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I have experience in fraternal organizations, including collegiate fraternities and all aspects of Freemasonry. If I can help you in regard to these subjects, please let me know. Jax MN (talk) 19:45, 3 October 2013 (UTC)


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for dedication and endurance building List of fraternities and sororities at Cornell University
 Unician   06:17, 7 June 2014 (UTC)

Current Wikipedia Projects[edit]

List of fraternities and sororities at the University of Minnesota[edit]

Published. My big project during the early summer months of 2014, this page was designed to be a WP:hatnote off the main University of Minnesota page, to a much larger discussion of these societies at the University, and to provide a comprehensive list. I've finally moved it from one of my sandboxes, creating the List of fraternities and sororities at the University of Minnesota. It was launched to the world as of Midnight, 29 June 2014, and I am pleased to see the reception. Now that the University main page hatnote is up, a page that itself gets 800 hits a day, it will be interesting to see how traffic continues to ramp up for the List of fraternities and sororities... Now, about 2,000 per month. I promote it on Greek twitter sites regularly.

Original sandbox site: User:Jax MN/List of Fraternities and Sororities at the University of Minnesota and- sandbox view stats

University of Minnesota- view stats
List of fraternities and sororities at the University of Minnesota - view stats

Various Honors Societies pages[edit]

Published. I created several new pages and have updated numerous others among the honors, professional, academic and social fraternities and sororities. Jax MN (talk) 19:28, 13 June 2014 (UTC)

The list of new honor society or professional house pages:

Yet to do, starting with the residential professional houses, and then the honor societies on campus, first cleaning up the existing pages and then starting with the oldest that need pages. For honor societies, use the above or Alpha Pi Mu as template:

Professional Fraternities


List of Fraternities and Sororities at Cornell University[edit]

Published. This page now receives between 30 and 200 views a day, depending on the season. I'd been researching Phi Sigma Kappa chapters across the nation, and our Gamma Chapter at Cornell University especially caught my attention. It's a venerable chapter on a venerable campus. The Greeks had been called out on the main Cornell University page with a WP:hatnote, but this high-potential page merely listed building ownership and current recognition status. I expanded it dramatically, adding professional and honor societies, and set up rules for inclusion in the list of chapters that will make it less volatile. Certainly there are other past and present societies that aren't yet listed on the page, which could be added. As source material, I noted extensive references to the University's website and to Baird's Manual. Placement of the honor and professional societies adjacent to the social and academic houses is justified, historically, and I think in the end will be beneficial to readers and prospective members of all these groups.

This project gave me the idea of drafting a similar page for the University of Minnesota.

List of Fraternities and Sororities at Cornell University - view stats

Phi Sigma Kappa[edit]

Published, 3 October, 2013. Prior to my edits, the Phi Sigma Kappa page was quite short, and biased almost exclusively AGAINST the fraternity, citing a short-lived period of race turmoil that resulted in the lost of three or four chapters. The truth is that Phi Sigma Kappa has an admirable record of progressive race relations - in the best sense of that term - head and shoulders over other collegiate fraternities at the time. The article also had a biased treatment of the 1985 merger, which didn't give a weighted treatment in favor of the Merger, which for most chapters and alumni of both fraternities was strongly positive. Instead, the article showed Phi Sigma Epsilon's leaders as abrupt and cavalier in moving toward the merger, when the fact is that they bent over backwards to use the Merger to improve a bad situation. Their Fraternity was slowly dying. Further, too much emphasis was given to a small schismatic group, Phi Sigma Phi, which has now been more properly treated. I've also filled in the historical record with a summary of other decades which had been ignored or left out in the initial writing of the piece. Along with this, I've added a number of graphics, and extensively updated the list of chapters and List of Phi Sigma Kappa brothers. The main Phi Sigma Kappa page gets 150 views a day now (3,000/mo) even in "the low season," though it occasionally has spikes to 500 or 1,000. It is my fond hope that this effort to paint a more balanced picture of the Fraternity may have had some effect on the Fraternity's sudden increase in recruitment numbers.

List of notable Phi Sigma Kappa brothers[edit]

This page had about 30 names when I started revising it, with several different templates used and no consistency for edits. It was rife with vanity listings. I corrected these problems, added a standard methodology for assessing which names were "notable" and added many famous Phi Sigs from the pages of the Signet over the years. This page now gets about 30 page views a day. The methodology for inclusion has been adopted by several other national fraternities. view stats

Phi Sigma Epsilon[edit]

Published. I revised extensively the list of chapters of this Fraternity, which merged into Phi Sigma Kappa in 1985, and improved the dialog and historical sections extensively. The page now receives about 30 views a day - view stats. My changes make the list more readable. A number of inaccuracies were also addressed, stemming from the complexity of dormancy dates, lack of records, and the circumstances of Phi Sigma Phi's efforts to capture some of the chapters away and thus spurn the merger.

List of Phi Sigma Kappa chapters[edit]

Published. This was revised extensively from the base document, adding webpage links, repairing and adding citations, reformatting, and added a new section on Colonies. This page gets between 20 and 45 hits a day, depending on the season - view stats. Because it is topical, I added information on Expansion and a summary of the complex naming process relating to Phi Sigma Kappa.

Phi Tau[edit]

This schismatic group was formerly the Tau chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa. It broke off in a reactionary pique, just as the short-lived "race issue" was settling down and as Tau members were winning the debate. --Phi Sigma Kappa's record on race admissions is admirable among fraternities, just read the main Phi Sigma Kappa article. The Phi Tau - view stats Wikipedia page had been written to paint that group as progressive angels, in really what can only be described as a twisted revisionism of the facts. I adjusted it to more accurately reflect the truth: they were reactionary, and used this crisis to evade paying their debts. Their principal actor in the mess, Scobie, appeared to me to be a liar. Now their page gets 15 hits a day. Jax MN (talk) 13:14, 17 June 2014 (UTC)

ΦΣΚ Founders project[edit]

Published. I've just completed Wikipedia pages for all six founders of Phi Sigma Kappa. These pages now get between 5-10 views a day. One of the pages was already in place (Brooks) and only needed more information about PSK; the rest are new. Completed these in late April, 2014. Jax MN (talk) 03:18, 20 April 2014 (UTC) The list:

Grand Lodge of Cyprus[edit]

Published. The Grand Lodge of Cyprus page is now complete and getting about ten views a day (view stats). Hurrah! Now that it passed review (in early Dec of 2013) I've added a number of graphics and references and continue to mind it. [User:Jax MN|Jax MN]] (talk) 18:42, 4 December 2013 (UTC)

Joined Freemasonry project[edit]

This will be a biggun. The existing Freemasonry group is approximately 50 Wikipedia editors, who have been at this for some time on this complex subject. My interest stems from improving the List of Masonic Grand Lodges, now viewed about 120 times daily (view stats), and in offering this suggestion I've offered my time and experience. Jax MN (talk) 20:32, 28 December 2013 (UTC)