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A WikiPrincess relaxing in her home after enjoying a discussion regarding the reform of one of Wikipedia's important policies.

A WikiPrincess (En. wiki, "A collaborative website which can be directly edited by anyone with access to it", + Fr. prince + -ess) is a Wikipedian who enjoys the riches of Wikipedia's knowledge without contributing to it, and uses the Wiki primarily for socializing.

As royalty, a WikiPrincess does not need to contribute to Wikipedia's articles at all to maintain her respected status, especially if she helps out with important parts of the Wiki, such as reviewing project proposals, voting, or simply participating in project discussions. WikiPrincesses often have an assortment of friends at Wikipedia, and their talk pages often flood the watchlists of any WikiJaguars stalking them. In addition to the well-used talk page, their user pages are often decorated with barnstars and other awards, as well as a pretty template.

Many WikiPrincesses are so thoughtful as to pass barnstars and awards on to other Wikipedians they deem deserving. Whether this is truly an act of kindness or simply a political move to help themselves gain administrative powers is unclear.

The social butterflies that WikiPrincesses often turn out to be seem to attract other WikiFauna. They tend to get along well with most creatures, and even attract WikiDragons searching for a supportive companion in their edits. WikiDragons, known for their ability to make massive and often controversial edits, prefer to have a WikiPrincess nearby to support their new ideas and changes to page formats and other significant changes to Wikipedia. WikiKnights often find WikiDragons disturbing the peace, and do their best to vanquish the WikiDragon and impress the WikiPrincess.

Self Identification[edit]

A WikiPrincess may choose to simply state that she is one on her userpage.

Way is to use this userbox: {{User wikipedia/WikiPrincess}}

Beauty pageant tiara.png This user is a WikiPrincess.

and also you can add {{Wikipedia:WikiPrincess/topicon}} to top right of your userpage.