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A victory column, or monumental column or triumphal column, is a monument in the form of a column, erected in memory of a victorious battle, war, or revolution. The column typically stands on a base and is crowned with a victory symbol, such as a statue. The statue may represent the goddess Victoria; in Germany, the female embodiment of the nation, Germania; in the United States either female embodiment of the nation Liberty or Columbia; in the United Kingdom, the female embodiment Britannia, an eagle, or a war hero.

Monumental columns[edit]

Image Date Monument City Location Height above ground Comment
Snake column Hippodrome Constantinople 2007.jpg 478 BC Serpent Column Istanbul Hippodrome of Constantinople 8 m Originally part of a tripod at Delphi
Heliodorus pillarVidsha.JPG 115 BC Heliodorus Pillar Vidisha Madhya Pradesh, Central India Erected around 113 BCE in central India in Vidisha (then known as Besnagar), by Heliodorus, a Greek ambassador of the Indo-Greek king Antialcidas the court of the Shunga king Bhagabhadra
Jupitersaeule.jpg c. 65 Great Column of Jupiter Mainz Landesmuseum Mainz 12.5 m Replica displayed in front of the Landtag
Trajan's Column in Trajan's Forum 113 Trajan's Column Rome Trajan's Forum 35.07 m[1] Internal spiral staircase, external helical frieze of reliefs. Tomb of the honorand, Trajan. Archetype of victory column.
The extant base of the Column of Antoninus Pius 161 Column of Antoninus Pius Rome Campus Martius 14.75 m Monolithic granite column shaft, c. 14.8 m. Only the base now survives.
The Column of Marcus Aurelius in Piazza Colonna Before 193 Column of Marcus Aurelius Rome Piazza Colonna 39.72 m[1] Internal spiral staircase, external helical frieze of reliefs. Directly modelled on Trajan's Column
Le colonne della Via Appia a Brindisi.jpg c. 200 Column at the end of the Via Appia Brindisi Near the port 18.74 m
The Column of the Goths in Gülhane Park Between 268 and 337 Column of the Goths Istanbul Gülhane Park 18.5 m
Pompey's Pillar 298-302 Pompey's Pillar Alexandria Serapeum of Alexandria 26.85 m[2] Entirely unconnected with Pompey. Dedicated to Diocletian by Aelius Publius, the governor of Aegyptus, between 298 and 302. Monolithic granite column shaft, 20.75 m. Corinthian capital. Originally topped with a statue of the augustus in porphyry, c. 7 m.

Possibly accompanied by smaller columns honouring of Diocletian's co-emperors.

Column of Constantine 2.JPG 11 May 330 Column of Constantine Istanbul Forum of Constantine, Çemberlitaş, Fatih 35 m Upper portion of the column has not survived.
Column of Phocas in the Foro Romano 330-400 Column of Phocas Rome Roman Forum 13.6 m Column originally fourth century, Constantinian dynasty or after; imitating the Column and Forum of Constantine in Constantinople. Monolithic fluted marble column shaft. Corinthian capital.

Rededicated to Phocas by Smaragdus, the Exarch of Italy, in 608 with an inscription and gilded statue of that augustus; last addition to the Forum Romanum.

Forum Theodosius Istanbul March 2008 (18) detail.JPG 386-393/'4 Column of Theodosius Istanbul Forum of Theodosius, Fatih c. 50 m Largest Roman column monument. Internal spiral staircase, external helical frieze of reliefs. Originally topped in 393/'4 with a statue of Theodosius I in bronze.

The statue fell in an earthquake in 480. Rededicated to Anastasius I in 506 with a new bronze statue. Demolished 16th century; precise site in Theodoisus's Forum unknown.[3]

QtubIronPillar.JPG c. 400 Iron pillar of Delhi Delhi Qutb Complex 7.12 m It was transferred from Udayagiri or Vidisha to Delhi in the 11th century by Iltutmish the Sultan of Delhi. It was originally erected by the Chandragupta II of the Gupta empire.
Column of Arcadius in the Forum of ArcadiusColumn of Arcadius in the Forum of ArcadiusColumn of Arcadius in the Forum of Arcadius 401-421 Column of Arcadius Istanbul Forum of Arcadius, Fatih c. 46.1 m Internal spiral staircase, external helical frieze of reliefs. 21 monolithic column drums. Doric capital. Originally topped with a statue of Arcadius, c. 8.5 m, similar to the statue on the Column of Theodosius.

