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Hockey Mountain is a name given in jest to the concept of getting all ice hockey Hall of Famers and other note worthy retired players to GA or better. Listed below are all Hockey Hall of Fame members, listed by year of induction and by classification, and the current status of their pages. There is another section for notable players who are on the List of 100 greatest NHL players by The Hockey News, scored 500 goals, 1,000 assist, 300 wins, had their jersey retired by a team, or made some other large contribution to the game of hockey. Players are only listed in one category, no matter how many they would qualify for.

Players listed on WP:VITAL have their goal marked FA, in hopes that the editor who works on them will bring them to that level as suggested for Vital articles. However for purposes of this project they will be considered done at the GA level.

Hockey Mountain overall: 19.8% complete

Hall of Fame players[edit]

Hall of Famers overall: 20.1% complete
Year Article Currently Goal Comments Nom'd GA Passed GA Nom'd FA Passed FA
1945 Baker, HobeyHobey Baker Featured article FA Featured article FA Kaiser matias (talk)  Done May 12, 2011  Done September 29, 2012
1945 Gardiner, CharlieCharlie Gardiner GA GA Maxim ()  Done August 18, 2008
1945 Gerard, EddieEddie Gerard C GA
1945 McGee, FrankFrank McGee GA GA Alaney2k (talk)  Done May 26, 2008
1945 Morenz, HowieHowie Morenz Featured article FA Featured article FA Kaiser matias (talk)  Done October 27, 2009
1945 Phillips, TommyTommy Phillips B GA
1945 Pulford, HarveyHarvey Pulford C GA
1945 Stuart, HodHod Stuart Featured article FA Featured article FA Kaiser matias (talk)  Done April 7, 2010  Done July 27, 2010
1945 Vezina, GeorgesGeorges Vezina Featured article FA Featured article FA Kaiser matias (talk)  Done December 31, 2008
1947 Bowie, RussellRussell Bowie C GA
1947 Clapper, DitDit Clapper B GA
1947 Joliat, AureleAurele Joliat C GA
1947 Nighbor, FrankFrank Nighbor C GA
1947 Patrick, LesterLester Patrick C GA
1947 Shore, EddieEddie Shore C GA
1947 Taylor, CycloneCyclone Taylor B GA
1949 Bain, DanDan Bain GA GA Resolute
Kaiser matias (talk)
 Done August 5, 2010
1949 Ross, ArtArt Ross Featured article FA Featured article FA Kaiser matias (talk)  Done June 15, 2010  Done October 25, 2010
1950 Davidson, ScottyScotty Davidson GA GA Resolute  Done December 9, 2011
1950 Drinkwater, GrahamGraham Drinkwater C GA
1950 Grant, MikeMike Grant B GA
1950 Griffis, SiSi Griffis Start GA
1950 Lalonde, NewsyNewsy Lalonde B GA
1950 Malone, JoeJoe Malone B GA
1950 Richardson, GeorgeGeorge Richardson C GA
1950 Trihey, HarryHarry Trihey B GA
1952 Boon, DickieDickie Boon B GA
1952 Cook, BillBill Cook GA GA Resolute  Done November 25, 2012
1952 Goheen, MooseMoose Goheen Stub GA
1952 Johnson, MooseMoose Johnson B GA
1952 MacKay, MickeyMickey MacKay B GA
1952 Stewart, NelsNels Stewart C GA
1958 Boucher, FrankFrank Boucher C GA
1958 Clancy, KingKing Clancy B GA
1958 Cleghorn, SpragueSprague Cleghorn B GA
1958 Connell, AlecAlec Connell Start GA
1958 Dutton, RedRed Dutton GA GA Resolute  Done January 15, 2011
1958 Foyston, FrankFrank Foyston Start GA
1958 Fredrickson, FrankFrank Fredrickson C GA
1958 Gardiner, HerbHerb Gardiner C GA
1958 Hay, GeorgeGeorge Hay C GA
1958 Irvin, DickDick Irvin C GA
1958 Johnson, ChingChing Johnson GA GA Resolute  Done January 2, 2011
1958 Keats, DukeDuke Keats C GA
1958 Lehman, HughieHughie Lehman GA GA Maxim(talk)  Done October 12, 2008
