Yamaha RD350LC

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Manufacturer Yamaha Corporation
Also called RZ350
Production 1980-1983
Predecessor Yamaha RD350
Engine Two-stroke parallel twin
Power 47 bhp (RD250LC - 35 bhp)
Wheelbase 1,320 mm
Weight 154 kg (dry)
Fuel capacity 16 L

The Yamaha RD350LC is a motorcycle that Yamaha produced between 1980 and 1983, replacing it with the RD350LC2 (with YPVS) in 1983, but selling the LC in that year alongside the new bike. Aimed at the European market along with the smaller capacity RD250LC,[1] the RD350LC had a parallel twin two-stroke engine with identical bore and stroke of its predecessor Yamaha RD350. However, Yamaha added liquid cooling and made other modifications in porting and exhaust to comply with the ever tightening emission regulations.

The 1980 to 1982 350 cc models were codenamed 4L0 and are affectionately known as Elsie.[2] This model was not officially sold in the USA but was available in neighbouring Canada. Yamaha debuted their breakthrough YPVS power valve system that revolutionized the two-stroke engine in the RD350 YPVS of 1983 .


The RD350LC constantly evolved throughout its life and it was made in Brazil in the final years, as the RD350R. In some countries, such as the USA and Australia, the later (YPVS equipped) models were sold as Yamaha RZ350. It was made in Japan from 1980 to 1986 and in Brazil from 1986 to 1995. The same engine without the YPVS was still being made until recently and powered the popular Yamaha Banshee 350 ATV.

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