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Würzburger Kickers
Würzburger Kickers logo.svg
Full name Fußball-Club Würzburger Kickers e.V.
Nickname(s) Rothosen (Red Shorts)
Founded 17 November 1907; 110 years ago (1907-11-17)
Ground Flyeralarm Arena
Capacity 14,500
Chairman Dr. Michael Schlagbauer
Manager Michael Schiele
League 3. Liga
2017–18 5th
Current season

Würzburger Kickers is a German association football club playing in Würzburg, Bavaria. In pre-World War II football, the club has competed briefly at highest level, in the Bezirksliga Bayern and, during the war, in the Gauliga Bayern. Post-war, it made a single appearance in professional football when it played in the southern division of the 2. Bundesliga in 1977–78. After a long stint in amateur football, dropping as low as the seventh tier it made a recovery, reaching professional football again when winning promotion to the 3. Liga in 2014–15 and the following season, promoted to the 2. Bundesliga.


Founded in 1907, the team has played for most of its history as an unknown local side, although they did manage three seasons in the Bezirksliga Bayern, from 1930 to 1933, and two single season appearances in the Gauliga Bayern (1940–41, 1942–43) one of sixteen top-flight division established in the re-organization of German football under the Third Reich.

Historical chart of Würzburger Kickers league performance after WWII

The club became part of the Landesliga Bayern (II) after the Second World War. Kickers put on some strong performances through the 1950s in the Amateurliga Bayern (II-III) but never quite managed a breakthrough. Through the 1960s and on into the early 1980s, the club played as a third division side with the exception of a single season (1977–78) played in the 2. Bundesliga after their divisional title win in the Bayernliga (III) in '77. By 1983, financial difficulties contributed to a slide to fourth division play in the Landesliga Bayern-Nord which became a fifth tier circuit in 1994. Two difficult seasons over 2002–2004 saw the club descend through the Bezirksoberliga Unterfranken (VI) to the Bezirksliga Unterfranken (VII). Kickers recovered and returned to the Oberliga Bayern on the strength of a 2nd place in the 2007–08 Landesliga season. The club met local rival Würzburger FV there for the first Würzburg league derby since 1998–99.

The 2008–09 season proved no success, with Kickers immediately relegated again to the Landesliga and taking until 2012 to win this league again. The team was one of two clubs in the league to apply for a licence in the new tier four Regionalliga Bayern. Taking part in the promotion play-off, Kickers earned a by in the first round and defeated BC Aichach in the second to play in the Regionalliga from 2012. The club was thereby also able to win promotion from the sixth tier to the fourth without playing in the fifth.[1]

Kickers took out the 2013–14 Bavarian Cup on penalties in the final against SV Schalding-Heining and thereby qualified for the first round of the 2014–15 DFB-Pokal. In the league, the club finished tenth in 2013 and eleventh in 2014.[2] In the 2014–15 DFB Pokal, Kickers knocked-out Fortuna Düsseldorf in the first round but was defeated by Eintracht Braunschweig in the second. In the 2014–15 season, Kickers won the Regionalliga Bayern and earned the right to take part in the promotion round to the 3. Liga. They faced 1. FC Saarbrücken, runners-up of the Regionalliga Südwest, and won 1–0 away but also lost 1–0 at home. In the necessary penalty shoot-out, Kickers won 6–5 and were promoted to the 3. Liga.

