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Temporal range: Information Age (specifically since January 15, 2001)
A Wikidodo
A Wikidodo
Scientific classification
  • Struthio wikicucullatus
  • Didus wikineptus
  • Wikifaunus modernus blunderus
  • Raphus wikicucullatus

A WikiDodo (Latin: Wikifaunus modernus cucullatus) is a critically endangered species of WikiFauna prone to mistakes of a well-intended nature.

WikiDodos are often new to Wikipedia, and do not always know all the rules and regulations of the site. They are good-natured birds, and frequently attempt to help the site by making small edits, like WikiGnomes.

Despite their benevolence, they manifest a significant tactical disadvantage in dealing with experienced rivals: the hapless WikiDodos are inapt to self-defence. They may be especially vulnerable when facing an environment with little tolerance for pioneering stances in referencing WP:Bold, whether or not this is reflecting global or otherwise relevant perspectives neglected by WikiDodos' adversaries.

Thus, unfortunately, their naive nature can get them into trouble with WikiKnights and WikiPolice, who don't understand the bird and assume ill intent. In worst case scenarios, they may be fatally bitten by WikiVampires or wikihounded by WikiZombies, and even slaughtered.

Those that survive this stage of development will often evolve into other, more well-enhanced WikiFauna, such as the aforementioned WikiGnomes, WikiCyclopes and even the occasional WikiDragon.


A WikiDodo contemplating a need for self improvement.

Because of this behaviour, WikiDodos are almost extinct. If you are one of the few remaining, please add your name to the list below.

Remaining WikiDodos:

Rebbieuwu1602 User: Yahoot7

ExtinctDodoBird.jpegThis user is a WikiDodo.

Also, you may proudly display your species with this userbox: {{User WikiDodo}}.


WikiDodos may display their species with the "Template:WP:Dodo/Topicon" template.