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Critical Thought[edit]

Logic, Reason, and Truth[edit]

Constructs of Logic
Anthropic principle
Critical thinking
Prepositional Logic
Logical consequence
Antecedent (logic)
Inverse (logic)
Converse (logic)
Transposition (logic)
Sophistry and Fallacious Reasoning
Aristotle's Sophistical Refutations - Verbal Fallacies
Syntactic ambiguity
Affirming the consequent
Fallacy of composition
Fallacy of division
Figure of speech
Aristotle's Sophistical Refutations - Material Fallacies
Converse accident
Begging the question
Questionable cause
Complex question
Formal Fallacies
Formal fallacy
Affirming a disjunct
Denying the antecedent
Argument from fallacy
False dilemma
Existential fallacy
Proof by example
Quantifier shift
Affirmative conclusion from a negative premise
A dicto simpliciter
Fallacy of exclusive premises
Fallacy of necessity
Fallacy of four terms
Illicit major
Illicit minor
Negative conclusion from affirmative premises
Fallacy of the undistributed middle
Circular reasoning
Appeal to probability
Conjunction fallacy
Masked man fallacy
Informal Fallacies
Informal fallacy
Absence paradox
Catch-22 (logic)
Blind men and an elephant
Cherry picking (fallacy)
False analogy
Fallacy of distribution
Furtive fallacy
Hasty generalization
I'm entitled to my opinion
McNamara fallacy
Name calling
Nirvana fallacy
Rationalization (making excuses)
Red herring
Fallacy of relative privation
No true Scotsman
One-sided argument
Slothful induction
Denying the correlative
Suppressed correlative
Misleading vividness
Overwhelming exception
Continuum fallacy
False precision
Slippery slope
False attribution
Fallacy of quoting out of context
Loki's Wager
Moving the goalposts
Reification (fallacy)
Animistic fallacy
Pathetic fallacy
Appeal to consequences
Correlation does not imply causation
Gambler's fallacy
Inverse gambler's fallacy
Gambler's conceit
Gambler's ruin
Post hoc ergo propter hoc
Fallacy of prescience
Regression fallacy
Fallacy of the single cause
Texas sharpshooter fallacy
Wrong direction
Philosophic burden of proof
Correlative-based fallacies
Historian's fallacy
Homunculus argument
Incomplete comparison
Inconsistent comparison
Kettle logic
Mind projection fallacy
Moral high ground
Proof by intimidation
Prosecutor's fallacy
Proving too much
Psychologist's fallacy
Retrospective determinism
Faulty generalization
Package-deal fallacy
Parable of the broken window
Definist fallacy
Appeal to emotion
Genetic fallacy
Judgmental language
Ecological fallacy
Relevance Fallacies
Accident (fallacy)
Ad nauseam
Argument from ignorance
Argument from silence
Argument to moderation
Argumentum ad populum
Double-barreled question
Evidence of absence
Ignoratio elenchi
Invincible ignorance fallacy
Loaded question
Moralistic fallacy
Naturalistic fallacy
Non sequitur (logic)
Proof by assertion
Special pleading
Straw man
Two wrongs make a right
Appeal to fear
Appeal to flattery
Appeal to pity
Appeal to ridicule
Think of the children
Invented here
Island mentality
Not invented here
Wisdom of repugnance
Appeal to spite
Ad hominem
Tu quoque
Appeal to accomplishment
Etymological fallacy
Appeal to motive
Appeal to nature
Appeal to novelty
Argumentum ad lazarum
Argumentum ad lapidem
Appeal to tradition
Argumentum ad crumenam
Association fallacy
Chronological snobbery
Ipse dixit
Poisoning the well
Argument from authority
Reductio ad Hitlerum
Argumentum ad baculum
Wishful thinking
Linguistic Fallacies
Idola fori
Idola theatri
Idola specus
Idola tribus
Courtier's Reply
Deductive fallacy
Descriptive fallacy
Double counting (fallacy)
Drinking the Kool-Aid
Greedy reductionism
Historical fallacy
Inconsistent triad
Infinite regress
Jingle-jangle fallacies
Politician's syllogism
Post disputation argument
Relativist fallacy
Sunk costs
Survivorship bias
Third-cause fallacy
Three men make a tiger
Trivial objections
Van Gogh fallacy
Personal Biases
Ambiguity effect
Attentional bias
Availability heuristic
Illusory truth effect
Confirmation bias
Bandwagon effect
Base rate fallacy
Belief bias
Bias blind spot
Clustering illusion
Congruence bias
Conservatism (belief revision)
Contrast effect
Curse of knowledge
Decoy effect
Denomination effect
Distinction bias
Duration neglect
Empathy gap
Endowment effect
Experimenter's bias
Functional fixedness
Framing effect (psychology)
Baader-Meinhof phenomenon
Hard–easy effect
Hindsight bias
Hostile media effect
Hot-hand fallacy
Hyperbolic discounting
Identifiable victim effect
IKEA effect
Illusion of control
Illusion of validity
Illusory correlation
Impact bias
Information bias (psychology)
Insensitivity to sample size
Escalation of commitment
Just-world hypothesis
Less-is-better effect
Ludic fallacy
Mere-exposure effect
Money illusion
Moral credential
Negativity effect
Negativity bias
Neglect of probability
Normalcy bias
Observer-expectancy effect
Omission bias
Optimism bias
Ostrich effect
Outcome bias
Overconfidence effect
Pessimism bias
Planning fallacy
Post-purchase rationalization
Pro-innovation bias
Pseudocertainty effect
Reactance (psychology)
Recency illusion
Restraint bias
Rhyme-as-reason effect
Risk compensation
Selective perception
Semmelweis reflex
Social comparison bias
Status quo bias
Subadditivity effect
Subjective validation
Time-saving bias
Well travelled road effect
Zero-risk bias
Acquiescence bias
Attribution bias
Cognitive bias
Fundamental attribution error
Response bias
Self-serving bias
Social Biases
Actor–observer asymmetry
Defensive attribution hypothesis
Dunning–Kruger effect
Egocentric bias
Extrinsic incentives bias
False-consensus effect
Forer effect
Group attribution error
Halo effect
Illusion of asymmetric insight
Illusion of external agency
Illusion of transparency
Illusory superiority
In-group favoritism
Moral luck
Naïve cynicism
Out-group homogeneity
Projection bias
Shared information bias
System justification
Trait ascription bias
Ultimate attribution error
Worse-than-average effect
Memory Biases
Bizarreness effect
Choice-supportive bias
Childhood amnesia
Cue-dependent forgetting
Cross-race effect
Fading affect bias
Generation effect
Google effect
Leveling and Sharpening
Levels-of-processing effect
Misinformation effect
Modality effect
Memory inhibition
Peak–end rule
Picture superiority effect
Positivity effect
Serial position effect
Reminiscence bump
Rosy retrospection
Misattribution of memory
Spacing effect
Telescoping effect
Testing effect
Tip of the tongue
Von Restorff effect
Bluma Zeigarnik
Reactive devaluation
Gender differences in eyewitness memory
Self-reference effect
Statistical Biases
Bias of an estimator
Information bias (epidemiology)
Lead time bias
Omitted-variable bias
Sampling bias
Selection bias
Self-selection bias
Social desirability bias
Spectrum bias
Systematic error
Systemic bias
Other Biases
FUTON bias
Media bias
No abstract available bias
Publication bias
Reporting bias