1958 McNamara, GeorgeGeorge McNamara Start GA
1958 Moran, PaddyPaddy Moran GA GA Maxim(talk)  Done October 7, 2008
1959 Adams, JackJack Adams Start GA
1959 Denneny, CyCy Denneny C GA
1959 Thompson, TinyTiny Thompson Featured article FA Featured article FA Maxim(talk)  Done August 30, 2008  Done December 21, 2008
1960 Boucher, GeorgesGeorges Boucher C GA
1960 Mantha, SylvioSylvio Mantha Start GA
1960 Walker, JackJack Walker Start GA
1961 Apps, SylSyl Apps C GA
1961 Conacher, CharlieCharlie Conacher C GA
1961 Day, HapHap Day C GA
1961 Hainsworth, GeorgeGeorge Hainsworth Start GA
1961 Hall, JoeJoe Hall Start GA
1961 LeSueur, PercyPercy LeSueur B GA
1961 Rankin, FrankFrank Rankin C GA
1961 Richard, MauriceMaurice Richard Featured article FA Featured article FA Resolute
 Done May 11, 2014  Done January 14, 2015
1961 Schmidt, MiltMilt Schmidt C GA
1961 Seibert, OliverOliver Seibert C GA
1961 Stuart, BruceBruce Stuart Start GA
1962 Broadbent, PunchPunch Broadbent C GA
1962 Hyland, HarryHarry Hyland Start GA
1962 Maxwell, SteamerSteamer Maxwell GA GA Resolute  Done January 27, 2013
1962 Noble, RegReg Noble Start GA
1962 Schriner, SweeneySweeney Schriner GA GA Resolute  Done February 10, 2013
1962 Smith, AlfAlf Smith C GA
1963 Cameron, HarryHarry Cameron Start GA
1963 Crawford, RustyRusty Crawford C GA
1963 Darragh, JackJack Darragh Start GA
1963 Gardner, JimmyJimmy Gardner Start GA
1963 Gilmour, BillyBilly Gilmour Start GA
1963 Goodfellow, EbbieEbbie Goodfellow C GA
1963 Green, ShortyShorty Green C GA
1963 Hern, RileyRiley Hern Start GA
1963 Hooper, TomTom Hooper Start GA
1963 Hutton, BouseBouse Hutton C GA
1963 Laviolette, JackJack Laviolette C GA
1963 McGimsie, BillyBilly McGimsie B GA
1963 Pitre, DidierDidier Pitre C GA
1963 Primeau, JoeJoe Primeau Start GA
1963 Ruttan, JackJack Ruttan Stub GA
1963 Seibert, EarlEarl Seibert Start GA
1963 Simpson, Bullet JoeBullet Joe Simpson Start GA
1963 Stanley, BarneyBarney Stanley C GA
1963 Walsh, MartyMarty Walsh Start GA
1963 Watson, HarryHarry Watson Start GA
1963 Westwick, RatRat Westwick C GA
1963 Whitcroft, FrederickFrederick Whitcroft Start GA
1963 Wilson, PhatPhat Wilson C GA
1964 Bentley, DougDoug Bentley GA GA Resolute  Done October 16, 2011
1964 Durnan, BillBill Durnan C GA
1964 Siebert, BabeBabe Siebert GA GA Resolute  Done July 28, 2010
1964 Stewart, JackJack Stewart GA GA Resolute  Done January 17, 2014
1965 Barry, MartyMarty Barry B GA
1965 Benedict, ClintClint Benedict C GA
1965 Farrell, ArthurArthur Farrell C GA
1965 Horner, RedRed Horner Start GA
1965 Howe, SydSyd Howe Start GA
1965 Marshall, JackJack Marshall Start GA
1965 Mosienko, BillBill Mosienko GA GA Resolute  Done July 8, 2010
1965 Russel, BlairBlair Russel Stub GA
1965 Russell, ErnieErnie Russell Stub GA
1965 Scanlan, FredFred Scanlan Start GA
1966 Bentley, MaxMax Bentley GA GA Resolute  Done September 26, 2011
1966 Blake, ToeToe Blake Start GA
1966 Bouchard, EmileEmile Bouchard GA GA BashBrannigan (talk)
Kaiser matias (talk)
 Done September 23, 2010
1966 Brimsek, FrankFrank Brimsek GA GA  Done January 12, 2016
1966 Kennedy, TedTed Kennedy GA GA  Done September 2, 2015
1966 Lach, ElmerElmer Lach C GA
1966 Lindsay, TedTed Lindsay B GA
1966 Pratt, BabeBabe Pratt Start GA
1966 Reardon, KenKen Reardon Start GA
1967 Broda, TurkTurk Broda Start GA
1967 Colville, NeilNeil Colville Start GA
1967 Oliver, HarryHarry Oliver C GA
1968 Cowley, BillBill Cowley Start GA
1969 Abel, SidSid Abel Start GA
1969 Hextall, BryanBryan Hextall B GA
