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2007 Yamaha YZF250-R
Manufacturer Yamaha Motor Company
Production 2001-present
Predecessor Yamaha YZ125
Class Motocross
Engine 250 cc single-cylinder, water-cooled, four-stroke, DOHC
Power 43hp[1]
Torque 21 ft·lbf[1]
Transmission 5-speed
Suspension KYB
Brakes disc (front,back)
Tires 80/100-21, 100/90-19
Wheelbase 57.8 inches
Dimensions L: 85 inches
W: 32.5 inches
H: 51.2 inches
Seat height 38.7 inches
Weight 204 lb (93 kg) (dry)
Fuel capacity 1.8 gallons
Related Yamaha YZ125

The Yamaha YZ250F is a motocross motorcycle first released in 2001 by Yamaha. It has a five-valve, DOHC, four-stroke engine and initially had a steel frame and an aluminum subframe, which was replaced in the 2005 model with an all-aluminum frame.

This combination leads to the YZ250F being praised for combining the broad-power characteristics of a four-stroke engine with the light handling more common in smaller, 125 cc two-stroke motorcycles.[2]

Significant advances[edit]

2003 Automatic decompression exhaust cam
2006 Aluminium frame
2008 New engine
2010 New engine layout, with lower center of gravity
2014 Rear slant cylinder, Fuel Injection

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