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Black Lunch Table
Hypes Hip Hop
SavKillz Scratchin the Surface mixed tape 02.jpg
When and Where
Date:Sunday, Aug 20, 2017
Time:1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Address:Brooklyn Public Library Central Library
Info Commons Lab, 1st floor
10 Grand Army Plaza
Brooklyn, New York 11238
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The Black Lunch Table (BLT) project will host a special edition edit-a-thon focusing on important but underrepresented New York Hip Hop/rap artists and music from 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm on Sunday, August 20, 2017 at Brooklyn Public LIbrary's Central Library branch. A training session will be held at the beginning, but help is available throughout the event.

LAPTOPS WILL BE AVAILABLE to borrow from the library, both PC and Mac. Feel free to bring a friend!

Event description[edit]

The Black Lunch Table (BLT) project at The Brooklyn Public Library, Central Library, will create, update, and improve Wikipedia articles pertaining to the lives and works of New York hip hop and rap artists from the African Diaspora and their work. Together we will create historical documents that respond to the urgent need for a reconstruction of the art historical record.

All are invited, with no specialized knowledge of the subject or Wikipedia editing experience required. A brief overview of the basics of Wikipedia editing will be given at the start of the edit-a-thon. We will have a library resources and a list of suggested artists and music on hand.

History of The Black Lunch Table[edit]

The Black Lunch Table (BLT) is an ongoing collaboration between artists Jina Valentine (Fishantena (talk)) and Heather Hart (Heathart (talk)) which intends to fill holes in the documentation of contemporary art history. In its 10 year existence, the BLT has taken a variety of forms relating to this most recent iteration, in the form of the Wikipedia edit-a-thon. BLT’s aim is the production of discursive sites (at literal and metaphorical lunch tables), wherein cultural producers of color engage in critical dialogue on topics directly affecting our communities. They endeavor to create spaces, online and off, mirroring the activity and creativity present in sites where Blackness and Art are performed.

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The Brooklyn Public Library, Central[edit]

Central Library first opened its doors to the public on February 1, 1941. With its breathtaking façade, sweeping grand lobby and vast contemporary and historical collections, it has been a Brooklyn icon since its opening. The library was designated a New York City Landmark in 1997 and joined the National Register of Historic Places in 2002.

Central Library is Brooklyn’s home library, and one of New York City’s foremost cultural, civic and educational institutions. It is home to the Brooklyn Collection, the world’s largest public archive for the study of Brooklyn’s social and cultural history; the Dr. S. Stevan Dweck Cultural Center, home to our premiere programing series BPL Presents; the Shelby White & Levon Levy Information Commons, an innovative public coworking and meeting space offering the latest technology; and a Business and Career Center, offering books, resources and assistance on job search, small business entrepreneurship and personal finance. Three floors of collections span a multitude of subjects, and include rare reference resources as well as books and materials in more than 30 languages.

Central Library receives more than 1.3 million visits each year, and items from its collections circulate nearly 2 million times annually. For a limited pilot period, you can donate new and gently-used books.

Event details[edit]

  • Date: Sunday, Aug 20, 2017
  • Time: 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm EST
  • Location: Brooklyn Public Library Central Library, Info Commons Lab, 1st floor, 10 Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn, New York 11238
  • Who should attend: Artists, historians, students, teachers, writers, journalists, curators, visitors, the curious...
    • Experienced or new Wikipedians (We will provide assistance with Wikipedia formatting and syntax)
    • Amateur historians or research pros (We will have a selection of resources available for your use)
  • What to Bring: A list of links to good interviews about hip hop artists -- and please bring a friend
  • Hashtag: #BlackLunchTable
  • Etherpad: BlackLunchTable - live doc to keep track of what we are all working on
  • Training: Black Lunch Table Wikipedia Presentation


  • Presentation / overview
  • Editing time
  • Goals: Create user account (if new to Wikipedia), create user page with at least one sentence, sign up for editathon on this Wikipedia Meetup page, make at least one edit to a Wikipedia page
  • For more information about ongoing scheduled meetups see Black Lunch Table Meetup page

Possible articles to edit[edit]

Suggested artist pages for revision and/or creation! This event-specific list focuses on important hip hop artists of the African Diaspora who are under-represented on Wikipedia. Please add a name if you know someone appropriate who needs a page or needs editing. Please do not add an artist who has a substantial page. We are trying to create new pages and beef up under-represented ones.

  • Etherpad: BlackLunchTable - List the article you're working on in this live doc to keep track and avoid duplicate work!
  •   denotes Infobox is needed

These articles are suggested, be sure they qualify according to Wikipedia's NOTABILITY guidlines before you create a new page. Thanks!

Miscellaneous BedStuy/Brooklyn entries
  1. Weeksville Heritage Center

Wikidata task list[edit]

This list is automatically generated from data in Wikidata and is periodically updated by Listeriabot.
Edits made within the list area will be removed on the next update!