In March 2016, the club's fans protested against a potential merger with local rival Würzburger FV. Kickers had been asked by the Mayor of Würzburg to hold talks about mergers and cooperation with a number of local clubs in order to receive the city's support in a stadium expansion.[3] Kickers finished the inaugural 3. Liga season in third place, thereby qualifying for the promotion play-off and the 2016–17 DFB-Pokal.[4] The club ensured promotion to the 2. Bundesliga for the first time in almost 40 years by winning 4–1 (2–0/2–1) on aggregate against MSV Duisburg.[5]



Current squad[edit]

As of 5 September 2018

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Germany GK Leon Bätge
2 Germany DF Maximilian Ahlschwede
3 Germany DF Anthony Syhre
4 Bosnia and Herzegovina DF Ibrahim Hajtić
5 Germany DF Hendrik Hansen
6 Germany DF Kai Wagner
7 Germany MF Fabio Kaufmann
8 Germany MF Dave Gnaase
9 Germany FW Dominic Baumann
11 Kosovo FW Enis Bytyqi
14 Canada MF Caniggia Elva
15 Turkey MF Enes Küç
16 Germany MF Dennis Mast
18 Greece MF Simon Skarlatidis
No. Position Player
19 Republic of Macedonia FW Orhan Ademi
20 Germany FW Patrick Breitkreuz
21 Germany GK Patrick Drewes
22 Germany MF Daniel Hägele
23 Germany MF Florian Kohls
24 Germany GK Nico Stephan
25 Germany MF Björn Jopek
26 Germany DF Janik Bachmann
27 Germany DF Sebastian Schuppan
28 Germany DF Peter Kurzweg (on loan from Union Berlin)
31 Germany MF Patrick Göbel
37 Turkey MF Onur Ünlüçifçi

Out on loan[edit]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
Germany FW Maximilian Breunig (at FC Ingolstadt U19 until 30 June 2019)

Recent managers[edit]

Recent managers of the club:[6][7]

Manager Start Finish
Predrag Uzelac 1 April 2009 1 October 2009
Dieter Wirsching 1 October 2009 30 June 2010
Anton Kramer 1 July 2010 2 March 2011
Dieter Wirsching 3 March 2011 30 June 2014
Bernd Hollerbach 1 July 2014 30 June 2017
Stephan Schmidt 1 July 2017 2 October 2017
Michael Schiele 2 October 2017

Recent seasons[edit]

The recent season-by-season performance of the club:[8][9]

Season Division Tier Position
1999–2000 Landesliga Bayern-Nord V 5th
2000–01 Landesliga Bayern-Nord 8th
2001–02 Landesliga Bayern-Nord 17th ↓
2002–03 Bezirksoberliga Unterfranken VI 13th ↓
2003–04 Bezirksliga Unterfranken VII 1st ↑
2004–05 Bezirksoberliga Unterfranken VI 1st ↑
2005–06 Landesliga Bayern-Nord V 6th
2006–07 Landesliga Bayern-Nord 6th
2007–08 Landesliga Bayern-Nord 2nd ↑
2008–09 Bayernliga V 18th ↓
2009–10 Landesliga Bayern-Nord VI 5th
2010–11 Landesliga Bayern-Nord 5th
2011–12 Landesliga Bayern-Nord 1st ↑
2012–13 Regionalliga Bayern IV 10th
2013–14 Regionalliga Bayern 11th
2014–15 Regionalliga Bayern 1st ↑
2015–16 3. Liga III 3rd ↑
2016–17 2. Bundesliga II 17th ↓
2017–18 3. Liga III 5th
  • With the introduction of the Bezirksoberligas in 1988 as the new fifth tier, below the Landesligas, all leagues below dropped one tier. With the introduction of the Regionalligas in 1994 and the 3. Liga in 2008 as the new third tier, below the 2. Bundesliga, all leagues below dropped one tier. With the establishment of the Regionalliga Bayern as the new fourth tier in Bavaria in 2012 the Bayernliga was split into a northern and a southern division, the number of Landesligas expanded from three to five and the Bezirksoberligas abolished. All leagues from the Bezirksligas onwards were elevated one tier.
Promoted Relegated


flyeralarm Arena (2014)

Prior to 1967, the club used the Randersacker Straße stadium and since then have played in the flyeralarm Arena, which has a capacity of 13,090 (4,000 seated). The facility was renovated in 2005 and equipped with floodlights in 2014.

