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February 12[edit]

Category:Hurricanes in Hawaii[edit]

Category:Jewish liberals[edit]

Category:Y-DNA haplogroups to Category:Human Y-DNA haplogroups[edit]

Category:mtDNA haplogroups to Category:Human mtDNA haplogroups[edit]

Category:Environmental movements[edit]

American sportspeople[edit]

Category:Road signs in Ireland[edit]

Category:Canada Campaign (American Revolution)[edit]

Category:Number sequences to Category:Integer sequences[edit]

Category:Box sets to Category:Box set albums[edit]

Category:Album series to Category:Compilation album series[edit]

Category:Television Programs[edit]

Category:Acadians to Category:Acadian people[edit]

Category:RSS evangelist[edit]

Category: Scoto-Norman Clans [edit]

Category: Politicians by nationality [edit]

Category: People known in connection with philosophy [edit]

Category: Norwegian writers/Novelists [edit]

Category: Norwegian literature/Writers [edit]