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2 Days & 1 Night
1 Night 2 Days Title Card.jpg
Also known as 1 Night 2 Days (1N2D)
Genre Reality television
Written by Lee U-jeong
(Episode 1 - 232)
Choi Jae-yeong
(Episode 1 - 287)
Lee Sak-yeong
(Episode 288 - 321)
Mun Eun-ae
(Episode 322 - present)
Directed by Na Young-seok
(Episode 1 - 232)
Choi Jae-hyung
(Episode 233 - 287)
Lee Sae-hee
(Episode 288 - 321)
Yu Ho-jin
(Episode 322 - present)
Creative director(s) KBS Art Vision
Digital Arts Center for Visual Arts
Starring Kim Jong-min
Cha Tae-hyun
Kim Joo-hyuk
Kim Junho
Jung Joon-young
Country of origin South Korea
Original language(s) Korean
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 385 (as of 22 March 2015) (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Bak Jung-min
Seo Su-min
Cinematography Kang Chan-hee
Camera setup Multicamera setup
Running time Approximately 1 hours 40 minutes (100 minutes)
Production company(s) Koen Media Corporation
Vision Productions
Distributor KBS World
Channel M (Southeast Asia)
Original channel KBS2
Picture format NTSC (Episode 1 - 140)
HDTV (ATSC, ISDB) (Episode 141 - present)
Audio format Stereo
Original airing August 5, 2007 (2007-08-05)
Preceded by 101% Sunday (일요일은 101%)
Related shows Happy Sunday
다녀오겠습니다 (KBS Joy)
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2 Days & 1 Night (Hangul: 1박 2일; also known as 1 Night 2 Days; abbreviated as 1N2D) is a South Korean reality-variety show that airs on KBS2 beginning August 5, 2007. 1 Night 2 Days is one of the two segments (the other segment is Superman is Back) on Happy Sunday. The show's current cast members are Kim Jong-min, Cha Tae-hyun, Kim Joo-hyuk, Kim Joon-ho, Defconn, Jung Joon-young.

The show's motto is "Real wild road variety." Its main concept is to recommend various places of interest that viewers can visit in South Korea. Filming for every new trip is usually done in 2 weeks prior to broadcast on KBS2


The cast members have made various trips throughout Korea, including many offshore islands. The most notable trip to date was to the Liancourt Rocks (South Korea called it as Dokdo). On their 17th trip to Wando County in South Jeolla, the cast was told to live and experience the wildlife having no access to their cellphones and having to build a tent on their own with the materials provided by the production crew. In June 2008, they travelled to Baekdu Mountain, which is located on the border of North Korea and China. The trip took 4 nights and 5 days, rather than usual 1 night and 2 days. They took the scenic route to Baekdu Mountain by taking a boat to China then taking a bus to the actual mountain rather than by taking a direct flight in order to film the beautiful scenery along the way. After climbing up the stairs leading up the mountain they reached Heaven Lake (천지, 天池), one of the highest crater lakes in the world. At Heaven Lake they symbolically poured water from the Liancourts, the disputed easternmost island of Korea; Udo (우도), one of the southernmost islands of Korea; Gageodo, the westernmost island of Korea; and Baengnyeong Island, the northernmost island in the Yellow Sea. This was to symbolize their wish for Korea to once again become one united nation just as the waters became one at Heaven Lake. Near the end of 2009, it was rumored that a trip for Antarctica was being planned. The producer confirmed that they are trying to arrange a journey to the South Pole and on the 125th episode, Kang Ho-dong mentioned to Park Chan-ho that the trip will take place in March. However, the trip was canceled due to the 2010 Chile earthquake. There was also a viewers' special trip on February 2009, where the production team started gathering 6 teams for a trip with the cast. Thousands of applications were sent to the team and the final teams were chosen by the casts themselves. The episode became very popular and on December 2009, the production team announced that a second viewers' special is coming on February 2010 and mentioned that they received around 100,000 applications. In August 2011, they had a third viewer's special, which had 100 people attending from ages 1–100, adding another senior, who's age is 102.


Before 1 Night 2 Days was first aired, it was preceded by Are You Ready which featured most of the 1 Night 2 Days members — Kang Ho-dong, Lee Soo-geun, Kim Jong-min, and Eun Ji-won. Are You Ready was canceled due to low viewership ratings and was replaced by 1 Night 2 Days after 12 episodes.

