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This is a WikiBadger. WikiBadger don't care.

WikiBadgers (Mellivora wikicapensis) are a form of WikiFauna with the reputation for latching onto whatever crosses their path until something dies or the WikiBadger is cautiously detached and thrown across the room by a very careful admin.


WikiBadgers are renowned for attaching themselves using their powerful jaws to a target that made the mistake of crossing their path. This is a serious problem when WikiFauna like Wikipuppies are concerned, but in the case of vandals and other pests, WikiBadgers are useful, if not fun to watch. Badgering is named after extreme examples of this behavior, though a WikiBadger usually does not care unless something has threatened the WikiBadger's family or burrows. Rabid badgers can be quite disruptive before being put down, but a healthy badger normally does not care about anything but defense of the site, to the exclusion of all opinions, prior claims of allegiance, or even simple rules.

Relations with other WikiFauna[edit]

WikiBadgers are quite adept at fighting off illegitimate sockpuppets, vandals, and WikiGoblins, and can even tip the scales in a battle against WikiTrolls (although some trolls are known to wear coteries of badgers as armor), rampaging WikiGiants, and even WikiVampires. WikiBadgers commonly share burrows with and hunt alongside certain species of WikiCanids, relying on the faster WikiCanid to track down prey that the WikiBadger digs out[1] and cleaning up messes left by the WikiCanids.[2] WikiGnomes almost never have trouble sharing space with WikiBadgers, and may even rely on them as valuable mounts when drawn into large-scale battles with giants.

High level WikiWitches and WikiWizards may have WikiBadgers as familiars,[3] although regardless of level, most are capable of magically summoning them.[4]

Despite a number of differences in behavior, WikiBadgers are somehow related to WikiOtters.


If you are a WikiBadger and wish to identify yourself, feel free to use this userbox: {{User wikipedia/WikiBadger}}

Honey badger.jpg This user is a WikiBadger.


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