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Changsha University
One of Changsha University's Main Entrances
Motto 力学笃行
Motto in English
Seek For Noble Mind, Profound Knowledge, Strong Physique and Consummate Skills.
Type Public
President Dr. Liu Yun 刘耘
Location China Changsha, People's Republic of China
Campus Urban

Changsha University (CCSU; Chinese: 长沙大学; pinyin: Chángshā Dàxué) is located in Changsha, Hunan province, central south of China.


Changsha University located in Changsha, is an undergraduate university granted by the Ministry of Education. On the basis of the former Changsha University (a three-year school), it developed into a new comprehensive university under the direct administration of the Hunan Provincial Government and Changsha Municipal Government. It is currently the only university affiliated with Changsha Municipal Government to enroll students from 15 provinces on a nation-wide scale.

Changsha University has 16 departments offering 28 full-time undergraduate degree programs with an enrollment of 12,000 full-time students and 4,800 students taking courses in degree and non-degree programs of adult education.


A view of Changsha University from the Ning Jing Foreign Language Building

Changsha University covers a total area of 1,407,359 square meters with a construction area of over 300,000 square meters. A new campus covering an area of 1,066,000 square meters is still under construction. The university library houses a collection of 825,000 volumes. The university has also built the trunk network of its Campus Computer Networks connected with he International Network and China Education and Research Network. In addition, the university has an affiliated middle school.



Changsha University has 12 departments with 28 Specialties within them.


Changsha University employs a staff of 671 members of which 522 are full-time faculty. Sixty-seven of these faculty members are full professors. 158 are associate professors.

Student Life[edit]

Main road through campus


The Old Gym

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