Article Gender Occupation Place of birth Residence
Audio Two
AZ male rapper
New York City
Big Daddy Kane male musician
record producer
New York City
BlacKostume male musician
Boot Camp Clik
Camoflauge Monk (producer) male record producer
Chubb Rock male rapper
Conway (musician) male rapper Buffalo
Creature (rapper) male rapper
Harlem Corona
CX KiDTRONiK male rapper
D-Stroy male master of ceremonies Bushwick
Da Beatminerz
Dai Burger female singer Queens
DJ Gizmo male rapper
DJ J-Ronin male master of ceremonies
record producer
DJ Premier male club DJ
disc jockey
record producer
Dyme-A-Duzin male rapper Brooklyn
Frank Knight male rapper Brooklyn Brooklyn
Fred Ones male disc jockey
audio engineer
record producer
graffiti artist
The Bronx
Freestyle male master of ceremonies Bushwick
Funky 4 + 1
Griselda Records visual artist
Guru male musician
Illa Ghee male rapper Brooklyn
Jaz-O male songwriter
record producer
Jean Grae female musician
record producer
South Africa
Jemini the Gifted One male rapper
Jeru the Damaja male musician
New York City
Jise One male master of ceremonies Brooklyn Brooklyn
Joey Badass male rapper Brooklyn
Jonathan Singletary male singer-songwriter
primary producer
San Francisco
Jungle Brothers
Junglepussy female singer
East New York
Justice System
Lil' Cease male musician
New York City
List of Wu-Tang Clan affiliates
Maino male musician
New York City
Marley Marl male musician
disc jockey
record producer
New York City
Masta Ace male musician
Mike Dee male rapper
Mos Def male singer
television actor
record producer
film actor
New York City
O.C. male musician
New York City
Prince Paul male record producer
disc jockey
Prodigal Sunn male rapper New York City
Q-Unique male rapper
master of ceremonies
record producer
Rammellzee male graffiti artist
New York City
Ricky Powell male photographer
Roxanne Roxanne
Saigon male rapper
Sav Killz male rapper
Flatbush Brooklyn
Sean Price male rapper Brooklyn
Shaa Hebrew male rapper Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad
Shyne male musician
Belize City
Siya female singer
Swel Boogie male master of ceremonies Brooklyn Brooklyn
Talib Kweli male poet
New York City
Tek male rapper
The Cold Crush Brothers
The Sound Of Brooklyn visual artist
Troy Ave male songwriter
Uncle Murda male rapper Brooklyn
Weeksville Heritage Center
Westside Gunn male rapper Buffalo Buffalo
End of auto-generated list.

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  • Chang, Jeff (moderator); Kugelberg, Johan (moderator); Conzo, Jr., Joe; Shanté, Roxanne; Fabel, Popmaster; Wiz, Disco; Poo, Pebblee; Tone, Tony; Theodore, Grandwizzard; Caz, Grandmaster; Bambaataa, Afrika (31 October 2009). "A Conversation with Hip Hop's Pioneers" (Video – panel discussion). Cornell University. – "Born in the Bronx: The Legacy and Evolution of Hip Hop" conference from October 31-November 1, 2008 at Cornell University


Editing for Black Lunch Table Hypes Hip Hop at Brooklyn Public Library.
Editing for Black Lunch Table Hypes Hip Hop at Brooklyn Public Library.

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  2. Audio Two -- Creaturenomics73 (talk)
  3. Cycle Messenger World Championships -- Kbwords (talk)
  4. Double Dutch (jump rope) -- Kbwords (talk)
  5. Gang Starr -- Heathart (talk)
  6. Kool G Rap -- Heathart (talk)
  7. Hip hop music -- Kbwords (talk)
  8. Kurt Boone -- Kbwords (talk)
  9. Melle Mel -- Kbwords (talk)
  10. Robert Russa Moton -- Mr.wallace (talk)
  11. Sha-Rock -- We proper (talk) , BrillLyle (talk)
  12. Rammellzee -- BrillLyle (talk)
  13. Remy Ma -- Heathart (talk)
  14. Robert Russell Reid -- Vizzylane (talk)
  15. Street performance -- Kbwords (talk)
  16. Weeksville Heritage Center -- Vizzylane (talk)
  17. Wyatt Tee Walker -- Mr.wallace (talk)
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  2. Siddiq Booker redirect -- Heathart (talk)
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  2. Creature (Q32836362) -- BrillLyle (talk)
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  4. Robert Russell Reid (Q35696504) -- Vizzylane (talk)
  5. Sharon Green (Q28051444) -- BrillLyle (talk)
  6. The Cold Crush Brothers (Q7726628) -- BrillLyle (talk)
  7. Universal Zulu Nation (Q228880) -- BrillLyle (talk)
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  1. Camoflauge Monk (producer) (Q37655018) -- BrillLyle (talk)
  2. Fred Ones (Q37509842) -- BrillLyle (talk)
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  4. RebelMatic (Q37514584) -- BrillLyle (talk)
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  2. Author and Urban Cyclist Kurt Boone at Bicycle Film Festival Street Party.jpg -- Kbwords (talk)
  3. Busker Performs in MTA Train Station.jpg -- Kbwords (talk)
  4. CREATURE.jpg -- We proper (talk)
  5. CREATURE & SAV KILLZ.jpg -- We proper (talk)
  6. Elders of National Double Dutch League Performing.jpg -- Kbwords (talk)
  7. Legends Of National Double League gather at Lincoln Center.jpg -- Kbwords (talk)
  8. Montreal Cycle Messenger World Championship Group Photo.jpg -- Kbwords (talk)
  9. Queens, NY Hip Hop Music Pioneers.jpg -- Kbwords (talk)
  10. Ralph McDaniels aka Uncle Ralph and Melvin Glover aka Melle Mel.jpg -- Kbwords (talk)
  11. SAV KILLZ.jpg -- We proper (talk)
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  4. Editing for Black Lunch Table Hypes Hip Hop at Brooklyn Public Library -- Heathart (talk)


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