Toulouse 1 University Capitole

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Toulouse 1 University Capitole
Université Toulouse 1 Capitole
Toulouse 1 University Capitole (logo).svg
Motto Universitas Magistrorum et Scolarium (Latin)
Type Public
Established 1968 Toulouse 1 University
Endowment €112,000,000 [1]
President Corinne Mascala
Administrative staff
Students 21,100[3]
Location Toulouse, France
Affiliations University of Toulouse

Toulouse 1 University Capitole (Université Toulouse 1 Capitole, also called UT1) is a French university established in 1968. It is located in the heart of the city of Toulouse, in southwestern France.


Toulouse 1 University Capitole is one of the several so-called 'successor' institutions of the University of Toulouse, which was the second university created in France in 1229 after the Sorbonne was founded (around the year 1200). The university originally included four faculties: theology, canon law, civil law and Arts (grammar). The medical school was created in 1257. The University was closed in 1793 as the French Revolution abolished royal universities.

At the end of the Second Empire, the first four faculties co-existed, but the most important was the law school, which contains three-quarters of the students and the most renowned teachers. However, the University of Toulouse suffered due to underfunding of French higher education in province. In the 1880s Luis Liard and Ernest Lavisse gave enough autonomy to the faculties so the municipality could help those institutions. Yet the Edgar Faure laws halted the development of provincial faculties by dividing the university in three:

  • Toulouse 1 University of Social Sciences (Law, Economy and Management);
  • Toulouse 2 University of Literature and Human Sciences;
  • Toulouse 3 University Paul Sabatier of Sciences and Health.

Only the Toulouse 1 University remains on the historical site of the town center. In September 2009, the Toulouse 1 University of Social Sciences becomes the Toulouse 1 university Capitole.


Campus Arsenal.

UT1 contains three locations:

  • The Old Faculties with amphitheaters, information and counseling services, Garrigou library;
  • The Arsenal contains most of the amphitheaters and lessons classes, the main library ;
  • Building of ancient tobacco manufacture.
    The Manufacture des Tabacs (an ancient tobacco manufacture of Toulouse) where are amphitheaters, lessons classes and most research laboratories.

University buildings cover an area of 78,000 m² and are available to 17,000 students. On the two sites of the Arsenal and the Anciennes Facultés, a 2 minutes' walk from Place du Capitole, are located most lecture halls and classrooms as well as the main library on the Toulouse campus.

The Manufacture des Tabacs, between the Garonne river and the Brienne canal is where most research and library centres are to be found.

UT1 also provides courses in Montauban and Rodez.


Amphitheater Cujas

The different academic disciplines of UT1 are:

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