Zolotaya Korona

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Zolotaya Korona
Operating area Russia and CIS
Members 220
ATMs 18000
Founded 1994
Zolotaya Korona's office in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Zolotaya Korona (Russian: Золотая Корона, literally - Golden Crown), is a Russian payment system that provides cash and cashless payment services.

Participants of system are 220 banks from 75 regions of Russia, CIS and other countries.[1] Cards «Zolotaya Korona» are accepted to service in 275 cities of Russia, and also in Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia and China.[2] Zolotaya Korona was created in 1994 by CFT Group. As of 1 July 2009, total emission was 19 041 780 cards. That is 57% more than in the same period of 2008. Total turnover for the first half of 2009 was 184 billion rubles.[3]


Payment system Zolotaya Korona was founded in 1994 in Novosibirsk. By 1999 it united 144 participants in 58 regions of Russian Federation. In 2001 it implemented support of emission and acquiring of chip Debit/Credit cards according to EMV specifications.

In 2006 Russian payment system Zolotaya Korona won open tender of Novosibirsk city hall for supply of Social cards.[4]

In 2008 Zolotaya Korona became a laureate of biggest national award in financial sphere "Financial elite of the South" in nomination "Most reliable bank card".[5]

In October 2009, Zolotaya Korona became a member of "Sibirian Transport Union".[6]

Zolotaya Korona technology is used in Turkmenistan (Turkmencard), Kyrgyzstan (AlayCard), and national credit organization "ElBank-Lucas" (Poland).

In 2012 operation of Zolotaya Korona was prohibited in the territory of Armenia because of the violation of law and licence. In October 2016 Ukraine banned operations of Zolotaya Korona and all other Russian payment systems as part of its sanction policy against the Russian military intervention in Ukraine.[7]

Products and services[edit]

Bank cards - debit, credit, prepaid, corporate, etc.

Transport and social cards - Zolotaya Korona projects in Chelyabinsk, Novosibirsk, Samara, Omsk, Orenburg, Gorno-Altaysk.

Loyalty cards - bonus, gift, discount, prepaid, etc.

Money transfer - system Zolotaya Korona – Money Transfers unites all CIS countries; it is also integrated with Money Gram company that enables money transfers throughout the world.

SMS + Internet bank remote banking services.


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