Central Ferry Piers, Hong Kong

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Central Ferry Piers
Central Piers Overview 2010.jpg
View of the Central Ferry Piers in 2010
Traditional Chinese中環碼頭
Simplified Chinese中环码头
Central Ferry Piers Clock Tower
Pier 2: to Park Island.
Pier 7: Star Ferry to Tsim Sha Tsui: One of the "finger piers" of Cental Piers
former Pier 8: Hong Kong Maritime Museum
Pier 9: Public Pier

The Central Ferry Piers (Chinese: 中環碼頭) are situated on the northeast part of Central, Hong Kong Island. The ferries mostly depart to Outlying Islands in the New Territories, with the exception of Pier 1 serving as a government pier, and ferries from Pier 7 going to Kowloon.

Ferry services[edit]

The destinations or uses of the piers are as follows:

Star Ferry Pier, Central is a "movable name", which now refers to the "fourth generation" Star Ferry pier, aka Pier 7 in Central.

Former piers[edit]


In 2011, after the closure of its flagship store in Pedder Building in October 2011, due to rising rent,[2] Shanghai Tang set up several project units to continue its presence in Central, namely “A New Journey as a Nomad of Central,” in a series of Mongolian gers, imported from Mongolia, on the roof of Pier 1 from 4 November to 31 December 2011.[3]

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