The statue fell in an earthquake in 740. Demolished 1719; only the base, c. 10.5 m, survives.[4]

The Column of Marcian in 2007 450-452 Column of Marcian Istanbul Forum of Marcian, Fatih c. 16.5 m


Dedicated to Marcian by Tatianus, prefect of Constantinople between 450 and 452. Monolithic granite column shaft, 8.74 m. Corinthian capital. Originally topped with a statue of the augustus, referred to in the inscription and lost at an unknown date.
Column drum from the Column of Leo in 2007 457-474 Column of Leo Istanbul Forum of Leo Fatih 21–26 m Built in the reign of Leo I. Eight marble column drums, decorated with wreaths. Corinthian capital. Originally topped with a statue of the augustus.

Destroyed before the 1540s; fragments remain in the grounds of the Topkapı Palace. The imperial statue on top may survive in Italy as the Colossus of Barletta.

Reconstruction of the column, after Cornelius Gurlitt, 1912. The depiction of a helical narrative frieze around the column, after the fashion of Trajan's Column, is erroneous. 543 Column of Justinian Istanbul Augustaeum, Fatih Masonry column shaft decorated with wreaths next to Hagia Sophia. Colossal equestrian statue in bronze reused from a Theodosian monument. c. 7 m statue.

Column's bronze sheath removed after the Fourth Crusade's1204 Sack of Constantinople. Statue removed soon after 1453 Fall of Constantinople. Toppled by Ottomans in 1515. Socle and statue destroyed in 1529.

