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The expansion of Greek letter organizations into Canada was an important stage of the North American fraternity movement. In the nineteenth century, apart from the University of Toronto, very few Canadian universities had the same repute and secularity as their American counterparts.[1] Consequently, most fraternities opened their first Canadian chapters at the University of Toronto and their second chapters at McGill University, beginning in 1879 with the establishment of a chapter of Zeta Psi at Toronto. In 1883 the same fraternity established a chapter at McGill University. Other early foundations were Kappa Alpha Society at Toronto in 1892 and at McGill in 1899, and Alpha Delta Phi at Toronto in 1893 and at McGill in 1897. The first sorority was, Kappa Alpha Theta, was established at Toronto in 1887. The development of the fraternity system in Canada has made great progress in these two universities. In 1927 Baird's Manual of American College Fraternities reported the existence of 42 chapters at the University of Toronto and of 23 chapters at McGill University. A few chapters were also reported from the University of British Columbia, Carleton University, Dalhousie University, University of Manitoba, Queen's University, University of Western Ontario, McMaster University, Wilfrid Laurier University, University of Waterloo, Brock University and University of Alberta.[2]

Fraternities in Canada[edit]

North-American Interfraternity Conference (NIC)[edit]

Letters Organization Nickname Founding date Founding university Type Canadian chapters
Ακακία Acacia "AKAK" 1904-05-12 University of Michigan at Ann Arbor Social 1 active
FH FarmHouse "FarmHouse" or "FH" 1905-04-15 University of Missouri Social 1 active, 1 inactive[3]
ΑΔΦ Alpha Delta Phi "Alpha Delts" or "ADPhi" 1832-10-29 Hamilton College Social literary society 3 active
ΑΕΠ Alpha Epsilon Pi "AEPi 1913-11-07 New York University Jewish 11 active[4]
ΑΣΦ Alpha Sigma Phi "ASP","Alpha Sigs" 1845-12-06 Yale University Social 1 active[5]
ΑΤΩ Alpha Tau Omega "ATO", "Alpha Taus", or "Taus" 1865-09-11 Virginia Military Institute Social 1 inactive
ΑΦΑ Alpha Phi Alpha 1 "APhiA" 1906-12-04 Cornell University African-American 1 active
ΒΘΠ Beta Theta Pi "Betas" 1839-08-08 Miami University Social 3 active, 4 inactive
ΔΚΕ Delta Kappa Epsilon "DKE" or "Dekes" 1844-06-22 Yale University Social 6 active, 1 inactive
ΔΛΦ Delta Lambda Phi "Lambda Men" 1986-10-15 Washington, D.C. Social (gay/bisexual/progressive) 1 active
ΔΣΦ Delta Sigma Phi "DSP","Delta Sigs", "Delt Sigs", "D-Sigs", or "Digs" 1899-12-10 City College of New York Social 2 inactive
ΔΤΔ Delta Tau Delta "DTD" or "Delts" 1858-00-00 Bethany College Social 3 inactive
ΔΥ Delta Upsilon "DU" or "Ducks" 1834-11-04 Williams College Social 5 active, 5 inactive
ΔΧ Delta Chi "D.Chi" 1890-10-13 Cornell University Social 2 active, 2 inactive
ΖΒΤ Zeta Beta Tau "ZBT" or "Zebe" 1898-12-29 City College of New York Jewish 1 active, 4 inactive[6]
ΖΨ Zeta Psi "Zetes" 1847-06-01 New York University Social 12 active, 1 inactive[7]
ΘΔΧ Theta Delta Chi "Theta Delt", "TDX", or "TDC" 1847-10-31 Union College Social 1 active, 2 inactive
ΘΧ Theta Chi "T-Chi- or "Ox" 1856-04-10 Norwich University Social 1 active
KA Kappa Alpha Society "KA" 1825-11-26 Union College Literary and social 4 active, 2 inactive
ΛΦΕ Lambda Phi Epsilon "LPhiE" or "LFE" 1981-02-25 University of California, Los Angeles Asian-interest 2 active[8]
ΠΚΑ Pi Kappa Alpha "Pi-K-A" or "Pikes" 1868-03-01 University of Virginia Social 3 active, 1 inactive
ΠΛΦ Pi Lambda Phi "Pi Lam" 1895-00-00 Yale University Social 1 active, 3 inactive[9]
ΣΑΜ Sigma Alpha Mu "Sammies" 1909-11-26 College of the City of New York Social 1 active
ΣΝ Sigma Nu "Knights", "SigNu", "SNu", "Snakes", or "Snukes" 1869-01-01 Virginia Military Institute Social 2 inactive
ΣΠ Sigma Pi "Sig Pi" 1897-02-26 Vincennes University Social 2 active, 2 inactive
ΣΧ Sigma Chi "Sigs" 1855-06-28 Miami University Social 9 active, 1 inactive, 2 colonies[10]
ΦΓΔ Phi Gamma Delta "Phi Gam" or "FIJI" 1848-05-01 Jefferson College Social 5 active, 1 inactive
ΦΔΘ Phi Delta Theta "Phi Delt" or "Phis" 1848-12-26 Miami University Social 8 active, 4 inactive[11]
ΦΚΣ Phi Kappa Sigma "Skulls" or "Phi Kaps" 1850-08-16 University of Pennsylvania Social 1 active
ΦΣΚ Phi Sigma Kappa "Phi Sig" 1873-03-15 University of Massachusetts Amherst Social 2 inactive
ΨΥ Psi Upsilon "Psi U" 1833-11-24 Union College Social 1 active, 2 inactive
1 Dual membership with National Pan-Hellenic Council

