Zhuhai railway station

Coordinates: 22°13′06″N 113°32′42″E / 22.21833°N 113.54500°E / 22.21833; 113.54500
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China Railway High-speed
Chinese name
Standard Mandarin
Hanyu PinyinZhūhǎi Zhàn
Yue: Cantonese
Jyutpingzyu1 hoi2 zaam6
General information
Other namesGongbei
LocationChina Changsheng Road, Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai, Guangdong, China
Line(s)Guangzhou–Zhuhai intercity railway
Zhuhai–Zhuhai Airport intercity railway
Platforms6 (Bay platform)
  • Bus routes 1, 2, 31, 32, 207
Structure typeElevated
Opened31 December 2012
Preceding station China Railway High-speed China Railway High-speed Following station
Qianshan Guangzhou–Zhuhai intercity railway Terminus

Zhuhai railway station (Chinese: 珠海站; pinyin: Zhūhǎi Zhàn), also known as Gongbei station (拱北站), is an elevated station of the Guangzhou–Zhuhai intercity railway (Guangzhu ICR). It is located in the Gongbei Subdistrict (jiedao) of Xiangzhou in Zhuhai, Guangdong, China, besides the Gongbei Port and parallel to the border between mainland China and Macau. The station is the southern terminus of the Guangzhou–Zhuhai intercity railway and the northern terminus of the Zhuhai–Zhuhai Airport intercity railway.


The station entered service on 31 December 2012, behind its target completion date of 31 July 2012,[1][2] opening alongside three other stations that extended the line to downtown Zhuhai from the temporary terminus at the Zhuhai North railway station.

China Railway announced that a train service between Beijing West and Zhuhai would enter service since 27 November 2015. As the first interprovincial train from Zhuhai, this train ran as D923 from Beijing to Zhuhai, and D924 on the return trip.[3]

The station was expanded to accommodate the Zhuhai–Zhuhai Airport intercity railway, which began operations on 18 August 2020.[4][5]


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22°13′06″N 113°32′42″E / 22.21833°N 113.54500°E / 22.21833; 113.54500