Singer and actor Lee Ji-hoon was offered to join the cast of 1 Night 2 Days but rejected the role to take a role on MBC drama New Heart instead.[1]

1 Night 2 Days premiered with cast members Kang Ho-dong, Lee Soo-geun, Kim Jong-min, Eun Ji-won, Noh Hong-chul, Ji Sang-ryul, and Sanggeun the dog mascot on August 5, 2007.

The show later experienced a number of cast member changes:

  • September 16, 2007: Ji Sang-ryul's last episode
  • October 28, 2007: Kim C joins the cast
  • November 4, 2007: Noh Hong-chul's last episode
  • November 11, 2007: Lee Seung-gi joins the cast
  • December 2, 2007: Kim Jong-min leaves the show because of mandatory military service
  • December 9, 2007: MC Mong joins the cast
  • December 27, 2009: Kim Jong-min rejoins the cast
  • June 6, 2010: Kim C's last episode
  • September 19, 2010: MC Mong's last episode
  • March 6, 2011: Uhm Tae-woong joins the cast
  • September 25, 2011: Kang Ho-dong's last episode[2]
  • February 26, 2012: 1 Night 2 Days Season 1's last episode (Lee Seung-gi and Eun Ji-won's last episode)
  • March 4, 2012: 1 Night 2 Days Season 2's first episode (Kim Seung-woo, Cha Tae-hyun, Sung Si-kyung, and Joo Won's first episode)
  • March 2013: Kim Seung-woo's last episode and Yoo Hae-jin joins the cast
  • October 27, 2013: Joo Won's last episode
  • November 24, 2013: 1 Night 2 Days Season 2's last episode (Lee Soo-geun, Uhm Tae-woong, Sung Si-kyung, Yoo Hae-jin's last episode)

Season 1 broadcast its final episode on February 26, 2012.

Season 2 premiered on March 4, 2012 with returning members Lee Soo-geun, Kim Jong-min, and Uhm Tae-woong, who were joined by new members Kim Seung-woo, Cha Tae-hyun, Sung Si-kyung, and Joo Won. Kim Seung-woo left the show in March 2013 to re-focus on his acting career. He was replaced by fellow actor Yoo Hae-jin.

On November 24, 2013 1 Night 2 Days Season 2 officially wrapped up season two with a final goodbye from the members. Similar to the show’s signature opening in which the members gather together to introduce the episode, it was fitting to see the members gather one last time to bid farewell to its audience.

Season 3 of 1 Night 2 Days premiered on December 22, 2013 that consist of returning members Cha Tae-hyun and Kim Jong-min, as well as new members Kim Joon-ho, Kim Joo-hyuk, Jung Joon-young, and Defconn.


KBS Drama, KBS Joy has often aired re-runs of 1 Night 2 Days. U-KBS HERAT, a DMB, a digital radio transmission technology developed by South Korea, channel aired the show daily from Monday to Friday at 8:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. and recorded the show as one of the "fun to watch" re-runs. KBS World, the international broadcasting service provided by KBS, also started airing English-subtitled episodes (usually 2–4 weeks after the original broadcast) of the show starting from Episode 35 titled as 2 Days and 1 Night.

With 1 Night 2 Days being well received, KBS Joy launched a "female version" of 1 Night 2 Days called 다녀오겠습니다. The first season aired between January 12, 2009 and April 29, 2009. The first season's members were gagwoman Kim Sook, Kim E-Z (former member of Baby V.O.X.), Jeong Jung-ah, Bronwyn Mullen (Afrikaaner ethnicity and member on Global Talk Show), Polina Lipina (Polish ethnicity and member on Global Talk Show), and Kim Ji Hye (member of Korean girl group Cats). Season 2 aired from June 3 to September 16, 2009 with two members from Season 1, Kim Sook and Kim E-Z, and new members, actress and singer Yoo Chae-yeong, movie actress Seo Young, gagwoman Kwon Jin-young, and Kang Ye-bin.


