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Yamaha Aerox R
Aerox YQ50 Race Replica.jpg
Aerox YQ50 Race Replica
ManufacturerYamaha Motor Company
Parent companyYamaha Corporation

The Yamaha Aerox is a lineup of single-cylinder scooters made by Yamaha since 1997, available in either 50 cc or 100 cc for the European market, and 125 cc or 155 cc for the South East Asian market with several different body designs.



Slight changes were made in 2003. The Aerox was renamed Aerox R and the 100 cc model was discontinued. The 2-stroke 50 cc model was updated with a new exhaust, tachometer and a new type of ignition and CDI. In 2013, Yamaha launched the updated Aerox with a completely new design and the introduction of the Aerox Naked and Aerox 4 (equipped with 4-stroke engine).[citation needed]

South East Asia[edit]

Aerox 125[edit]

Yamaha Aerox 125 LC

The liquid-cooled 4-stroke 2-valve 125 cc model of the Aerox was launched in Indonesia in January 2016 under the name Aerox 125 LC.[1] It had a claimed power output of 11.3 hp (8.4 kW) @ 9,000 rpm and 10.4 N⋅m (7.7 lb⋅ft) of torque at 6,500 rpm. It was only sold in Indonesia and discontinued ten months later due to low demand.[2] This model was succeeded by the 155 cc Aerox 155.

Aerox/Mio Aerox 155 or NVX 125/155[edit]

Yamaha Aerox 155 VVA

This new version of the Aerox was unveiled at Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia in October 2016.[3] It is the most powerful version of the Aerox. It is powered by either liquid-cooled 4-stroke 4-valve 125 cc (unrelated to the engine used in Indonesian-only Aerox 125 LC) or bored-up 155 cc Blue Core engine equipped with Variable Valve Actuation that produces a claimed power output of 11.8 hp (8.8 kW) or 15 hp (11 kW). These engines are shared with the NMAX. It is sold under the Aerox 155 name in Indonesia and Thailand, Mio Aerox 155 in the Philippines,[4] NVX 155 in Malaysia and NVX 125/155 in Vietnam.


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