1969 Kelly, RedRed Kelly Start GA
1969 Worters, RoyRoy Worters Start GA
1970 Dye, BabeBabe Dye Start GA
1970 Gadsby, BillBill Gadsby Stub GA
1970 Johnson, TomTom Johnson Stub GA
1971 Jackson, BusherBusher Jackson GA GA Resolute  Done April 25, 2013
1971 Roberts, GordonGordon Roberts GA GA Resolute  Done December 17, 2013
1971 Sawchuk, TerryTerry Sawchuk C GA
1971 Weiland, CooneyCooney Weiland Start GA
1972 Beliveau, JeanJean Beliveau B GA
1972 Geoffrion, BernieBernie Geoffrion C GA
1972 Holmes, HapHap Holmes GA GA Maxim(talk)  Done August 1, 2008
1972 Howe, GordieGordie Howe B Featured article FA WP:VITAL
1972 Smith, HooleyHooley Smith Start GA
1973 Harvey, DougDoug Harvey Start GA
1973 Rayner, ChuckChuck Rayner Start GA
1973 Smith, TommyTommy Smith Start GA
1974 Burch, BillyBilly Burch C GA
1974 Coulter, ArtArt Coulter Stub GA
1974 Dunderdale, TommyTommy Dunderdale GA GA Maxim(talk)  Done January 18, 2009
1974 Moore, DickieDickie Moore Start GA
1975 Armstrong, GeorgeGeorge Armstrong GA GA Resolute
 Done February 22, 2014
1975 Bailey, AceAce Bailey Start GA
1975 Drillon, GordieGordie Drillon Start GA
1975 Hall, GlennGlenn Hall Start GA
1975 Pilote, PierrePierre Pilote Start GA
1976 Bower, JohnnyJohnny Bower Start GA
1976 Quackenbush, BillBill Quackenbush GA GA Mo Rock...Monstrous (talk)  Done October 12, 2010
1977 Delvecchio, AlexAlex Delvecchio Start GA
1977 Horton, TimTim Horton C GA
1978 Bathgate, AndyAndy Bathgate Start GA
1978 Plante, JacquesJacques Plante Featured article FA Featured article FA Maxim(talk)  Done March 2, 2008  Done March 31, 2008
1978 Pronovost, MarcelMarcel Pronovost GA GA Resolute  Done February 22, 2014
1979 Howell, HarryHarry Howell Start GA
1979 Orr, BobbyBobby Orr GA Featured article FA WP:VITAL
alaney2k ʘ (talk)
 Done February 4, 2011
1979 Richard, HenriHenri Richard Start GA
1980 Lumley, HarryHarry Lumley Start GA
1980 Patrick, LynnLynn Patrick C GA
1980 Worsley, GumpGump Worsley C GA
1981 Bucyk, JohnnyJohnny Bucyk Start GA
1981 Mahovlich, FrankFrank Mahovlich C GA
1981 Stanley, AllanAllan Stanley Start GA
1982 Cournoyer, YvanYvan Cournoyer Start GA
1982 Gilbert, RodRod Gilbert Start GA
1982 Ullman, NormNorm Ullman Start GA
1983 Dryden, KenKen Dryden B GA
1983 Hull, BobbyBobby Hull C Featured article FA WP:VITAL
1983 Mikita, StanStan Mikita C GA
1984 Esposito, PhilPhil Esposito B GA
1984 Lemaire, JacquesJacques Lemaire C GA
1984 Parent, BernieBernie Parent C GA
1985 Cheevers, GerryGerry Cheevers Start GA
1985 Olmstead, BertBert Olmstead GA GA Maxim(talk)  Done November 25, 2008
1985 Ratelle, JeanJean Ratelle Start GA
1986 Boivin, LeoLeo Boivin Stub GA
1986 Keon, DaveDave Keon B GA
1986 Savard, SergeSerge Savard Start GA
1987 Clarke, BobbyBobby Clarke B GA Failed FAC
1987 Giacomin, EddieEddie Giacomin Start GA
1987 Laperriere, JacquesJacques Laperriere Start GA
1988 Esposito, TonyTony Esposito C GA
1988 Lafleur, GuyGuy Lafleur C GA
1988 O'Connor, BuddyBuddy O'Connor Stub GA
1988 Park, BradBrad Park C GA
1989 Lewis, HerbieHerbie Lewis Stub GA
1989 Sittler, DarrylDarryl Sittler C GA
1989 Tretiak, VladislavVladislav Tretiak C GA
1990 Barber, BillBill Barber C GA
1990 Flaman, FernieFernie Flaman Start GA
1990 Perreault, GilbertGilbert Perreault GA GA TonyTheTiger (T/C/BIO/WP:CHICAGO/WP:FOUR)  Done August 6, 2007
1991 Bossy, MikeMike Bossy B GA
1991 Potvin, DenisDenis Potvin C GA
1991 Pulford, BobBob Pulford Start GA
1991 Smith, ClintClint Smith C GA
1992 Dionne, MarcelMarcel Dionne B GA