Bok-bul-bok Game[edit]

"Bok Bul Bok Game" (복불복), which can be translated to "blessing-curse-blessing" or "luck or not", is the method used to determine which members will be sleeping outside as well as to decide which members will be getting food. The decision is based on the results of games such as "Kung Kung Ta" (쿵쿵따), a game where a person says a word that does not exist and the next person has to make a new word that doesn't exist with the ending letter or simple games like juggling soccer balls. The first three members who lose the game are given a punishment, such as drinking salt water or soy sauce or eating other strange foods. For example, "Kkanari Eakjeott" (까나리 액젓), "Myeolchi Eakjeott" (멸치 액젓), "Hwang-seo-geo-jeott" (황석어젓), "Buldak-sauce" (불닭 소스), "Wasabi" (고추냉이), "Vinegar" (식초), and more. If they can pass their punishment, they are able to escape sleeping outside or receive food and prizes automatically, however this rarely happens. Kim C and the rest of the cast once said, "The Bok Bul Bok system is completely unfair and crazy." ("복불복 시스템은 완전 공정하지 않으며 미친 것이다") Also, MC Mong once left a quote stating in their trip to Jeju do, "Bok Bul Bok Forever! As long as it's not me!" ("복불복이여 영원하라, 나만 아니면 돼!") Bok-bul-bok represents an important significance of the show.

Bok-bul-bok marathon[edit]

Every summer the show will conduct a Bok-bul-bok marathon. At certain points in the race, Bok-bul-bok games are placed where the runners chooses an item which can either benefit them or make them suffer. These could be fish sauce, hot or cold coffee, water, salt-water or other various items. Two of the members are omitted from the race and rides on a truck to be commentators. Their first marathon winner was Lee Seung-gi. Their second annual marathon winner was Kim C who ran the race in a full-length parka.

Autumn reading competition[edit]

Every autumn the show will conduct a reading competition. The cast will have an hour to study before the competition starts. Members who lost the competition was chosen to sleep outdoors.

Challenging the production team[edit]

On the episode aired May 31, 2009, the cast challenged the production team, where if the cast wins they get to have dinner and sleep inside while the production team will sleep outdoors. However, after playing three games of Bok-bul-bok, including a game of table tennis, badminton, and soccer, the cast lost and the production team got to eat their dinner. On the episode aired September 27, 2009, the production team were once challenged again by the crew. If the production team lost, all 80 staff members including the casts' managers and coordinators were to sleep outside. With some luck, the cast defeated the production team in winning two of the three Bok-bul-bok games. The games they played on their second challenge were a 3-point table tennis match, 3-point soccer game, and jump roping. As aired on the same episode, the production team and cast agreed to have their next challenge during their first snow.

Indoor, outdoor and "out-outdoor" sleeping[edit]

This concept first appeared on their trip to Andong, North Gyeongsang when the cast were split up into YB and OB teams to determine their sleeping locations through a game of Bok-bul-bok. The OB team had won the game through a relay of Jegichagi (제기차기), but the YB team had insisted the production team to give them another chance. The same game was played, but each member represented and played for themselves. With the YB team already sleeping outside, the members who took the challenge competed to sleep indoors. However if they lose the game, they were to sleep "out-outdoors" (sleeping in a sleeping bag without a tent). Lee Seung-gi, MC Mong and Kim Jong-min attempted the challenge but failed and were chosen to sleep "out-outdoors". Kang Ho-dong decided to challenge the game to save the YB team, but failed twice and was selected to sleep "out-outdoors" as well. Kim C decided to take the challenge, but also failed and was chosen to sleep "outdoors" (with a tent). Eun Ji-won and Lee Soo-geun did not attempt the challenge and slept "outdoors" and "indoors", respectively.

Wake-up song[edit]

A wake-up song is usually selected to be played in the morning to wake the members up and start their morning mission. The trot song, "Please Endure" or "Baemida" ("It's a Snake") which is sung by Kim Hye-yeon was 1 Night 2 Days first wake-up song. "Please Endure" is a song about snakes, which drew attention with its repetitive lyrics and melody. Later on, a remix version of the song was aired on February 10, 2008 as the wake-up song. On the February 24, 2008 episode, a song titled "Wake-Up" was used. Since March 23, 2008, the show's wake-up song is a combination of the members' songs mixing various voices into the melody. For example, MC Mong's hit single, "Circus", could be heard, or the classic favorite "Words I Couldn't Say" ("하지못한말") by Lee Seung-gi was mixed with Kang Ho-dong's "Seung-Gi yah" shout. Also, the voices of the cast and crew are included in all of the wake up song, but mostly Kang Ho-dong. Kim Hye-yeon made an appearance on the show on August 31, 2008 singing "Please Endure" live to wake the cast up, which surprised the cast.

