingdoms—is divided into fourteen main regions roughly analogous with the zhou provinces into which Han Dynasty China was formally organized in. Cities of significance to the Three Kingdoms era and its stories (such as Chengdu, Taiyuan and Xiapi) are represented as distinct entities within the appropriate region.[4]


"Three Kingdoms Online" is a browser game, and typically of such games, it requires the latest Flash Player, a compatible browser (of which Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari) with cookies and JavaScript enabled. Windows, Mac OS and Linux have been specified as compatible operating systems for these requirements.[5]

The first thing you should do is to upgrade your resource fields to obtain more resources, and build various buildings to strengthen your military. When you possess enough strength, you can explore the surrounding area or fight with other players.[6]


A good plan of upgrading a resource will save time, especially for beginners. At first, all resource is very limited, but the player may upgrade in this order: Stone Mine—Timberland—Iron Mine—Farmland. Of course, when one kind of the resource is too low, you should upgrade it first or buying and using Items/Goods. Logging Camp, Quarry, Iron Field, and Mill is very helpful when Resource Field reached level 6, that is one may upgrade them later.

As for one kind of resource, it is better to upgrade the lowest level, which will use less other resource and do good to further development. If you need to call soldiers and need one kind of resource much, you should take precautions before it is too late.

Governor House is not that useful at first and take much resource. You can level up it when needed. But Builder Guild will be helpful in saving time and upgrade it when resource sufficient.

Resource is the most fundamental element of Three Kingdoms Online. Before you start recruiting your army, and before you start expanding your city, you should start by securing your resource output. Keep a good balance and spend your possession wisely. Resource is the root of success in this game. Rookies, go check it out!

What and How? There are 4 resources: Wood, Stone, Iron and Food. All four resources are needed for different purposes, and it is recommended that you develop them in balance. There are three main ways to acquire resources. 1. Build and upgrade resource fields, or resource-related buildings to increase hourly resource output. 2. Finish quests, win in scrimmages or plunder other players. 3. Acquire resource pack or other related items.

How to produce more? Select a resource field and click Upgrade button. If you[who?] have sufficient resource, the button will be in normal color. Otherwise it will be displayed as gray. If your order is successful, the timer will begin to count down. Of course you may also use Master Craftsman to finish the construction instantly.

There are four other buildings which can increase resource output by percentage. Each level of upgrade will increase the output of that resource by 2.5%.

  1. Logging Camp: Increase Wood output by a percentage.
  2. Quarry: Increase Stone output by a percentage.
  3. Iron Field: Increase Iron output by a percentage.
  4. Mill: Increase Food output by a percentage.[7][8]


Library The level of a Library directly impact on your science and technology upgrading speed, the higher Library the less time required to complete the same scientific and technological research (such as attack, defense, etc.). Technologies in Library were to improve the transport speed, carrying capacity, and different from other countries. technology of national characteristics need to research one time. Carrying amount can be upgraded to a maximum of level 20. The higher level science and technology, the higher carrying capacity. Research time in Library is linked with Library level. When Library broken down, the technology researched exist but other researching time has no saving any more.

Command Center You can check your military information in the Command Center, and all the military actions are ordered from here. When upgraded to level 10, you can choose a building except City Wall and Hidden Warehouse for direct attack.

Market Market can be used in exchange for resources.Players can exchange resources with others. Players can also use 19 gold to get help from Black Market which can ensure total amount of resources unchanged, change in the specific amount of resources of each according to your needs. Players can also set restrictions on the transportation through which the setting can prevent someone malicious to your transportation resources, etc. And the system won't mistakenly believe that you violate the rules of the game.

Career Center Career Center is a place where players recruiting heroes. to upgrade Career Center can increase the maximum of the number of oases you can take, but also can improve the city's general hero limit. (Epic hero not affected by this limit). Career House can refresh 2 heroes every 24 hours, using Basic search refresh 2 heroes and Advanced search refresh 10.

Governor's House It's the place for dealing with city affairs and heroes of this city can be appointed as governor. You can also view the city construction, using orders, Inspect the city, Impose tax and so on. Governor's House could upgraded to a maximum five.

Hidden Warehouse Hidden Warehouse in Wei and Shu has a maximum capacity 1000 at level 10 each, while in Wu the amount is 2000. But Emperor's Order and Bronze Shovel can make it 5 times more.[9]


Wei Features of Wei’s Troops With most advanced construction technology among the 3 nations. Wei is the only nation which can simultaneously build constructions both in the city and in urban resource fields. Meanwhile, City Wall of Wei has the highest defense value. With protection of Transporting Cavalries, their speed of caravans are greatly increased. The ultimate infantry and cavalry troops of Wei obtains the highest combat status in both attack and defense. But the cost of researching and recruiting is also astonishing. Wei has the most powerful ranged troops in the game, but that part of troops can not take part in the city defense. With their strong power, Wei controls the administration in Royal court. Hence their Lobbyists are more influential.

