Villa de Pozos

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The city Villa de Pozos is located in the Mexican province of San Luis Potosí.

The climate in the south is dry temperate; in the north it is dry I semi warm; dry temperate center. With an average annual temperature is 16.8 °C, a maximum of 35 °C and a minimum 7 °C. Its zip code is 78421 and its area code is 444.

Some of the attractions of the municipality of San Luis Potosí are the Cultural Center and Recreational Tangamanga, the Regional Museum Potosino, the National Mask Museum, the Museum of Popular Art, Casa Manuel José Othón, the Crystal Palace, Plaza Spain . Colonies that share the zip code 78421: ranchería Laguna de Santa Rita, San Miguel fractionation La Colina, congregation Villa de Pozos, fractionation Olinda, populated Tanque El Jaguey.[1]


Coordinates: 22°05′42″N 100°52′26″W / 22.095°N 100.874°W / 22.095; -100.874