Supporters and rivalries[edit]

The Würzburg derby is a fierce local rivalry with Würzburger FV and the fans have a hostility with fans of 1. FC Schweinfurt 05.[10]

Reserve team[edit]

The club's reserve team won promotion to the tier five Bayernliga for the first time after defeating VfL Frohnlach in the play-off for the 2016–17 Bayernliga.

The Würzburg league derby since 1963[edit]

The 2009–10 season was the 19th time, the two most prominent clubs from Würzburg, Würzburger FV and Kickers, played in the same league since 1963. In this time, the derby was played on professional level only once, in the 1977–78 2. Bundesliga Süd season.[11]

Season League Teams Home Away
1964–65 Amateurliga Bayern Würzburger FV – Würzburger Kickers 2–1 1–5
1965–66 Amateurliga Bayern Würzburger FV – Würzburger Kickers 0–1 1–1
1970–71 Amateurliga Bayern Würzburger FV – Würzburger Kickers 3–1 2–1
1971–72 Amateurliga Bayern Würzburger FV – Würzburger Kickers 1–3 4–1
1972–73 Amateurliga Bayern Würzburger FV – Würzburger Kickers 1–0 3–1
1973–74 Amateurliga Bayern Würzburger FV – Würzburger Kickers 2–1 0–0
1974–75 Amateurliga Bayern Würzburger FV – Würzburger Kickers 3–0 1–0
1975–76 Amateurliga Bayern Würzburger FV – Würzburger Kickers 3–0 1–1
1977–78 2. Bundesliga Süd Würzburger FV – Würzburger Kickers 4–0 2–2
1980–81 Amateur Oberliga Bayern Würzburger FV – Würzburger Kickers 0–0 1–1
1991–92 Landesliga Bayern-Nord Würzburger FV – Würzburger Kickers 1–2 1–3
1992–93 Landesliga Bayern-Nord Würzburger FV – Würzburger Kickers 5–1 3–0
1993–94 Landesliga Bayern-Nord Würzburger FV – Würzburger Kickers 3–3 0–5
1994–95 Landesliga Bayern-Nord Würzburger FV – Würzburger Kickers 4–1 1–5
1996-96 Landesliga Bayern-Nord Würzburger FV – Würzburger Kickers 3–0 1–1
1996–97 Landesliga Bayern-Nord Würzburger FV – Würzburger Kickers 3–2 0–0
1998–99 Landesliga Bayern-Nord Würzburger FV – Würzburger Kickers 4–0 0–1
2008–09 Bayernliga Würzburger FV – Würzburger Kickers 1–2 2–5
2009–10 Landesliga Bayern-Nord Würzburger FV – Würzburger Kickers 4–1 0–2
2018–19 Bavarian Cup Würzburger FV – Würzburger Kickers 0–4

DFB Cup appearances[edit]

The club has qualified for the first round of the German Cup seven times:

Season Round Date Home Away Result Attendance
1978–79 First round 4 August 1978 SC Herford Würzburger Kickers 2–1
1980–81 First round 30 August 1980 Würzburger Kickers TSV Hirschaid 2–1 (a.e.t)
Second round 4 October 1980 Würzburger Kickers Fortuna Düsseldorf 0–2
1981–82 First round 28 August 1981 SV Neckargerach Würzburger Kickers 4–2
2014–15 First round[12] 17 August 2014 Würzburger Kickers Fortuna Düsseldorf 3–2 (a.e.t) 10,500
Second round 28 October 2014 Würzburger Kickers Eintracht Braunschweig 0–1 12,000
2015–16 First round 8 August 2015 Würzburger Kickers SV Werder Bremen 0–2 (a.e.t) 9,706
2016–17 First round 20 August 2016 Würzburger Kickers Eintracht Braunschweig 1-0 (a.e.t) 6,384
Second round 25 October 2016 Würzburger Kickers TSV 1860 Munich 3-4 12,142
2017–18 First round 12 August 2017 Würzburger Kickers SV Werder Bremen 0–3 8,090

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