Shu Features of Shu’s Troops Although the equipment and battle ability is limited, Shu’s troop performs well in plunder. They can detect the resources in the Secret Stores. The Mechanized Transporting, invented by Zhuge Liang, provides extra speed and carryload for the caravans of Shu. Primary troop of Shu have the best cost performance in the game. It is easy for Shu to form a great scale of military force in very short time. But when under attack, the untrained Militias will fall into mess very easily. Ranged troops in Shu equip the most advanced weapons, which can make marvelous performance in the siege battles.

Wu Features of Wu’s Troops Wu has the fastest military troops in the game. Carryload of caravans will be increased when the technology of Water Transport is developed. With their own philosophy of defensive strategy, Wu have more effective Secret Stores than the other two nations. With their spirit of exploring, it cost less to recruit Pioneers among people of Wu. Ranged troops of Wu performance greatly both in attack and defense.[10]


Daily Quests

Participate in the daily quests for fun and challenges. Take the TKO quiz to see how well you know the game and the history. or claim your noble stipend from the royal court. If you wanted to, you may also help Mr. Mirror to finish his Book of Heroes.

Faction Quests

In the chaotic world of TKO, it is good to figure out who your enemies are early. In faction quests, you must choose your side. Visit the faction map to partake in scrimmage, duel or challenges. Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies even closer. Later on in the game, faction quests may generate rare rewards and EXP for your heroes.

Court Quests

Nobility ranks help a player in many ways. It grants you a higher output bonus, while allowing you to appoint your heroes to higher posts. Donate tribute tokens or give the court whatever they need in exchange of a higher nobility rank.[11]

TKO Servers and Stories[edit]

S27 Flexibility, Summoning the Wind (Simplified Chinese:借东风, Traditional Chinese: 借東風)

S26 Creativity, a Thick Fog's Bounty (Simplified Chinese:草船借箭,Traditional Chinese: 草船借箭,also known as Using straw boats to borrow arrows)

S25 Eight Trigrams, the Stone Maze (Simplified Chinese:八卦阵, Traditional Chinese: 八卦陣,also known as Baguazhen)

S24 Sima Yi, the Subtle Strategist (Simplified Chinese:司马懿,Traditional Chinese: 司馬懿)

S23 Kong Ming, a Legendary Tactician (Simplified Chinese:孔明, Traditional Chinese: 孔明 )

S22 Zhang Liao, an Indomitable Force (Simplified Chinese:张辽, Traditional Chinese: 張遼)

S21 Jiang Wei, a Devoted Hero (Simplified Chinese:姜维, Traditional Chinese: 姜維)

S20 Sun Ce, a Brilliant Governor (Simplified Chinese:孙策, Traditional Chinese: 孫策)

S19 Wei Yan, an Intrepid General (Simplified Chinese:魏延, Traditional Chinese: 魏延)

S18 Xiao Qiao, a Gorgeous Beauty (Simplified Chinese:小乔, Traditional Chinese: 小喬)

S17 Zhou Yu,a Controversial General (Simplified Chinese:周瑜, Traditional Chinese: 周瑜)

S16 Diao Chan, an Unarmed Beauty (Simplified Chinese:貂蝉, Traditional Chinese: 借東風)

S15 Huang Zhong, an Ageless Veteran (Simplified Chinese:黄忠, Traditional Chinese: 黃忠)

S14 Ma Chao, a Frustrated Hero? (Simplified Chinese:马超, Traditional Chinese: 馬超)

S13 Zhao Yun, an Honest Warrior (Simplified Chinese:赵云, Traditional Chinese: 趙雲)

S12 Zhang Fei, a Masterful Valiant (Simplified Chinese:张飞, Traditional Chinese: 張飛)

S11 Guan Yu, a True Hero (Simplified Chinese:关羽, Traditional Chinese: 關羽)

S10 Lu Bu, a Hardy Hero (Simplified Chinese:吕布, Traditional Chinese: 呂布)

S9 Chang An, a Dream of Peace? (Simplified Chinese:长安, Traditional Chinese: 長安)

S8 Sun Quan, a Brave and Resourceful Hero (Simplified Chinese:孙权, Traditional Chinese: 孫權)

S7 Liu Bei, a Populist Bringing Hope (Simplified Chinese:刘备, Traditional Chinese: 劉備)

S6 Chibi, First Blood, First Win (Simplified Chinese:赤壁, Traditional Chinese: 赤壁)

S5 Guandu, Milestone in Sight (Simplified Chinese:官渡, Traditional Chinese: 官渡)

S4 Cao Cao, Dominating and Overwhelming! (Simplified Chinese:曹操, Traditional Chinese: 曹操)

S3 Kingdoms United

S2 Chaos and Order

S1 Ancient Empires


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