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This is an incomplete list of novel articles without infobox — if you add an infobox please remove from this list. Realize that, in general, nearly all book articles lack an infobox. This list has only a few of those.

You should use, {{Infobox book}}, {{Infobox short story}} or {{Infobox character}} for this purpose. To find full documentation for this look at [[Template:Infobox Book]], [[Template:Infobox short story]] or [[Template:Infobox character]] and notes on our usage of the infoboxes are at Wikipedia:WikiProject Novels/ArticleTemplate

If the infobox that you add is incomplete please add it to /InfoboxIncomplete. If you find an article without an infobox stick it here.

Consider placing the paramter  |needs-infobox=yes  on an article's talk page only as part of the {{NovelsWikiProject}} project banner in addition to adding articles to this list. Once placed like this the article will appear in the Category:Novel articles without infoboxes. You can have a look at this category to identify further articles that you might be able to contribute an infobox to.