595 Mahakuta Pillar Mahakuta
Pillar of Eliseg.jpg c. 850 Pillar of Eliseg Near Valle Crucis Abbey
Tyagada Brahmadeva Pillar at Shravanabelagola.jpg 983 Tyagada Brahmadeva Pillar Shravanabelagola 2.3 m
Hildesheim-Christussaeule-Hildesia.jpg c. 1000 Bernward Column Hildesheim Hildesheim Cathedral 3.79 m
Qutb Minar, Delhi - views near Qutb Minar (2).JPG c. 1190 Qutb Minar Delhi Qutb Complex 73m The Qutb Minar, also spelled as Qutub Minar and Qutab Minar, is a minaret and "victory tower" that forms part of the Qutb complex. It is usually thought that the tower is named for Qutb-ud-din Aibak, who began construction of the Minar.
Heunensaule-02.jpg 11th century Heunensäule Mainz Markt 6.4 m
Colonna di Santa Felicita.JPG after 1244 Colonna di Santa Felicita Florence In front of Santa Felicita
7312 - Venezia - Piazzetta San Marco - Colonne - Foto Giovanni Dall'Orto, 6-Aug-2007.jpg 1268[5] Columns of San Marco and San Todaro Venice Piazza San Marco
Colonna di san zanobi2.JPG Before 1333 Colonna di San Zanobi Florence Piazza San Giovanni
1338 Colonna della Croce al Trebbio Florence
Colonna dell'abbondanza 11.JPG 1431 Colonna dell'Abbondanza Florence Piazza della Repubblica
Colonna del Portogallo, Siena (2).jpg 1 March 1467 Siena Viale Vittorio Emanuele II
Vijay stambh,Chittorgarh fort.JPG 1448 Vijaya Stambha Chittor Chittor Fort 37.19m The tower was constructed by the Mewar king, Rana Kumbha, in 1448 to commemorate his victory over the combined armies of Malwa and Gujarat led by Mahmud Khilji. The tower is dedicated to Hindu god Vishnu.
1548? Pestsäule Eching am Ammersee 2 m
9794 - Firenze - Colonna di S. Trinita - Foto Giovanni Dall'Orto, 28-Oct-2007.jpg 1565 Colonna della Giustizia Florence Piazza Santa Trinita Spolia from the 3rd century AD Baths of Caracalla in Rome
Colonna di san felice 10.JPG 1572 Colonna di San Felice Florence In front of San Felice
1572 Colonna di San Marco Florence In front of San Marco 12.9 m
Alameda Hercules 06.jpg 1574 Alameda Hércules column. Roman columns with statues of Hercules (inspired by the Farnese Hercules) and Julius Caesar Seville In front of La Alameda, Seville 10 m
P1060303 Paris Ier colonne Medicis rwk.JPG 1574 Medici column Paris In front of Paris Bourse 28 m
Colonna di Carlo Maderno.JPG 1614 Column of Peace Rome Piazza del Esqualino, in front of Santa Maria Maggiore 42 m Spolia from the 4th century AD Basilica of Maxentius
San Domenico01.jpg 1627 Colonna di San Domenico Bologna San Domenico
Colonna infame 02.JPG 31 May 1628 Column of Infamy Genoa Piazza Vacchero
6211 - Bologna - Colonna dell'Immacolata (1628) - Foto Giovanni Dall'Orto, 9-Feb-2008.jpg 1628 Colonna dell'Immacolata Bologna
Muenchen-Marienplatz-bjs-2.jpg 7 November 1638 Mariensäule Munich Marienplatz
Kolumna Zygmunta 2006.jpg 1644 Sigismund's Column Warsaw Castle Square 22 m
Mariensaeule Wernstein am Inn.jpg 1647 Mariensäule Wernstein am Inn 17 m Transferred from original site in Vienna in 1667.
Praha Staromestske namesti c1841.jpg 1650 Mary Column Prague Old Town Square 16 m Destroyed in 1918
Kronach - Melchior-Otto-Platz - Ehrensäule.jpg 1654 Victory Column Kronach
The Countess's Pillar - - 3873876.jpg 1656 Countess Pillar Near Brougham
Colonna Sant'Oronzo.jpg 1666 Colonna di Sant'Oronzo Lecce Originally one of the columns at the end of the Via Appia in Brindisi
0762 - Milano - Colonna del Verziere - Foto Giovanni Dall'Orto 5-May-2007.jpg 1673 Verziere Column Milan Verziere
Freising mariensaeule.jpg 1674 Mariensäule Freising Marienplatz
Ludovico Ariosto monument Ferrara.jpg 1675 Monument to Ludovico Ariosto Ferrara Piazza Ariostea
The Monument to the Great Fire of London.JPG 1677 The Monument London Corner of Monument Street and Fish Street Hill 62 m
Favoritenstraße 50.JPG 1679 Beschornerkreuz Vienna Favoritenstraße Badly damaged in World War II and replaced in 1979.
Klagenfurt Pestsäule.JPG 1680 Dreifaltigkeitssäule Klagenfurt am Wörthersee In front of the Church of the Holy Spirit
