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Broadcast areathe Americas, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia
FrequencySee Frequencies
BrandingRadio Miami International
FormatBrokered programming
OwnerRadio Miami International, Inc.
First air date
June 14, 1994
Call sign meaning
Radio Miami International

WRMI (Radio Miami International) is a shortwave radio station broadcasting from Okeechobee, Florida, United States. WRMI is a commercial radio station that sells airtime to businesses and organizations.


WRMI relays several international news stations including Radio Ukraine International, Radio Slovakia International, Radio Tirana, Radio France International, Famagusta Gazette Radio, Radio Prague, the Italian Broadcasting Corporation, NHK World Radio Japan, Radio Taiwan International, and Radiodifusión Argentina al Exterior, all of which, except for the last, would otherwise be difficult to receive in the Western Hemisphere.[1][2] It also features headline news stories from the Voice of America, several religious programs (particularly those of Brother Stair and Ching Hai), as well as original and syndicated programs.[2][3] According to its 1996 station record from the Federal Communications Commission, WRMI's broadcast target zones were the Caribbean, Central America and South America.[4] In particular, much of its programming was targeted towards Cuba. With the addition of the former WYFR transmitters, WRMI had 14 transmitters with 23 antennas targeting many zones worldwide in 2016.[5] Its broadcasts are also easily received in the United States and Canada. WRMI airs programs in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Ukrainian, Russian and Slovak. Since March 2022, WRMI has targeted daily native language programming to Ukraine and Russia regarding the on-going Russian invasion of Ukraine.[6]

WRMI Legends[edit]

In November 2022, WRMI added an evening block of personality oldies programming that had previously been aired on WTWW in Lebanon, Tennessee. The block, branded as "WRMI Legends," was forced off WTWW when that station shut down due to a number of factors earlier that month.[7] WRMI Legends, like WTWW before it, largely targets a North American and European audience of DXers and Amateur Radio enthusiasts.


The station began broadcasting on June 14, 1994, with a 50,000-watt transmitter and two antennas located near Miami, Florida.[4] In December 2013, they purchased the WYFR transmission complex from Family Radio in Okeechobee, Florida.[8] This new facility includes a dozen 100,000-watt transmitters plus two 50,000-watt transmitters and several antennas to cover all parts of the world.[5]


WRMI currently broadcasts on the following frequencies in the following directions:[9]

Band Frequency (MHz) Direction, Intended Audience
13 m 21.525 87° to Africa
19 m 15.77 44° to Europe, the Middle East and North Africa
25 m 11.58 44° to Eastern North America, Europe, the Middle East and North Africa
31 m 9.955 160° to Latin America
31 m 9.395 355° to Eastern North America, Western Europe
41 m 7.78 222° to Mexico and Western North America
41 m 7.73 44° to Europe, the Middle East and North Africa
41 m 7.57 315° to North America
49 m 5.985 222° to Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean
49 m 5.95 355° to North America
49 m 5.85 315° to Western North America
49 m 5.80 160° to Caribbean and Central America
60 m 5.01 181° to Cuba, the Caribbean and Central America
60 m 4.98 160° to Cuba, the Caribbean and Central America


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