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Tomas Tammemets, known by his stage name of Tommy Cash (styled as TOMM¥ €A$H)[1] is an Estonian rapper and conceptual artist.

Early life and youth[edit]

Born in 1991, Tomas Tammemets is of Estonian, Russian, Ukrainian, and Kazakh descent;[2] he self-identifies (per EPL) as first and foremost an Estonian, then East European in his soul, and as a Scandinavian in a CV.[3] He grew up in a one-room flat[4] not far from a soup kitchen[5] in the Kopli subdistrict of Estonia's capital Tallinn. Kopli has a predominantly Russian-language population, and is known to be inhabited by comparatively less well-off people. In a 2013 interview, Tommy thought the subdistrict a ghetto, yet finds Kopli a superb place to live in.[6] In a 2017 interview, he called the neighbourhood less harshly 'the Detroit side of town': "It was all tiny, rotting wooden houses and there was always a bad smell on the street. I swear I could spot a junkie from a kilometre and tell you exactly what drug he was on."[1] Tomas did 'rather well' in school until the age of 15, when he began using cannabis, which 'ejected' him out of the school system.[4] In his youth, or 'in the olden times', as per Tommy, he painted plenty of graffiti,[1] often ran from the police, and sometimes got fined.[7] He did not graduate secondary school; of that, he said that he had done the exams, but still has a few things left to do. In place of school, Tommy began painting and took up dancing.[4]


In the Baltic dance scene, he is a known freestyle dancer with a very distinct style, using elements of popping, krumping and break-dancing.[1]

In 2018, Cash released a clothing line that subversively imitates western styles with eastern elements and in-jokes.[8]

Tommy's most recent singles have been released through the London record label PC Music, also home to Danny L Harle, felicita and Hannah Diamond.



  • Euroz Dollaz Yeniz (2014)
  1. Leave Me Alone
  2. Tokyo Drift
  3. Euroz Dollaz Yeniz
  4. Diablo
  5. Prorapsuperstar
  6. Boy Butterfly
  7. Baba Yaga
  8. Suga Suga
  9. Moloko
  • ¥€$ (2018)


Title Year Source Notes
Oldkool 2013
Guez Whoz Bak 2013
Alien Tears 2014
Euroz Dollaz Yeniz 2014
Leave Me Alone 2015
ProRapSuperstar 2015
Winaloto 2016 [9] Award for Music Video of the Year at the 2017 Estonian Music Awards
Escalade 2016
Orange Soda 2016
Surf 2017 [10] Award for Music Video of the Year at the 2018 Estonian Music Awards[11]
Rawr 2017 Later re-hashed with a Joji feature on Cash's Soundcloud
Cry 2017 IC3PEAK x Tommy Cash
Pussy Money Weed 2018 [12][13] Produced by A.G. Cook[8]
Little Molly 2018 [14] Tommy Cash & Anna-Lisa Himma
X-Ray 2018


Music Videos[edit]

  • 2013 — «Guez Whoz Bak»
  • 2014 — «Alien Tears» (remote clip)
  • 2014 — «Euroz Dollaz Yeniz»
  • 2015 — «Flipperi» (Adi L Hasla feat. Aito Mäkki, Tommy Cash)
  • 2015 — «ProRapSuperstar»
  • 2015 — «Leave Me Alone»
  • 2015 — «Give Me Your Money» (Little Big feat. Tommy Cash)
  • 2016 — «Apel» (Pimp Flaco x Tommy Cash x Kinder Malo)
  • 2016 — «Winaloto»
  • 2016 — «Winaloto» (Live) | A Colors Show
  • 2017 — «Surf»
  • 2018 — «Pussy Money Weed»
  • 2018 — «Little Molly»
  • 2018 — «X-Ray»


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