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Wikipedia:WikiProject Statistics/List of statistics categories
Data reduction
Exploratory data analysis
Table diagonalization
Configural frequency analysis
Median polish
Projection pursuit
Stem-and-leaf display
John Tukey
Index (economics)
Scale (social sciences)
ACCRA Cost of Living Index
List of sovereign states by external assets
Atkinson index
Atlas method
List of Australian states and territories by gross state product
Baltic Dry Index
Birch index
Brand Development Index
Category Development Index
Ceridian-UCLA Pulse of Commerce Index
Chain linking
Chained volume series
Child Development Index
CIRI Human Rights Data Project
Color index
Commitment to Development Index
Composite Index of National Capability
Conference Board Leading Economic Index
Constant dollars
Consumer confidence index
Consumer price index
Corporate Equality Index
Corruption Perceptions Index
Cost-weighted activity index
Credit Managers' Index
DD index
Democracy Index
Diversity index
Divisia index
Divisia monetary aggregates index
Division of international labor comparisons
Drug Freedom Index
Eastern Young Cattle Indicator
Economic complexity index
Education Index
EF English Proficiency Index
Effective exchange rate index
Ethical Positioning Index (EPI)
Freedom in the World
Fundamentally based indexes
GDP deflator
Gender Parity Index
Generalized entropy index
Genuine progress indicator
Gerschenkron effect
Global Innovation Index (Boston Consulting Group)
Global Innovation Quotient
Global Peace Index
Global Terrorism Index
Gross national happiness
Gross regional domestic product
Gun Rights Index
Happiness economics
Hemline index
Hoover index
Housing Affordability Index
Human Poverty Index
Ibrahim Index of African Governance
Ifo Business Climate Index
Income Deprivation Affecting Children Index
Income inequality metrics
Index of dissimilarity
Index of Economic Freedom
Index of Freedom in the World
Indian consumer confidence index
Indices of economic freedom
Industrial production index
Isolation index
Ivey Index
Jaccard index
Job Creation Index
Keqiang index
Knowledge Economic Index
Kreft's dichromaticity index
Life Quality Index
Linguistic diversity index
List of countries by economic freedom
Freedom Meta-Index
List of freedom indices
List of regimes
London International Vintners Exchange
Market basket
Men's underwear index
Misery index (economics)
Monetary conditions index
Monster Employment Index
National Power Index
Non-Manufacturing Business Activity Index
Pandemic severity index
Pareto index
Philadelphia Fed Index
Pollyanna Creep
Press Freedom Index
Process capability index
Process performance index
Producer price index
Purchasing Managers Index
Purchasing power parity
Rank mobility index
Recession index
Relative purchasing power parity
Renkonen similarity index
Rural community vibrancy index
S&P Leveraged Loan Index
Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation
Skyscraper Index
Small Business Lending Index
Social Institutions and Gender Index
Social reserves
Space Competitiveness Index
State of World Liberty Index
Substitution bias
Suits index
Theil index
Törnqvist index
Trade-weighted effective exchange rate index
Trade-weighted US dollar index
Transnationality Index
Travelex Confidence Index
Tversky index
U.S. Dollar Index
United States Peace Index
University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index
Upstream capital costs index
Vietnam Consumer Confidence Index
Vietnam Investor Confidence Index
Volume index
Wall Street Journal Dollar Index
Workforce productivity
World Giving Index
World Governance Index
Loss function
Hinge loss
Huber loss function
Mean squared error
Mean squared prediction error
Sum of absolute differences
Sum of absolute transformed differences
Taguchi loss function
Divergence (statistics)
Hellinger distance
Kullback–Leibler divergence
Total variation distance of probability measures
Information theory
Chain rule for Kolmogorov complexity
Kolmogorov complexity
Adjusted mutual information
Algorithmic information theory
Asymptotic equipartition property
Bandwidth extension
Bar product
Frank Benford
Berlekamp–Welch algorithm
Bisection bandwidth
Bra–ket notation
Channel (communications)
Channel capacity
Channel code
Channel state information
Channel use
Cheung–Marks theorem
Code rate
Communication source
Compressed sensing
Computational irreducibility
Concatenated error correction code
Conditional entropy
Conditional mutual information
Conjugate coding
Constant-weight code
Constraint (information theory)
Cycles of Time
Damerau–Levenshtein distance
Differential entropy
Distributed source coding
Dual total correlation
Effective complexity
Entropic vector
Entropy (information theory)
Entropy estimation
Entropy power inequality
Entropy rate
Error exponent
Everything is a file
EXIT chart
Extreme physical information
Fano's inequality
Fisher information
Formation matrix
Fungible information
Gambling and information theory
Generalized distributive law
Generalized minimum-distance decoding
Gibbs' inequality
Grammar-based code
Grammatical man
Entropic gravity
Grey relational analysis
Hartley function
Entropic uncertainty
History of information theory
Homomorphic signatures for network coding
Identity channel
IEEE Information Theory Society
IEEE Transactions on Information Theory
Index of information theory articles
Inequalities in information theory
Information algebra
Information continuum
Information diagram
Information exchange
Information flow (information theory)
Information geometry
Information projection
Information seeking behavior
Information source (mathematics)
Information theory and measure theory
Information–action ratio
Integrated information theory
Interaction information
Jakobson's functions of language
Joint source and channel coding
Kelly criterion
Kullback's inequality
Karl Küpfmüller
LIFO (computing)
Limiting density of discrete points
Linear partial information
Log sum inequality
Logic of information
Logical depth
Lovász number
Many antennas
Map communication model
A Mathematical Theory of Communication
Maximal information coefficient
Maximum entropy spectral estimation
Maximum entropy thermodynamics
Metcalfe's law
Minimum Fisher information
Modulo-N code
Multi-user MIMO
Multicast-broadcast single-frequency network
Multiparty communication complexity
Mutual information
Name collision
Linear network coding
Network performance
Nevanlinna Prize
Noisy-channel coding theorem
Nonextensive entropy
Harry Nyquist
Nyquist–Shannon sampling theorem
Observed information
Operator grammar
Phase factor
Physical information
Pinsker's inequality
Pointwise mutual information
Pragmatic theory of information
Principle of least privilege
Privilege revocation
Proebsting's paradox
Quantities of information
Quantum capacity
Quantum computer
Quantum t-design
Random number generation
Rate–distortion theory
Receiver (information theory)
Redundancy (information theory)
Relay channel
Rényi entropy
Sanov's theorem
Scale-free ideal gas
Semiotic information theory
Shannon capacity of a graph
Shannon's source coding theorem
Shannon–Hartley theorem
Shannon–Weaver model
Shaping codes
Shearer's inequality
Social thermodynamics theory
Spatial multiplexing
Spectral efficiency
Structural information theory
Surprisal Analysis
A Symbolic Analysis of Relay and Switching Circuits
The Three-Process View
Timeline of information theory
Total correlation
Triangular network coding
Tsallis entropy
Typical set
Ulam's game
Uncertainty coefficient
Unicity distance
Water filling algorithm
Water-pouring algorithm
Wilson's model of Information Behavior
WSSUS model
Z-channel (information theory)
Zero suppression
Zero-forcing precoding
Zyablov bound