Kolumna z figurą Matki Boskiej 1.JPG 1681 Column of the Blessed Virgin Mary Kłodzko 11.5m
Wienerrettung.jpg 1683 Dreifaltigkeitssäule Vienna Landstraße
Wien - Dreifaltigkeits- bzw. Pestsäule.JPG 1693 Pestsäule Vienna Graben
Marian column Prudnik Neustadt.JPG 1694 Kolumna Maryjna Prudnik Town Square
2018 Kolumna maryjna w Międzylesiu 1.jpg 1698 Kolumna Maryjna Międzylesie
Innsbruck Annasäule from c.N.jpg 26 July 1706 St Anna's Column Innsbruck Maria-Theresien-Straße
Mödling - Pestsäule (2).JPG 1714 Pestsäule Mödling
Kutna Hora CZ Plague column 02.jpg 1715 Column of the Virgin Mary Immaculate Kutná Hora Šultysova street
Poysdorf 4897.jpg 1715? Dreifaltigkeitssäule Poysdorf
Ochsenhausen Mariensäule.jpg 2 December 1717 Mariensäule Ochsenhausen Ochsenhausen Abbey
Blenheim Column of Victory.JPG Blenheim Column of Victory Blenheim Palace 41 m
Dreifaltigkeitssäule in Linz.jpg 1723 Dreifaltigkeitssäule Linz Hauptplatz 20 m
Immaculata1.jpg 1723 Immaculata Košice Hlavná ulica 14 m
Bleiburg - Pestsäule.jpg 1724 Pestsäule Bleiburg
Racibórz Kolumna Maryjna 6345.jpg 1727 Kolumna Maryjna Racibórz Town Square 14 m
Palermo-Colonna-Immacolata-bjs2007-01.jpg 1728 Colonna dell'Immacolata Palermo Piazza San Domenico
Timisoara - Figure near Dome.JPG 23 November 1730 Coloana Ciumei Timișoara Piața Unirii
Aub, Marktplatz, Mariensäule-002.jpg 1732 Mariensäule Aub Marktplatz
Monument Piata Libertatii Timisoara.jpg 1739 Statue of St Nepomuk and Mary Timișoara Piața Libertății
Pomnik Trojcy Swietej w Ladku Zdroju.jpg 9 March 1742 Pomnik Trójcy Świętej Lądku-Zdroju 7 m
Bystrzyca Kłodzka, Plac Wolności, Kolumna św. Trójcy.JPG After 1746 Kolumna Trójcy Świętej Bystrzyca Kłodzka 10 m
Stowe Park Buckinghamshire rostral column.jpg 1749 The Grenville Column Stowe House
Holy Trinity Column-2.jpg 1754 Holy Trinity Column in Olomouc Olomouc 35 m
Burton Pynsent Monument.jpg 1767 Burton Pynsent Monument Curry Rivel Troy Hill 43 m
Kolonna Orla.JPG 1770 Eagle Column Gatchina
Mariensäule, Vorderseite, Nordheim.JPG 1778 Mariensäule Nordheim am Main
RUS-2016-Pushkin-Catherine Park-Chesme Column.jpg 1778 Chesme Column Tsarskoye Selo Catharine Palace
Keppels Column.jpg After 1778 Keppel's Column Near Wentworth and Kimberworth 35 m
Пам'ятник Магдебурзькому праву в Києві (1).jpg 15 August 1802 Monument to the Magdeburg Rights Kyiv Podil Raion 23 m
Nelson Pillar, 1830.jpg August 1809 Nelson's Pillar Dublin O'Connell Street 40.8 m Destroyed in 1966 by Irish Republicans
Nelson Column, Montreal 2005-10-21.JPG 1809 Nelson's Column Montreal Place Jacques-Cartier 19 m
Paris Colonne Vendôme 2012 1.jpg 15 August 1810 Colonne Vendôme Paris Place Vendôme 44.3 m
File:Ростральные колонны556.JPG 1811 Rostral Columns Saint Petersburg Old Saint Petersburg Stock Exchange
Полтава, памятник Слави.jpg 27 June 1811 Glory Monument Poltava 10.35 m
Camphill Column, Alnwick - 2011-09-12.jpg 1814 Camphill Coumn Alnwick
1816 Column of the Duchess of Angoulême Angoulême
Tenantry Column, Alnwick.jpg 1816 Tenantry Column Alnwick 25 m
Shrewsbury Column.jpg 18 June 1816 Lord Hill's Column Shrewsbury Outside the Shirehall 40.7 m
Britannia Monument.jpg 1819 Britannia Monument Great Yarmouth 44 m
Boulogne Colonne 01.JPG 1821 Column of the Grande Armée Wimille Rue Napoleon 53 m
Nantes - colonne Louis XVI.jpg 1823 Column of Louis XVI Nantes Place Maréchal-Foch 28 m
Colonne de la Duchesse d'Angoulême au Montglonne 1.jpg 1823 Column of the Duchess of Angoulême Saint-Florent-le-Vieil 15 m
Colonne du pape 01.jpg 4 September 1823 Column of the Pope Nice
Colonne Charles Félix.jpg 1826 Column of Charles Felix Bonneville
Demid Pillar, Yaroslavl.jpg 6 March 1829 Demidovsky Pillar Yaroslavl 12 m Dismantled 1935, rebuilt 2004.
Washington Monument (Baltimore).png 1829 Washington Monument Baltimore Mount Vernon 54 m
Duke Of York Monument.jpg 1831 Duke of York Column London Corner of Regent Street and The Mall 41.99 m
