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Video gaming in France is one of the largest markets in Europe.[1][2][3] The French government give special tax breaks to video game companies.[4] In 2014, the French diplomatic service released a report which calculates the profit generated by the French video game industry at €2.7 billion. It states that there are 300 video game companies in France. It estimates the number of jobs directly related to the video game industry at 5000. It estimates the number of indirect jobs created by the video game industry at 10,000. The report found that in 2013, around 8 out of 10 people had played a video game in the last 12 months.[5] In France video games have equal status as an artform, alongside more traditional formats like painting and theatre.[6] In 2016, the French Minister of State for Digital Affairs, Axelle Lemaire, held talks with various French video game industry figureheads to find solutions to the problem of misogyny in video games. She mooted solutions like removing tax credits for publishers who publish games with misogynistic content, and creating a label which would identify video games with positive representations of women.[7]

Game developers from France[edit]

Company Location Founded Type
Arkane Lyon 1999
Cyanide Paris 2000
Dontnod Entertainment Paris 2008

Game publishers from France[edit]

Company Location Founded Type
Mindscape Paris HQ 1983
Ubisoft Rennes HQ 1986 publisher and developer

Popular titles from France[edit]