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WikiProject Soil is a project to organize and improve articles related to soil.

Articles maintained by this WikiProject are grouped in Category:WikiProject Soil by using the {{WikiProject Soil}} template.

Soil is defined as:

  • The "material that forms at the interface of the atmosphere and the lithosphere which is capable of supporting plant growth" (White 1997).[1]
  • A critically important component of the earth's biosphere maintaining local, regional, and world-wide environmental quality (Doran & Parkin, 1994).[2]
  • The "different forms of earth on the surface of the rocks, formed by the breaking down or weathering of rocks."[3]
  • A "natural body composed of solids (minerals and organic matter), liquid, and gases that occurs on the land surface, occupies space, and is characterized by one or both of the following: horizons, or layers, that are distinguishable from the initial material as a result of additions, losses, transfers, and transformations of energy and matter or the ability to support rooted plants in a natural environment."[4]
  • The granular material on the surface of other celestial bodies. Lunar soil and Martian soil are terms in general use that fit within the context of this project.



  1. Verify content. Use reliable sources per WP:SCIRS. Read this Signpost editorial.
  2. Improve soils-related content at Wikipedia. See Suggested WikiProject Soil Tasks.
  3. Assess soil-related articles for quality and importance. See Assessment Department and Change Log. Use {{WikiProject Soil}}.
  4. Monitor for vandalism and substandard edits. You can narrow your efforts to monitoring your most active category.
  5. Upload public domain soils images from USDA and USGS to Commons:Category:Soils. image source listupload link
  6. Collaborate on soil article tasks identified at WikiProject Ecology, WikiProject Geology and WikiProject Ecoregions.


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