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HQM Sachsenring GmbH
Founded1957; 64 years ago (1957)
HeadquartersZwickau, Germany
Number of employees
WebsiteHQM Homepage

HQM Sachsenring GmbH is a Zwickau-based company that supplies chassis and body parts to the automotive industry. The company was named after the Sachsenring race track. Founded as VEB Sachsenring after the end of World War II, Sachsenring was one of the few manufacturers of vehicles in East Germany, its best known product being the Trabant. Following the reunification of Germany in 1990, Sachsenring transitioned from a government-owned company under a centrally-planned economy to a private corporation in a free market economy.

After three years in bankruptcy, Sachsenring AG was purchased in February, 2006 by Härterei und Qualitätsmanagement GmbH (HQM) of Leipzig. Formerly the dominant major automaker in East Germany, Sachsenring has since departed from making motor vehicles. Today, it supplies, among other things, the Volkswagen factory with parts for the Golf and Passat models.

Entrance to Sachsenring AG buildings



  • AWZ P70 Zwickau (1955–1959)
  • Trabant P50 (1957–1962)
  • Trabant 600 (1962–1965)
  • Trabant 601 (1964–1990)
  • Trabant 1.1 (1990–1991)
  • Sachsenring UNI 1 (prototype, 1996)

Luxury vehicle[edit]


  • IFA H3A (1957–1958)
  • IFA S4000 (1959–1960)

Cultural Impact[edit]

The German bitpop pioneers Welle: Erdball have been using a rotated version of the Sachsenring emblem as their band logo since 1996.


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