1992 Dumart, WoodyWoody Dumart Start GA
1992 Gainey, BobBob Gainey C GA
1992 McDonald, LannyLanny McDonald Featured article FA Featured article FA Resolute  Done December 4, 2011  Done August 31, 2013
1993 Lapointe, GuyGuy Lapointe Start GA
1993 Laprade, EdgarEdgar Laprade Start GA
1993 Shutt, SteveSteve Shutt Start GA
1993 Smith, BillyBilly Smith Start GA
1994 Conacher, LionelLionel Conacher B GA
1994 Watson, HarryHarry Watson Stub GA
1995 Cook, BunBun Cook GA GA Resolute  Done January 20, 2014
1995 Robinson, LarryLarry Robinson C GA
1996 Bauer, BobbyBobby Bauer GA GA Resolute  Done January 14, 2014
1996 Salming, BorjeBorje Salming Start GA
1997 Lemieux, MarioMario Lemieux B Featured article FA WP:VITAL
1997 Trottier, BryanBryan Trottier C GA
1998 Conacher, RoyRoy Conacher GA GA Resolute  Done January 10, 2014
1998 Goulet, MichelMichel Goulet Start GA
1998 Stastny, PeterPeter Stastny C GA
1999 Gretzky, WayneWayne Gretzky Featured article FA Featured article FA RasputinAXP talk contribs
 Done February 14, 2006
2000 Mullen, JoeJoe Mullen GA GA Resolute  Done December 3, 2012
2000 Savard, DenisDenis Savard Start GA
2001 Fetisov, ViacheslavViacheslav Fetisov C GA
2001 Gartner, MikeMike Gartner C GA
2001 Hawerchuk, DaleDale Hawerchuk C GA
2001 Kurri, JariJari Kurri C GA
2002 Federko, BernieBernie Federko Start GA
2002 Gillies, ClarkClark Gillies Start GA
2002 Langway, RodRod Langway Start GA
2003 Fuhr, GrantGrant Fuhr C GA
2003 LaFontaine, PatPat LaFontaine B GA
2004 Bourque, RayRay Bourque B GA
2004 Coffey, PaulPaul Coffey C GA
2004 Murphy, LarryLarry Murphy C GA
2005 Kharlamov, ValeriValeri Kharlamov C GA
2005 Neely, CamCam Neely C GA
2006 Duff, DickDick Duff Start GA
2006 Roy, PatrickPatrick Roy B GA
2007 Messier, MarkMark Messier B GA
2007 MacInnis, AlAl MacInnis GA GA Resolute  Done May 24, 2011
2007 Stevens, ScottScott Stevens GA GA Sportskido8 (talk)  Done March 29, 2009
2007 Francis, RonRon Francis C GA
2008 Anderson, GlennGlenn Anderson GA GA Heroman26  Done January 19, 2014
2008 Larionov, IgorIgor Larionov C GA
2009 Hull, BrettBrett Hull GA GA Resolute  Done October 20, 2012
2009 Leetch, BrianBrian Leetch C GA
2009 Robitaille, LucLuc Robitaille B GA
2009 Yzerman, SteveSteve Yzerman B GA
2010 Ciccarelli, DinoDino Ciccarelli Start GA
2010 James, AngelaAngela James GA GA Resolute  Done January 6, 2013
2010 Granato, CammiCammi Granato C GA
2011 Belfour, EdEd Belfour B GA
2011 Gilmour, DougDoug Gilmour C GA
2011 Howe, MarkMark Howe C GA
2011 Nieuwendyk, JoeJoe Nieuwendyk GA GA Resolute  Done May 2, 2012
2012 Bure, PavelPavel Bure GA GA Orlandkurtenbach  Done December 17, 2009
2012 Oates, AdamAdam Oates GA GA Resolute  Done August 28, 2012
2012 Sakic, JoeJoe Sakic Featured article FA Featured article FA Kaiser matias (talk)  Done May 3, 2007  Done December 3, 2007
2012 Sundin, MatsMats Sundin B GA
2013 Chelios, ChrisChris Chelios B GA
2013 Heaney, GeraldineGeraldine Heaney B GA
2013 Niedermayer, ScottScott Niedermayer GA GA Resolute  Done August 3, 2013
2013 Shanahan, BrendanBrendan Shanahan B GA
2014 Blake, RobRob Blake Start GA
2014 Forsberg, PeterPeter Forsberg B GA
2014 Hasek, DominikDominik Hasek Featured article FA Featured article FA Sportskido8 (talk)  Done April 23, 2007  Done May 25, 2007
2014 Modano, MikeMike Modano C GA
2015 Fedorov, SergeiSergei Fedorov B GA
2015 Housley, PhilPhil Housley Start GA
2015 Lidström, NicklasNicklas Lidström B GA
2015 Pronger, ChrisChris Pronger C GA
2015 Ruggiero, AngelaAngela Ruggiero Start GA