Other National and International Fraternities[edit]

Letters Organization Nickname Founding date Founding university Type Canadian chapters
ΑΚΨ Alpha Kappa Psi 1[12] "A K Psi" 1904-10-05 New York University Professional (business) 2 active[13]
ΑΩ Alpha Omega 1 "AO" 1907-00-00 Baltimore, Maryland Professional (dentistry) and Jewish 3 active
ΘΓ Theta Gamma[14] "TG" 1912-00-00 St. Lawrence University Social 1 inactive
ΚΣ Kappa Sigma "Kappa Sig" or "K-Sig" 1869-12-10 University of Virginia Social 7 active, 5 inactive
ΛΧΑ Lambda Chi Alpha "Lambda Chi", "Chops", "Lambo", or "L Chi A" 1909-11-02 Boston University Social 3 active, 3 inactive[15]
ΣΘΠ Sigma Thêta Pi "EON or "STPi" 2003-00-00 Université Joseph Fourier and Université Pierre Mendès-France[16] Social 6 active
ΣΦΔ Sigma Phi Delta 1 "SigPhi" 1924-04-11 University of Southern California Professional (engineering) 2 active, 1 Inactive
TKE Tau Kappa Epsilon "TKE" or "Teke" 1899-01-10 Illinois Wesleyan University Social 4 Active, 3 inactive
ΦΚΠ Phi Kappa Pi 2[17] "Phi Kapps", "Raiders" or "PKP" 1913-03-22 McGill University and University of Toronto Social 4 active, 6 inactive
ΩΨΦ Omega Psi Phi "Ques" "Bruhz" "Omegamen" 1911-11-17 Howard University Social
1 Member of Professional Fraternity Association
2 Canadian national fraternity

Local Organizations[edit]

Letters Organization Nickname Founding date Founding university Type Canadian chapters
Επισκοπῶν Episkopon 1858-00-00 University of Toronto Secret society
Ο The Brotherhood of Omicron 1964-01-00 Concordia University Secret society 1 active
ΑΚΩ Alpha Kai Omega "AKO" 1929-00-00 W. D. Lowe High School Sports 1 active
ΑΜΞΝ Alpha Mu Xi Nu "Alphas" 2015-00-00 Sheridan College Social 1 active
ΓΒΛ Gamma Beta Lambda "Gammahouse" 1963-10-02 Vancouver, British Columbia Social 1 active
ΖΞΝ Zeta Xi Nu "Zetas" 2008-00-00 University of Guelph-Humber Social 1 active
ΘΤΝ Theta Tau Nu 2013 University of New Brunswick, Fredericton Social 1 active
ΘΣ Theta Sigma 1974-00-00 Concordia University Social 1 inactive
MOZ Mu Omicron Zeta[18] "MOZ" 1991-10-01 McGill University & Concordia University Social 2 active
ΞΑΠ Xi Alpha Pi[19] "XAP" or "Xi's" 2008-09-28 University of Toronto Scarborough Multicultural-interest 1 active
ΨΛΦ Psi Lambda Phi 2014-03-27 St. Thomas University / University of New Brunswick, Fredericton Social/charitable 1 active
ΩΘΑ Omega Theta Alpha[20] "Omegas" or "O-T-A" 2002-00-00 University of Ottawa Social 1 active
ΩΞ Omega Xi "Omegas" 2011-00-00 University of Saskatchewan Social 1 active

