United States presidential election in Alabama, 1968

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United States presidential election in Alabama, 1968
1964 ←
November 5, 1968 → 1972

All 10 Alabama electoral votes to the Electoral College
  Wallacenasa-drop.gif HubertHumphrey.png Richard Nixon, official bw photo, head and shoulders.jpg
Nominee George Wallace Hubert Humphrey Richard Nixon
Party American Independent Democratic Republican
Home state Alabama Minnesota New York
Running mate Curtis LeMay Edmund Muskie Spiro Agnew
Electoral vote 10 0 0
Popular vote 691,425 196,597 146,923
Percentage 65.86% 18.72% 13.99%

Alabama 1968 Presidential Election Results By County.svg

County Results

The United States presidential election in Alabama, 1968 was held on November 5, 1968.

Southern populist and segregationist candidate George Wallace, the former Governor of Alabama running as a third party candidate with his American Independent Party, won his home state in a landslide. Wallace received the official Democratic Party ballot line in Alabama, while national Democratic Party nominee Hubert H. Humphrey was forced to run on the "National Democratic" party ballot line. [1]

Wallace won 65.86% to Democrat Hubert Humphrey's 18.72%, a 47.13% margin. Republican Richard Nixon, while narrowly winning the election nationally, finished a distant third in Alabama with only 13.99%.

Reflecting his statewide landslide, Wallace won 64 of the state's 67 counties. As African-Americans in the South were slowly gaining the right to vote as a result of federal civil rights legislation passed in 1964 and 1965, Wallace's weakest region was Alabama's Black Belt, where he won most counties with narrow majorities or pluralities. He lost three counties in this region, Sumter County, Green County, and Macon County, all with large black populations, to pro-civil rights candidate Hubert Humphrey. In black-majority Macon County, pro-civil rights Democrat Hubert Humphrey won a commanding landslide, taking 69.7% of the vote to Wallace's 25.4%, reflecting the deep divide between the state's white and black voter populations.


General Election Results[2]
Party Nominee Popular Vote Percentage Electoral Vote
Democrat (American Independent) George Wallace 691,425 65.86% 10
National Democratic (Democratic) Hubert Humphrey 196,597 18.72% 0
Republican Richard Nixon 146,923 13.99% 0
N/A All Others 14,990 1.42% 0


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