Yamaha FZR400

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Yamaha FZR400
1991 Yamaha FZR600.jpg
Manufacturer Yamaha
Production 1986 - 1994
Class sport bike
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The FZR400 was a motorcycle made by Yamaha from 1986 to 1994 with various changes and models throughout the production run.


WG series

1986 FZR400 1WG - Genesis
1987 FZR400R SP EXUP 2TK - various changes
1988 FZR400U 3BF US/Canadian Model, same as 1986 1WG
1988 FZR400SUC 3FH California Model like FZR400U but with EXUP
1988 FZR400 EXUP 3EN1 - ram air intakes above lights
1989 FZR400W 3BF US/Canadian Model, same as 1986 1WG, color changes
1989 FZR400SWC 3FH California Model like FZR400U but with EXUP, color changes
1989 FZR400R EXUP 3EN2 - ram air intakes below lights
1990 FZR400A 3BF US/Canadian Model,mostly same as 1986 1WG, color changes, 4 Piston Frontbrake Calippers, Deltabox Swingarm as in 3EN2
1990 FZR400SAC 3FH California Model like FZR400A but with EXUP

TJ series

1989 FZR400RR EXUP 3TJ1 - completely new generation
1990 FZR400RR SP EXUP 3TJ2 - various changes 6700 units
1992 FZR400RR SP EXUP 3TJ6 - various changes 500 units
1992 FZR400RR EXUP 4DX1, 4DX2 - mostly same as 3TJ6, minor detail changes for French and UK Market
1994 FZR400RR SP EXUP 3TJ7 - colour changes 500 units


1986 FZR0815
Configuration: in-line four
Displacement: 399 cc
Valve train: DOHC
Fuel capacity (l): 18
Rider seat height (mm): 785
Overall length (mm): 2,040