This section includes players who had significant impact on the game, players who have scored 500 goals, 1,000 points or had their jersey retired, or honored by a team, even it they weren't good enough to make the HOF, or haven't become eligible yet


Misc. overall: 18.4% complete

Top 100, retired jerseys, impact[edit]

Top 100, retired jerseys, impact: 11.9% complete
Article Currently Goal Comments Nom'd GA Passed GA Nom'd FA Passed FA
Ashbee, BarryBarry Ashbee Start GA Number retired by the Flyers
Barilko, BillBill Barilko Start GA Number retired by the Maple Leafs
Briere, MichelMichel Briere Start GA Number retired by the Penguins
Brind'Amour, RodRod Brind'Amour C GA Number retired by the Hurricanes
Broten, NealNeal Broten Start GA Number retired by the Stars
Chabot, LorneLorne Chabot Start GA top 100
Clark, WendelWendel Clark C GA Number honored by the Maple Leafs
Daneyko, KenKen Daneyko C GA Number retired by the Devils
Finnigan, FrankFrank Finnigan C GA Number retired by the Senators
Gare, DannyDanny Gare Start GA Number retired by the Sabres
Gassoff, BobBob Gassoff Start GA Number retired by the Blues
Goldsworthy, BillBill Goldsworthy Start GA Number retired by the Stars
Graves, AdamAdam Graves C GA Number retired by the Rangers
Hamilton, AlAl Hamilton Start GA Number retired by the Oilers
Henderson, PaulPaul Henderson Featured article FA Featured article FA Resolute
Hero of the Summit Series
 Done November 24, 2012  Done November 22, 2013
Hitchman, LionelLionel Hitchman B GA Number retired by the Bruins
Hunter, DaleDale Hunter Start GA Number retired by the Capitals
Jagr, JaromirJaromir Jagr B GA top 100 player
Labre, YvonYvon Labre Stub GA Number retired by the Capitals
Linden, TrevorTrevor Linden Featured article FA Featured article FA Kaiser matias (talk)
Number retired by the Canucks
 Done May 22, 2008
Lindros, EricEric Lindros B GA top 100
Magnuson, KeithKeith Magnuson Start GA Number retired by the Blackhawks
Martin, RickRick Martin C GA Number retired by the Sabres
Masterton, BillBill Masterton GA GA Resolute
Number retired by the Stars
Trophy named after him
 Done April 11, 2013
Mogilny, AlexanderAlexander Mogilny C GA First Russian to Defect
Naslund, MarkusMarkus Naslund GA GA Skyezx // msg
Number retired by the Canucks
 Done July 30, 2008
Numminen, TeppoTeppo Numminen Start GA Number retired by the Coyotes
Nystrom, BobBob Nystrom Start GA Number retired by the Islanders
O'Ree, WillieWillie O'Ree Start GA Broke the color barrier
O'Reilly, TerryTerry O'Reilly Start GA Number retired by the Bruins
Plager, BarclayBarclay Plager Start GA Number retired by the Blues
Plager, BobBob Plager Start GA Number honored by the Blues
Richter, MikeMike Richter Start GA Number retired by the Rangers
Robert, ReneRene Robert Stub GA Number retired by the Sabres
Smyl, StanStan Smyl C GA Number retired by the Canucks
Steen, ThomasThomas Steen C GA Number retired by the Coyotes
Sutter, BrianBrian Sutter Start GA Number retired by the Blues
Taylor, DaveDave Taylor Start GA Number retired by the Kings
Vachon, RogieRogie Vachon Start GA Number retired by the Kings
Vernon, MikeMike Vernon GA GA Resolute
Number retired by the Flames
 Done May 2, 2012
Wesley, GlenGlen Wesley Start GA Number retired by the Hurricanes
Wickenheiser, DougDoug Wickenheiser Start GA Number honored by the Blues