Sororities in Canada[edit]

National Panhellenic Conference (NPC)[edit]

Letters Organization Nickname Founding date Founding university Type Canadian chapters
ΑΓΔ Alpha Gamma Delta "A G D" or "Alpha Gam" or "Gams" 1904-05-30 Syracuse University Social 8 active, 2 inactive
ΑΔΠ Alpha Delta Pi "A D Pi" 1851-05-15 Wesleyan College Social 3 active, 1 inactive
ΑΕΦ Alpha Epsilon Phi "A E Phi" or "Phisters" 1909-10-24 Barnard College Jewish 1 active, 2 inactive
ΑΟΠ Alpha Omicron Pi "AOPi" "Alphas" "Alpha O's" 1897-01-02 Barnard College Social 8 active
ΑΦ Alpha Phi "A-Phi" 1872-10-10 Syracuse University Social 7 active, 1 inactive
ΓΦΒ Gamma Phi Beta "Gamma Phi", "G-Phi-B" or "G-Phi" 1874-11-11 Syracuse University Social 3 active, 2 inactive
ΔΓ Delta Gamma "DG" or "DeeGee" 1873-12-25 Lewis School for Girls Social 3 active, 2 inactive
ΔΔΔ Delta Delta Delta "Tri Delta" 1888-11-27 Boston University Social 2 active, 2 inactive
ΔΖ Delta Zeta "DZ" 1902-10-24 Miami University Social 1 active, 1 inactive
ΔΦΕ Delta Phi Epsilon "DPhiE" 1917-03-17 New York University Law School Social 2 active, 5 inactive
ΚΑΘ Kappa Alpha Theta "Theta" or "KAT" 1870-01-27 DePauw University Social 4 active, 2 inactive
ΚΚΓ Kappa Kappa Gamma "Kappa" 1870-10-13 Monmouth College Social 4 active, 1 inactive
ΠΒΦ Pi Beta Phi "Pi Phi" 1867-04-28 Monmouth College Social 4 active, 2 inactive
ΦΣΣ Phi Sigma Sigma "Phi sigs" 1913-11-26 Hunter College Social 2 active, 1 inactive

Other National and International Organizations[edit]

Letters Organization Nickname Founding date Founding university Type Canadian chapters
Ceres Ceres[21] 1985-10-12 Colorado State University Social and agriculture 1 active
ΑΚΑ Alpha Kappa Alpha 1 "AKAs" 1908-01-15 Howard University African-American 1 active[22]
ΑΠΦ Alpha Pi Phi 2 "App's" or "Apple Pi's" 2009-02-26 Carleton University Social 9 active
ΑΩΕ Alpha Omega Epsilon 1983-11-13 Marquette University Professional (engineering) 2 active
ΔΑΘ Delta Alpha Theta 2 "DATs" 2005-10-05 University of Windsor Social 3 active
ΔΠ Delta Pi[23]3 1989-11-02 York University Jewish and social 3 active
ΔΦΝ Delta Phi Nu[24] 3 "DFN" 2008-05-14 Fleming College Social 3 active
ΔΨΔ Delta Psi Delta 2 "DPsiD" "DPD" 1991-09-15 Carleton University Social 7 active, 1 inactive
ΖΛΖ Zeta Lambda Zeta[25] "Zetas" "ZLZs" 2010-02-17 Université de Montréal Social 2 active
IBX Iota Beta Chi 2,[26] "IBX" or "IBChi" 1997-01-06 Dalhousie University Social 2 active
KBГ Kappa Beta Gamma "Kappas" or "KBG" 1917-01-22 Marquette University Social 4 active, 4 colonies
ΝΔΜ Nu Delta Mu "NDM" 2011-04-27 Université de Montréal Social 3 active
ΠΝΕ Pi Nu Epsilon[27] 1914-11-00 State University of New York at Canton Social 1 inactive
ΣΓΡ Sigma Gamma Rho 1 "Sigmas" or "SGRhos" 1922-11-12 Butler University African-American 2 active[28]
ΣΨΑ Sigma Psi Alpha3 "SPAs" 2004-09-11 University of Ottawa Social 1 active, 1 inactive
ΤΣΦ Tau Sigma Phi 3 "Tau Sig" 2007-09-09 Carleton University Social 4 active
1 Member of National Pan-Hellenic Council
2 Canadian national sorority
3 Does not have any colonies/chapters outside the residing province

