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Developer(s)XMIND LTD.
Stable release
Xmind 22.10
Operating systemWindows, macOS, Linux, iOS, iPadOS, Android, Web
TypeProductivity software, mind map, project management and knowledge management
LicenseCommercial license

Xmind is a mind mapping and brainstorming software, It is developed by XMIND LTD, a company registered in Hong Kong,[1] and first released in 2007.[2][1] The application can be used to visualize ideas, clarify thoughts, manage complex information, and promote team collaboration. People use Xmind to improve their productivity and creativity while working or learning. As of April 2013, Xmind was selected as the most popular mind mapping software on Lifehacker.[3] There is also a branch in China Mainland called "深圳市爱思软件技术有限公司",[4] although its role in XMind cannot be confirmed.

Xmind supports mind maps, logic charts, brace maps, organization charts, tree structure, timelines, fishbone diagrams, tree tables, and matrix. Normally, it is used by businesses and students for knowledge management, learning aid, meeting minutes, presentations, etc. The application offers various modes for distraction-free entry and smooth workflow. It is currently available on all platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS/iPadOS, Android, and Web.


As of November 2022, there are two main licensing editions of Xmind, which are Xmind (current edition) and XMind 8 (legacy edition).[5] Xmind is a subscription-based edition, and it supports all platforms which is compatible with all types of ’’’.xmind’’’ files.

XMind 8 is a legacy edition with a lifetime license available to purchase. The latest version of XMind 8 is compatible with all types of .xmind files as well.


Eclipse-based application and open-sourced[edit]

Prior to XMind 8 (included), the application is based on Eclipse Rich Client Platform 3.4 for its shell and Eclipse Graphical Editing Framework for its core editors. It depends on Java Runtime Environment 5.0 and later.

Year and month Milestones Remark
2007.01 XMIND 2007 -
2007.09 XMIND 2008 -
2008.12 XMind 3 Core code open-sourced.
2012.09 XMind 2012 -
2013.12 XMind 2013 -
2014.11 XMind 6 -
2015.11 XMind 7 -
2016.11 XMind 8 -
2017.12 XMind for iOS -

Electron-based application[edit]

Start from XMind: Zen, the application had switched to Electron, a software framework.

Year and month Milestones Remark
2018.01 XMind: Zen Product completedly rewrote.[6]
2018.07 XMind for Android -
2020.03 XMind 2020 XMind 2020 replaced XMind 8 as the flagship version.
2020.09 XMind.works The web edition of Xmind
2021.05 XMind 2021 -
2022.03 Xmind 2022 -


  • XMIND 2008 won the "Best Commercial RCP Application" award at EclipseCon 2008[7]
  • XMIND 3 won "The Best Project for Academia" award at SourceForge.net Community Choice Awards[8]
  • XMIND was picked by PCWorld for inclusion in Productivity Software: Best of 2010[9]
  • XMind 2013 was picked as "the Most Popular Mind Mapping Software" on Lifehacker[10]
  • XMind won "Red Herring Asia Top 100"[11]
  • XMind was rated as "The Best Brainstorming and Mind-Mapping Tech Tool" on lifehack[12]
  • XMind was featured in Apple's App Store as "App of the Day" in March, 2018.[13]

File format[edit]

Xmind saves content in an Xmind Workbook file format. The .xmind format suffix is used.

An Xmind workbook may contain more than one sheet, as in spreadsheet software. Each sheet may contain multiple topics, including one central topic, multiple main topics and multiple floating topics. Various structures can be inserted in one mind map, allowing the mind map to visualize information in different ways.

The latest .xmind file format implementing Xmind Workbooks consists of a ZIP compressed archive containing an JSON document for contents, a .png image file for thumbnails, and some directories for attachments. The file format is open and based on some principles of OpenDocument/OfficeOpenXML.

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