Wake-up mission[edit]

A wake-up mission is usually conducted every morning of their trip to determine the three members who will get to eat breakfast. Members are usually woken up by the snake song, songs of the members, or remixes of songs with the members voices shouting their names. Their wake-up mission for the episode aired November 16, 2009 (the "3rd Severe Winter Camp Training" trip) was canceled due to a blizzard.

Severe summer and winter camp training[edit]

During each season, a "severe" summer and winter camp training trip is held where members had to endure critical conditions—such as building their own tents and making their own food (without utensils), driving in an open-top convertible in the winter or driving with all the windows rolled-up and no air conditioner in a van in the summer. The Severe Winter Camp Training has been held 3 times and the Severe Summer Camp Training has been held twice.

Freestyle trips[edit]

The show will have "freestyle" trips where a captain is selected to be in charge and decide on the location of the trip. The captain who is chosen for freestyle trips usually feels burdensome as it was their responsibility to make the trip fun and have enough filming footage. The first freestyle trip captain was Eun Ji-won. The trip was filmed after Lee Soo-geun's wedding. Eun Ji-won decided to have their at the Nanji Camping location, situated near the Han River in Seoul. Even though, the ride should have taken only 5 minutes to get there, it took them over an hour to reach the Nanji Camping Centre. The second freestyle trip was conducted by MC Mong, who later passed the responsibility to Lee Seung-gi because it was too burdensome. Lee Soo-geun was selected to be the captain for the third freestyle trip when their flights to Jeju do were canceled due to bad weather.

Members and character[edit]

Kim Jong-min[edit]

Main article: Kim Jong-min

Kim Jong-min started off as one of the original members along with Kang Ho-dong, Lee Soo-geun, and Eun Ji-won. Kim Jong-min had to leave the show due to his mandatory military service. He filmed with the cast until the very last moment (Episode 18) before he had to leave. Kim Jong-min returned to the show as the 7th member after completing his military service in December 2009. Kim Jong-min's subtitle color is cyan.

Cha Tae-hyun[edit]

Main article: Cha Tae-hyun

Cha Tae-hyun has been a member since the first episode of season 2. His subtitle color is beige.

Kim Joo-hyuk[edit]

Main article: Kim Joo-hyuk

Kim Joo-hyuk is one of the four new members of season 3. His subtitle color is red.

Kim Joon-ho[edit]

Kim Joon-ho is one of the four new members of season 3. His subtitle color is orange.


Main article: Defconn (rapper)

Defconn is one of the four new members of season 3. He stated that it was a dream coming true being part of this show. His subtitle color is yellow.

Jung Joon-young[edit]

Main article: Jung Joon-young

Jung Joon-young is one of the new members and the youngest of season 3. His subtitle color is apple green.

Former members and character[edit]

Kang Ho-dong[edit]

Main article: Kang Ho-dong

Kang Ho-dong is the main MC of 1 Night 2 Days. He has won two Grand Prizes (Daesangs) from the KBS Entertainment Awards for his work on the show. He previously starred in an early incarnation of the show, Are You Ready, but it was canceled due to low viewership ratings. On September 9, 2011, Kang Ho-dong left the show and retired from show business due to allegations of tax evasion, leaving the show with 5 members.[3] Kang Ho-dong's subtitle color is red.

Lee Soo-geun[edit]

Main article: Lee Soo-geun

Lee Soo-geun is one of the original members who started off in the variety show Are You Ready. He was the main MC in season 2, taking over Kang Ho-dong's spot. On November 24, 2013, Lee Soo-geun left the show due to being under investigation for suspicion of online illegal gambling.[4] Lee Soo-geun's subtitle color is gray.

Eun Ji-won[edit]

Main article: Eun Ji-won

Eun Ji-won, like Kang Ho-dong and Lee Soo-geun, was one of the original members, who started off in the variety show Are You Ready and has since been appearing on every episode. Eun Ji-won left the show along with Lee Seung-gi on February 26, 2012. Eun Ji-won's subtitle color is orange.

