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For my user page on commons (which admittedly is even sparser than this one <G>), see commons:user:Tabercil.

Free Images[edit]

I've decided to put up a listing of the images I've made for Wikipedia, or obtained consent for use on Wikipedia, much as User:Videmus Omnia used to have a page listing what he got. This isn't everything, just what I consider to be the coolest shots.

Note that I'm not putting any of the Luke Ford images here since there's just too damn many of them - as of July 22, 2008, the Category:Photographs by Luke Ford listing on Commons ran to 1,369 files. (Update: as of May 15, 2011 this category now runs to 9,283 images and is still growing as all of Luke's photos get uploaded to Commons).

And side note: Videmus did up an excellent page with advise on how to obtain free use images. Fortunately, it got rescued when Videmus left and can be found here.

Own work[edit]

Done over the years and with a variety of cameras ranging from a tiny Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ3 point'n'shoot to my latest, a Canon EOS 70D... steadily getting better at it!

A full list can be found here.

Direct email to/from the copyright holder[edit]

From Flickr[edit]

Most of these images are cases where I persuaded the Flickr account holder to change the license...


For details about the license on the photos posted from, and the photos from that were accessed via the Wayback Machine, see here

For details about the license on the photos posted on which were taken by Mike South, see here

For details about the license on the photos posted by J. Bruce Howie, see here


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For fantastic accomplishments in obtaining freely-licensed images to illustrate our articles. I know firsthand that it's hard work - but it's greatly appreciated! Videmus Omnia Talk 22:52, 17 August 2007 (UTC)
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