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An intense performance art with an impressive variety and dedication by its performers, drum and bugle corps (shorthand drum corps) is an activity combining unparalleled musical, physical, and mental demands. A rich history has brought the activity to where it stands today, governed by such organizations as DCI, DCA, and DCE.

At present, Wikipedia's information on drum corps varies greatly from article to article. Some need to be created, some rewritten from the ground up, others expanded to truly do justice to the activity and its performers. The goal of this project is to improve the articles relating to drum corps and make Wikipedia a premier resource on the activity.

Version History[edit]

15 September 2005 by Mr Bound.


This project covers all drum corps articles, including American and European corps at both the junior and senior level, as well as articles about individual corps such as the Blue Devils or The Cavaliers. In addition, this project will also be responsible for applicable sections on drum and bugle corps in articles where marching bands and drum corps intersect, such as drum majors, marching percussion, articles on horns and drums, and other assorted articles. The primary focus, however, is the creation and maintenance of all things drum corps.

The Wikiproject will also be responsible for articles pertaining to winter guard (governed by WGI, which is arguably a child activity of drum corps.)


  1. To improve and expand articles on drum corps at all levels and in all regions.
  2. To create articles for every North American Division I drum corps (this is just a starter, DII and DIII will have their day).
  3. The creation of a vast, accurate, and neutral drum corps resource.
  4. To secure the use of drum corps photos in articles.
  5. To promote a drum-corps article to featured article status.



The parent of this WikiProject is WikiProject Music.

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There are currently no descendant WikiProjects for this project.

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Action Items[edit]

Articles needing cleanup[edit]

Highest priority[edit]

Lesser priority[edit]

Please add others as you see fit. the drum and lyre corps originate in the Philippines.

Articles needing expansion[edit]

Please add others as you see fit.

Articles needing creation[edit]

New corps seeking to tour with DCI in 2015:

  • Freedom Drum and Bugle Corps
  • Heat Wave Drum and Bugle Corps
  • Jewel City Drum and Bugle Corps
  • River City Rhythm Drum and Bugle Corps

Here's a list of current (October, 2014) active DCA corps with no article:

  • Cadets2 Drum and Bugle Corps
  • Centurians Drum and Bugle Corps
  • Excelsior Drum and Bugle Corps
  • High Country Brass Drum and Bugle Corps
  • Shenandoah Sound Drum and Bugle Corps
  • Skyliners Drum and Bugle Corps–article was deleted for being copy from webpage
  • Windsor Regiment Drum and Bugle Corps

These DCI corps seemingly had articles at one time; if they were deleted, they were not archived in

  • Lake Erie Regiment Drum and Bugle Corps
  • Railmen Drum and Bugle Corps
  • Revolution Drum and Bugle Corps

These are former DCI Top Twelve Finalist corps with no article:

  • 27th Lancers Drum and Bugle Corps
  • Des Plaines Vanguard Drum and Bugle Corps
  • Muchachos Drum and Bugle Corps
  • Bridgemen Drum and Bugle Corps
  • Black Knights Drum and Bugle Corps
  • Commodores Drum and Bugle Corps
  • DeLaSalle Oaklands/Oakland Crusaders Drum and Bugle Corps
  • Purple Lancers Drum and Bugle Corps
  • Royal Crusaders Drum and Bugle Corps
  • Seneca Optimists Drum and Bugle Corps
  • Guardsmen Drum and Bugle Corps
  • North Star Drum and Bugle Corps
  • Sky Ryders Drum and Bugle Corps
  • Suncoast Sound Drum and Bugle Corps
  • Dutch Boy Drum and Bugle Corps

These are former DCI Champions in classes other than the current World Class with no article (Might be a subject for one inclusive article.):

  • Bengal Lancers Drum and Bugle Corps (CT)
  • Black Watch Drum and Bugle Corps (NJ)
  • Black Watch Drum and Bugle Corps (WA)
  • Cadets of Greece Drum and Bugle Corps (NY)
  • Canadian Knights Drum and Bugle Corps (ONT)
  • Florida Wave Drum and Bugle Corps
  • Les Chatelaines Drum and Bugle Corps (QUE)
  • L'Insolite Drum and Bugle Corps (QUE)
  • Southernairs Drum and Bugle Corps (LA)
  • Ventures Drum and Bugle Corps (ONT)
  • Wausau Story Drum and Bugle Corps (WI)
  • East Coast Jazz Drum and Bugle Corps (MA)
  • Les Etoiles Dorion Vaudreuil Drum and Bugle Corps (QUE)
  • Patriots Drum and Bugle Corps (NY)
  • Arbella Drum and Bugle Corps (MA)
  • St. Ignatius Drum and Bugle Corps (NY)
  • Academie Musicale Drum and Bugle Corps (QUE)
  • St. Francis Xavier Sancians Drum and Bugle Corps (MA)
  • Americanos Drum and Bugle Corps (WI)
  • Revolution Drum and Bugle Corps (TX) (same as corps above with missing article)

NOTE: Even a stub is a start! Be bold! BUT... be sure to include a lead paragraph, the DEFAULTSORT address & inclusive Categories or risk almost immediate deletion by a zealous moderator... Also, be sure to create a redirect to that page (such as Kiwanis Kavaliers for Kiwanis Kavaliers Drum and Bugle Corps) or put a link on an appropriate disambiguation page (Blue Devils for Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps). Finally, make sure a WikiProject Drum Corps tag is put on the talk page!

All current World & Open Class DCI corps are now present and accounted for. All corps have now been tagged with the Project as well.

Category work[edit]

Requests for Comment[edit]

Since the Winter Guard International page falls under this project, I have a suggestion about it. Is it at all possible to create seperate pages for indoor guar, indoor percussion, and indoor winds?Aaathomas08 (talk) 22:44, 5 June 2017 (UTC)

WGI doe not fall under this project... Someone wrongly tagged the WGI talk page as being under this project, but it never has been... I doubt if Project:Marching Band includes it either, but it is also tagged on the WGI talk page... GWFrog (talk) 19:35, 7 June 2017 (UTC)



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Show Summary colors[edit]

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Gold background indicates DCI Championship; Pale blue background indicates Class Finalist.

For the appropriate years, use:

Division III / Class A60 Finalist bgcolor=#E0FFFF (Light Cyan)     

Open Class /Division II / Class A Finalist bgcolor=#AFEEEE (Pale Turquoise)     

World Class / Division I / (old)Open Class Top 12 bgcolor=#ADD8E6 (Light Blue)     

Division III / Class A60 Champion bgcolor=#FFDF00 (Golden Yellow)     

Open Class /Division II / Class A Champion bgcolor=#FCC200 (Golden Poppy)     

World Class / Division I / (old)Open Class Champion bgcolor=#D4AF37 (Gold (metalic))     

To Do[edit]

  1. Standardize the basic information in corps articles
  2. Create a custom project template (see above template)
  3. Create a uniform infobox for corps (see articles such as Madison Scouts Drum and Bugle Corps for an example of what we're shooting for). The current infobox (Template:DrumCorpsInfoBox) is a good start, but for defunct corps (no director), corps without titles, or other needed changes, it is somewhat inflexible. Needs to be discussed and modified!
  4. Write and cleanup articles!

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