500 Goals[edit]

500 Goals: 22.2% complete
Article Currently Goal Comments Nom'd GA Passed GA Nom'd FA Passed FA
Andreychuk, DaveDave Andreychuk Start GA
Bondra, PeterPeter Bondra Start GA
Iginla, JaromeJarome Iginla Featured article FA Featured article FA Resolute  Done January 8, 2009  Done June 16, 2009
Recchi, MarkMark Recchi C GA
Roenick, JeremyJeremy Roenick C GA
Selanne, TeemuTeemu Selanne GA GA Resolute  Done January 14, 2014
Tkachuk, KeithKeith Tkachuk B GA
Turgeon, PierrePierre Turgeon Start GA
Verbeek, PatPat Verbeek Start GA

1,000 Points[edit]

1,000 Points: 18.2% complete
Article Currently Goal Comments Nom'd GA Passed GA Nom'd FA Passed FA
Alfredsson, DanielDaniel Alfredsson C GA
Damphousse, VincentVincent Damphousse Start GA
Fleury, TheorenTheoren Fleury Featured article FA Featured article FA Resolute  Done November 11, 2009  Done February 16, 2010
Kovalev, AlexeiAlexei Kovalev C GA
Larmer, SteveSteve Larmer Stub GA
Nicholls, BernieBernie Nicholls Start GA
Propp, BrianBrian Propp C GA
Smith, BobbyBobby Smith Stub GA
St. Louis, MartinMartin St. Louis GA GA Resolute  Done December 16, 2012
Thornton, JoeJoe Thornton C GA
Weight, DougDoug Weight C GA

300 Wins[edit]

300 Wins: 35.7% complete
Article Currently Goal Comments Nom'd GA Passed GA Nom'd FA Passed FA
Barrasso, TomTom Barrasso Start GA
Brodeur, MartinMartin Brodeur Featured article FA Featured article FA Sportskido8  Done March 5, 2007  Done April 28, 2007
Burke, SeanSean Burke Start GA
Fleury, Marc-AndréMarc-André Fleury B GA
Joseph, CurtisCurtis Joseph GA GA Serte Talk · Contrib ]  Done January 8, 2008
Khabibulin, NikolaiNikolai Khabibulin C GA
Kiprusoff, MiikkaMiikka Kiprusoff GA GA Resolute  Done July 19, 2010
Kolzig, OlafOlaf Kolzig C GA
Luongo, RobertoRoberto Luongo Featured article FA Featured article FA Orlandkurtenbach  Done March 16, 2010
Moog, AndyAndy Moog Start GA
Nabokov, EvgeniEvgeni Nabokov B GA
Osgood, ChrisChris Osgood C GA
Vanbiesbrouck, JohnJohn Vanbiesbrouck GA GA Mo Rock...Monstrous (leech44)  Done March 22, 2011
Vokoun, TomasTomas Vokoun C GA