Lee Seung-gi[edit]

Main article: Lee Seung-gi

Lee Seung-gi joined the cast on their trip to Pyeongchang, Gangwondo. He was the replacement for Noh Hong-chul who left the show due to medical reasons. In the show he is nicknamed heodang by Kim C due to being often empty-headed. He along with Kim C are considered often the brains of group (in quizzes). In a poll regarding looks, he was ranked first, followed by Sanggeun. Lee Seung-gi left the show with Eun Ji-won on February 26, 2012. Lee Seung-gi's subtitle color is sea green.

Uhm Tae-woong[edit]

Main article: Uhm Tae-woong

Uhm Tae-woong's first appearance was during the 87th trip to Yangyang, which was broadcast on March 6 and 13, 2011. Uhm Tae-woong 's subtitle color is yellow.

MC Mong[edit]

Main article: MC Mong

MC Mong joined the cast on episodes 19–20 as the replacement for Kim Jong-min who left due to mandatory military service. MC Mong was the last replacement of the current group. MC Mong's subtitle color is brown. MC Mong has been put on hiatus and did not take part in the filming on September 17, 2010 due to the investigation of his mandatory military service. The producers had made an official announcement that MC Mong's appearance will be deferred until a final judgment has been made and the rest of the five members will continue filming during his absence. Taking into the account of the viewers' feelings and opinions, the episode set to be aired on September 19, 2010 will edit MC Mong's parts as much as possible. This trip will be broadcast in one episode (instead of the usual two episode). They had already started editing MC Mong's parts since the September 12, 2010 episode. It has been confirmed in December 2010 that he has been banned from KBS.[5]

Kim C[edit]

Main article: Kim C

Kim C joined as a member on their sixth trip (episodes 13–14). He was the replacement member for Ji Sang-ryul, who now appears in SBS Good Sunday's Family Outing 2. Kim C was absent on their trip to Geochang, South Gyeongsang due to the death of his father. Kim C had decided to leave the show in order to devote more time into music. According to sources, Kim C had originally intended to leave the show after filming the trip for Antarctica, however due to the trip being canceled, his leave was delayed. Kim C approached the producers of the show six months before and informed them of his leave. On the other hand, the members found out Kim C was leaving only two days before the last filming where Kim C called each member as he didn't want to interrupt the mood and bond they had for each other while filming.[6][7] Kim C's subtitle color was lime green.

Ji Sang-ryul[edit]

Main article: Ji Sang-ryeol

Ji Sang-ryul was the first member to leave the show after 7 episodes (3 trips) due to filming commitments for MBC's drama Yi San. After Ji Sang-ryul left, Kim Young-chul and Koyote's Shin Ji were special guests for the next couple of episodes before Kim C joined the cast in the next episode (Episode 13). A year later, Ji Sang-ryul appeared as a guest on the show's 70th episode. Ji Sang-ryul brought a guest along with him on this episode, which was Sangdon the dog, Sanggeun's son. Ji Sang-ryul's subtitle color was green and purple in the Yesan episode.

Noh Hong-chul[edit]

Main article: Noh Hong-chul

The next member to leave the show was comedy show host Noh Hong-chul, who left after 14 episodes due to exhaustion and focusing on MBC's Saturday variety show Infinite Challenge.[8] He was quickly replaced in the following episode with ballad singer Lee Seung-gi. No Hongchul's subtitle color was yellow.


Main article: Sanggeun

Sanggeun, who has gain much popularity, is a Great Pyrenees bred-dog that usually accompanies the members on their trip. Sanggeun's real name is Herbie. When Sanggeun first made his appearance on the show, he was named "Sanggeun" by Ji Sang-ryul. Sanggeun has appeared in the MBC drama Madame Ahyundong.[9] It is known that Sanggeun receives ₩400,000 for each episode on the show. On episode 16, a survey was held, where viewers who were in for a sound recording rated the members on the show by placing a sticker on the one who is the "best-looking". Sanggeun was placed second in the rankings, behind Lee Seung-gi who was first. Due to his deteriorating health, Sanggeun was absent from the show for three episodes. Currently, Ji Sang-ryul adopted Sangdon, Sanggeun's son.

Kim Seung-woo[edit]

Main article: Kim Seung-woo

Kim Seung-woo's subtitle color was Red.

Joo Won[edit]

Main article: Joo Won

Joo Won's subtitle color was Hot Pink.

Sung Si-kyung[edit]

Main article: Sung Si-kyung

Sung Si-kyung's subtitle color is Sea Green.

