Tomato omelette

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Tomato Omelette
Tomato Omelette1.JPG
Type Pancake
Place of origin India
Region or state South India
Main ingredients Chickpea flour or besan, water, green chillies, onions, tomatoes
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A tomato omelette is a breakfast dish in South India. It is referred to as an omelette because of its visual appearance, but actually contains no egg product or by-product. The main ingredient is chickpea flour or besan.[1] Sometimes, it is also made with dosa batter (rice flour and urad dal paste), with a small quantity of besan only to provide binding, in which case it is classified as Uttapam.

A batter of pouring consistency is made with water and the flour; with finely chopped green chillies, onions and tomatoes added. The mix is poured on a hot skillet, brushed with cooking oil and cooked on both sides. Tomato omelettes are served hot with tomato sauce, coconut chutney, sambar or any other pickle.

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