Hoodmonument.jpg 1835 Admiral Hood Monument Compton Dundon 33.5 m
Waterloosäule 2009.jpg 18 June 1832 Waterloo Column Hanover Waterlooplatz 46.31 m
La Consulaire 2012.JPG 1833 La Consulaire Brest Arsenal 7 m Transformed from a captured Barbary cannon.
Александрийский столб.jpg 30 August 1834 Alexander Column Saint Petersburg Palace Square 47.5 m
Colonne de Juillet 01.jpg 28 July 1840 July Column Paris Place de la Bastille 47 m
Nelson's Column, Trafalgar Square, London.JPG November 1843 Nelson's Column London Trafalgar Square 51.6 m
Ludwigsmonument-3.jpg 25 August 1844 Column of Louis I of Hesse Darmstadt Luisenplatz 39.5 m
Lille gd place colonne.jpg 1845 Column of the Goddess Lille Grand Place 15.5 m
Trento-memorial column for the third centenary of the Council of Trent.jpg 1845 Monument to the Third Council of Trent Trento North of Santa Maria Maggiore
Column of Liberty.JPG 22 December 1851 Columna de la Libertad de los Esclavos Ocaña
PS Neukamp 1989-07.jpg 15 October 1854 & 1855 Prussia Columns Rügen Neukamp and Groß Stresow 15 m Dismantled for repair in 1991 and never rebuilt.
Brock's Monument in 2010, Queenston, Ontario.jpg 1856 Brock's Monument Queenston 56 m
Colonna dell'Immacolata, Rome - view to Northwest.jpg 8 December 1857 Column of the Immaculate Conception Rome Piazza di Spagna 11.81 m
Mariensäule (Köln) - Gesamtansicht 1.jpg September 1858 Mariensäule Cologne
Belgique - Bruxelles - Colonne du Congrès 01.JPG 26 September 1859 Congress Column Brussels Place du Congrès 47 m
Crimean War and Indian Mutiny Memorial.jpg 1861 Westminster Scholars War Memorial London In front of Westminster Abbey
Wellington Column.jpg 1865 Wellington's Column Liverpool Corner of William Brown Street and Lime Street 40.2 m
Trier Mariensaeule.jpg 8 October 1866 Mariensäule Trier Markusberg 40 m
Estatua de la Libertad (tomada desde la calle) Plaza Libertad - Av. 18 de Julio.JPG 20 February 1867 Columna de la Paz Montevideo Plaza de Cagancha
Rapperswil - Freiheitssäule - Schloss - Lindenhof 2010-06-11 18-50-04.JPG 1868 Polnische Freiheitssäule Rapperswil Rapperswil Castle
Solnatmon gettysburg.jpg 1 June 1869 Soldiers' National Monument Gettysburg Battlefield 18 m
Adrian Civil War Memorial.jpg 4 July 1870 Civil War Memorial Adrian Memorial Park Recycled from the Bank of Pennsylvania
Düsseldorf - Maxplatz - Mariensäule 03 ies.jpg 1873 Mariensäule Düsseldorf Maxplatz
Berliner Siegessäule 2012-04.jpg 2 September 1873 Berlin victory column Berlin Großer Stern 66.89 m
Estátua de D. Pedro IV no Rossio - Jul 2008.jpg 1874 Column of Pedro IV Lisbon Rossio Square 27.5 m
Lancaster Soldiers and Sailors Monument.jpg 4 July 1874 Soldiers and Sailors Monument Lancaster, Pennsylvania Penn Square 13 m
Siegessaeule Schwerin.jpg 2 December 1874 Victory Column Schwerin 23 m
SoldiersSailors.JPG 17 September 1877 Soldiers and Sailors Monument Boston Boston Common 38 m
Siegessauele-Hakenberg.jpg 2 September 1879 Hakenberg Victory Column Hakenberg 36 m
Pasingmariensaule.jpg 1880 Mariensäule Munich Pasing
Soldier's Monument Davenport, Iowa SW.JPG 1881 Soldier's Monument Davenport College Square Historic District 15.25 m
20080310 Soldiers and Sailors edit.JPG 4 July 1884 Soldiers and Sailors Monument Buffalo Lafayette Square 33.7 m
Ivar Hvitfeldt Column.jpg 1886 Ivar Huitfeldt Column Copenhagen Langelinie
Eastrock02.JPG 1887 Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument New Haven East Rock 34 m
Monument a Colom, Barcelona, Spain - Jan 07.jpg 1888 Columbus Monument Barcelona La Rambla 60 m
Plaza Bolívar de Valencia.jpg 24 June 1889 Column of the Plaza Bolivar Valencia Plaza Bolívar (Valencia)
Одесса. Александровская колонна.jpg 1891 Alexander II Column Odessa Shevchenko Park 12.6 m
Cleveland Soldiers and Sailors Monument.jpg 4 July 1894 Cuyahoga County Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument Cleveland Public Square 38 m
Александрийская колонна3.jpg 1894 Column of Alexander II Rostov-on-Don 11 m
