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The Subcommittee on International Organizations of the Committee on International Relations (also known as the Fraser Committee) was a committee of the United States House of Representatives which met in 1976 and 1977 and conducted an investigation into South Korea–United States relations. It was chaired by Representative Donald M. Fraser of Minnesota. The committee's 447-page report, made public on November 29, 1977, reported on plans by the National Intelligence Service (South Korea) (KCIA) to manipulate American institutions to the advantage of South Korean government policies, overtly and covertly.[1]

Among the topics the committee's report covered were South Korean plans to plant an intelligence network in the White House and to influence the United States Congress, newsmedia, clergy, and educators.[2][3] The committee found that the KCIA decided to work with the Unification Church of the United States and that some church members worked as volunteers in Congressional offices. Together they founded the Korean Culture and Freedom Foundation, a nonprofit organization which undertook a public diplomacy campaign for the Republic of Korea.[4] The committee also investigated possible KCIA influence on the Unification Church's campaign in support of Richard Nixon during the Watergate scandal.[5]

The report of the committee also found that the KCIA planned to grant money to American universities in order to attempt to influence them for political purposes.[6] It also said that the KCIA had harassed and intimidated South Koreans living in the United States if they protested against Republic of Korea government policies.[7]

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