Local Organizations[edit]

Letters Organization Nickname Founding date Founding university Type Canadian chapters Website


Alpha Gamma Phi "AGP" 2015-07-27 Nipissing University Social 1 active
ΑΠΒ Alpha Pi Beta[29] "APiB" 1994-00-00 University of Northern British Columbia Social 1 active
ΑΣΧ Alpha Sigma Chi "ASX" "Sigs" 2008-12-09[30] University of Ontario Institute of Technology Social 1 active
ΑΧθ Alpha Chi Theta "A-Chi-T" 2013-04-20 University of Victoria Social 1 active
ΑΨ Alpha Psi "A-Psis" 2004-06-24 University of Alberta Social 1 active
ΑΩ Alpha Omega "A-Oh's" 1993-10-27 Wilfrid Laurier University Social 1 active
ΔΗΙ Delta Eta Iota 2008-01-10 University of Lethbridge Social 1 active
ΖΒΨ Zeta Beta Psi[31] 2009-04-15 Thompson Rivers University Social 1 active
ΖΘΞ Zeta Theta Xi "ZOEs" 2010-09-14 University of Ottawa Social 1 active
ΖΤΩ Zeta Tau Omega[32] "ZETs" 1967-11-28 Concordia University Social 1 active
ΘΣΨ Theta Sigma Psi Theta's, TSP 2011-11-06 University of Ottawa Social 1 active
ΘΦ Theta Phi[33]
  • Currently the Alpha Xi Colony of Kappa Beta Gamma
2008-03-12 University of British Columbia Okanagan Social 1 active
KHX Kappa Eta Chi Kappas, KHX 2016-05-04 University of Ontario, Institute of Technology, Durham College and Trent University, Oshawa Campus Social Colony
ΚΣΨ Kappa Sigma Psi "Kappa"



2016-01-30 University of Ontario, Institute of Technology

Durham College

Social 1 active, 1 colony
ΝΣΠ Nu Sigma Pi[34] "Nu Sigs" 1997-09-14 University of Ottawa Social 1 active
ΝΩΖ Nu Omega Zeta "Nu Girls" 2011-09-07 McMaster University Black-focused and social 1 active
ΞΔΘ Xi Delta Theta[35] "Xi Delt" 1993-01-22 Carleton University Social 1 active
ΟΙΨ Omicron Iota Psi [36] 2015-03-23 University of Ottawa Social 1 active
ΠΑΓ Pi Alpha Gamma 2011-10-18 St Thomas University Social 1 active
ΣΒΦ Sigma Beta Phi 2008-02-29[37] University of Ottawa Social 2 active
ΣΛΓ Sigma Lambda Gamma 2004-03-15 University of Waterloo Social 1 active
ΧΣΞ Chi Sigma Xi "CSX" 2010-04-01 University of Toronto Scarborough Multicultural 1 active
ΩΠ Omega Pi 1985-04-20 Dalhousie University Social 1 active
ΩΣΧ Omega Sigma Chi "O-Sigs" 2010-04-12 Brock University Social 1 active
ΩΦΣ Omega Phi Sigma "OPS" 2010-11-18 University of Ottawa Social 1 active

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