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Operating area United States
Members ±1,100
ATMs ±55,000
Founded 2003
Owner Cardtronics

Allpoint is an interbank network in the United States connecting ATMs in all 50 states. It was founded in 2003.[1] ATM National was acquired by Cardtronics, an operator of ATMs, in 2005.[2]

Allpoint does not charge fees to customers of member banks. This contrasts with most U.S. ATM networks that charge fees to customers using an ATM at any location other than their own bank.[citation needed]

7-Eleven Removal[edit]

In July of 2017, 7-Eleven decided to remove all of its ATMs from the Allpoint network. This decision caused major backlash with Allpoint member institutions, as well as with consumers. Allpoint's network was essentially reduced by a fourth.


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