Seven chieftains of the Magyars and Statue of Gabriel. Millennium Monument. Budapest 029.jpg 1900 Millenium Monument Budapest Hősök tere 36 m
Marienfigur,Appelhülsen,Kirchplatz,A52.JPG 1904 Mariensäule Appelhülsen 5.4 m
Ukraine-Lviv-Monument to Adam Mickiewicz-2.jpg 30 October 1904 Column of Adam-Mickiewicz Lviv Stare Misto 21 m
Prison Ship Martyrs' Monument from southwest.jpg 15 November 1908 Prison Ship Martyrs' Monument Brooklyn Fort Greene Park 45 m
Mariensäule (Bozen) mit Goetheschule.jpg 1909 Mariensäule Bolzano
Monumento ao Visconde de Mauá.jpg 1910 Monument to the Viscount of Mauá Rio de Janeiro Praça Mauá 8 m
PaseoAngelBicylistsDF.jpg 16 September 1910 El Ángel Mexico City Paseo de la Reforma 45 m
La India Monument, Caracas.jpg 1911 India de El Paraíso Caracas Intersection of Páez, O'Higgins, Teherán and Principal de La Vega
Plazadelasbatallas.jpg 20 October 1912 Monumento a las Batallas de Jaén Jaén Parque de la Concordia 12 m
Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial .JPG 1915 Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial Put-in-Bay 107 m World's tallest doric column
TUNJA25.jpg 1916 Columna a los Mártires Tunja Plazoleta de San Laureano
1920 Sanjan Stambh Sanjan 15 m
20 March 1921 Bromley Parish Church Memorial London Bromley 5 m
Monumento a Colón, Buenos Aires.jpg 15 June 1921 Monumento a Cristóbal Colón Buenos Aires Parque Colón 26 m
Mairie-saint-denis.JPG 1923 Colonne de la Victoire Saint-Denis Corner of the Avenue de la Victoire and the Rue de Paris
Monument Cinto Verdaguer.JPG 1924 Jacint Verdaguer Monument Barcelona Plaza de Mosén Jacint Verdaguer 21.6
Astoria Column e.jpg 1926 Astoria Column Astoria City Park 38 m
Monumento ai Caduti piazza della Vittoria Forlì.JPG 30 October 1932 Monumento alla Vittoria Forlì Piazzale della Vittoria 32 m
Monumento a la Libertad, Riga, Letonia, 2012-08-07, DD 10.JPG 18 November 1935 Freedom Monument Riga Freedom Boulevard 42 m
Butte de Montfaucon (Américains - Argonne 1918).JPG 1 August 1937 Meuse-Argonne American Memorial Montfaucon-d'Argonne 60 m
Coloana Infinită - vedere spre vest.JPG 27 October 1938 Endless Column Târgu Jiu Ensemble 29.3 m
VictoryMonumentBKK.JPG 24 June 1941 Victory Monument Bangkok Traffic circle of Phahonyothin Road, Phaya Thai Road, and Ratchawithi Road 50m
Monument to the Heroes of the Restoration1.JPG 1944 Monumento de Santiago Santiago de los Caballeros 67 m
Wrocław - Iglica1.jpg 1948 Iglica Wroclaw 96 m Originally 106 m tall
Porto (11815386885).jpg 1951 Monumento aos Heróis da Guerra Peninsular Porto Rotunda da Boavista 45 m
Guernsey July 2011 170, Doyle Monument.jpg 1953 Doyle Monument Guernsey Jerbourg Point Replacing an earlier column demolished during the German occupation.
1957 Cenotaph for the Friendship Between China and USSR Lüshun 22.2 m
Merdeka Square Monas 02.jpg 12 July 1975 Monas Jakarta Merdeka Square 132 m
National Capitol Columns - Washington, D.C..jpg 1985 National Capitol Columns Washington, D.C. National Arboretum Originally from the portico of the United States Capitol
Монумент Незалежності.jpg 2001 Independence Monument Kyiv Maidan Nezalezhnosti 63 m
Angel chihuahua.jpg 15 September 2003 Ángel de la Libertad Chihuahua City Plaza Mayor 35 m
Trinity Coloumn.JPG 2004 Column of Glory Saint Petersburg Trinity Cathedral 29 m Replaces an identical column, destroyed in 1929
Luminarea recunostintei, Soroca 2007.jpg 27 March 2004 Thanksgiving Candle Soroca 29.5 m
The History Column at Cocking - - 1949812.jpg 15 April 2005 Cocking History Column Cocking 4.57 m
Michael Archangel Sochi.jpg 10 May 2006 Column of the Archangel Michael Sochi 20 m
TallinnWarMemorial2009.JPG 23 June 2009 War of Independence Victory Column Tallinn Freedom Square 23.5 m
4 columnes.JPG 2010 The Four Columns Barcelona Near the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc 20 m Replace originals, which were demolished in 1928.

