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The following is a list of yōkai, obake, yūrei and other legendary creatures which are notable in Japanese folklore, mythology, literature and art.

Giants, freaks, and anatomical oddities[edit]

Chimeras, giant monsters and holy beasts[edit]

Demons and fierce gods[edit]

Dragons and serpents[edit]

Fantastic and Demonic Birds[edit]

Female spirits and monsters[edit]

Festival monsters[edit]

Foxes, raccoon dogs, and other supernatural animals[edit]

Ghosts and animated corpses[edit]

Haunts of mountains and roads[edit]

Haunts of towns, houses and temples[edit]

Kappa and Tengu[edit]

Monkeys and Apes[edit]

Sea Monsters[edit]

Spirits of trees and vegetation[edit]

Sprites, fairies, spirit children and little people[edit]

Spook fires[edit]

Haunted Objects[edit]

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