List of Roman victory columns[edit]

Of the columns listed above, the following are the Roman columns. Roman triumphal columns were either monolithic pillars or composed of column drums; in the later case, these were often hollowed out to accommodate an ancient spiral staircase leading up to the platform on top.

The earliest triumphal column was Trajan's Column which, dedicated in 113 AD, defined its architectural form and established its symbolic value as a political monument alongside the older Roman triumphal arches, providing a lingering model for its successors to this day. The imperial capitals of Rome and Constantinople house the most ancient triumphal columns.

All dimensions are given here in metres; it should be noted, however, that it was the Roman foot by which ancient architects determined the harmonious proportions of the columns, and which is thus crucial for understanding their design.[6] The list is sorted by date of erection.

Image Date Monument City Location Height above ground Comment
Trajan's Column in Trajan's Forum AD 113 Trajan's Column Rome Trajan's Forum 35.07 m[1] Archetype of victory column
The extant base of the Column of Antoninus Pius AD 161 Column of Antoninus Pius Rome Campus Martius
The Column of Marcus Aurelius in Piazza Colonna Before AD 193 Column of Marcus Aurelius Rome Piazza Colonna 39.72 m[1] Directly modelled on Trajan's Column
The Column of the Goths in Gülhane Park Between AD 268 and 337 Column of the Goths Istanbul Gülhane Park
Pompey's Pillar AD 297 Pompey's Pillar Alexandria 26.85 m[2]
Column of Constantine in 1912 AD 330 Column of Constantine Istanbul Forum of Theodosius
Column of Theodosius Istanbul Forum of Theodosius
Column of Arcadius in the Forum of Arcadius AD 421 Column of Arcadius Istanbul Forum of Arcadius
The Column of Marcian in 2007 AD 455 Column of Marcian Istanbul
Reconstruction of the column, after Cornelius Gurlitt, 1912. The depiction of a helical narrative frieze around the column, after the fashion of Trajan's Column, is erroneous. AD 543 Column of Justinian Istanbul Square of the Augustaeum Toppled by Ottomans in the 16th century
Column of Phocas in the Foro Romano AD 608 Column of Phocas Rome Roman Forum Last addition to the Forum Romanum

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Part of this page is based on the article Siegessäule in the German-language Wikipedia.

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