Yoo Hae-jin[edit]

Main article: Yoo Hae-jin

The member who replaced Kim Seung-woo in March 2013. Yoo Hae-jin's subtitle color is red.


Team/line characters are usually formed when the team is split up into two for Bok-bul-bok.


During the early days of 1 Night 2 Days, the show was heavily compared with SBS's Good Sunday's Family Outing and MBC's Infinite Challenge, particularly because Noh Hong-chul was part of both 1 Night 2 Days and Infinite Challenge (which aired on Sundays and Saturdays, respectively).[10] However, the concept of the three shows are different. The concept of 1 Night 2 Days is traveling on a trip with families and friends, while Infinite Challenge is a challenge-based variety program with 7 men competing in games.[11]

The episode which aired on July 6, 2008 gained a lot of criticism from viewers because of a smoking scene.[12] On their trip to Baekdusan, Korea, a scene of MC Mong smoking in the bus was not edited and was aired. In 2004, all 3 major broadcasting stations, KBS, MBC and SBS, agreed to prohibit smoking scenes being aired before midnight.[13] The variety program's directors made an official apology on July 7 for not properly editing the scene before airing the program and it will never occur again.[14][15] This also caused a craze among MC Mong's fans because he promised on another variety show a while back that he would quit smoking.

Viewers protested about the "violent scene" on episode 51, which aired July 20, 2008. The scene was a hidden prank of Kang Ho-dong and Kim C getting into an argument to fool the new director who had joined the show. The production team stated that the fight was not intentional and it left good memories.[16]

On episode 53, which aired August 3, 2008, viewers noticed a caption error when a local area in Inje, Gangwondo was incorrectly titled. Under protests from viewers, the production team posted an official apology on the Happy Sunday website.[17][18]

Another controversy was made on the September 19, 2008 episode, which was filmed during the Lotte Giants & Doosan Bears baseball game. One of the issues was that the staff occupied a large section of seats (50 seats) for the six members. The other issue was not allowing other ticket holders to get to their seats. The production team has explained that it was to protect the safety of the six members and they did not mean to stop people from getting to their seats.[19] The day the game was broadcast, SBS Sports said the visit of the 1 Night 2 Days team brought a positive mood to the people in Busan. On the other hand, MBC ESPN had negative remarks regarding the 1 Night 2 Days team.[20]

The next controversy was on the episode aired September 21, 2008. Scenes of Lee Soo-geun smoking in the village was caught on tape and aired.[21]

On the episode aired December 7, 2008, more drinking and smoking scenes appeared. It was deemed unsuitable for families watching the show with their children.[22]

More controversy surfaced after the airing of the March 15, 2009 episode. It was said that Kang Ho-dong had uttered the profanity "XX-bitch" in one of the scenes. But the production team denied that Kang Ho-dong had said such a thing on the show and that it was just noises during the car ride.[23]

Another controversy was when MC Mong's manager, Lee Heon-suk, said "육사시미", when it was more appropriate for him to say a similar saying that was of the Korean language.[24]

On the episode aired October 4, 2009, some of the members met the 1988 Summer Olympics opening ceremony ring-boy, Yoon Tae-woong during their hike in the mountains. Viewers wrote on the show's message board that "it was a set-up" and "how can it be a coincidence."[25]

Another controversy emerged when Lee Seung-gi was indirectly promoting beer he endorsed when he made his beer-can chicken on the episode aired November 11, 2009. Although the brand name was blurred at times, the name of the beer was still seen.[26]

The second subtitle controversy was on the episode that aired November 15, 2009. The production team made an apology on the message boards. As for the re-runs of this episode, the subtitles have been changed.

It was announced that on March 9, 2010, the cast and crew of 1 Night 2 Days will take a trip to Antarctica to visit the King Sejong Station. Viewers' opinions were mixed, with some thinking it will be a great experience while others think they should not go.[27] Nonetheless, the production team still had plans to leave on March 9 for the beginning of filming. A small group of the production team even left in February for Chile to prepare for the trip, but they had no choice but to leave and return to Korea after staying in Chile for a week. The reason was due to a blizzard that prevented them from taking a flight to Antarctica from Chile. The production crew had bought brand new HD cameras, lighting equipment and microphones to film the beauty of Antarctica and bring the best resolution to viewers. However due to the 2010 Chile earthquake on February 27, the production crew had to search for alternate routes to get to Antarctica. Unfortunately, it was announced that the crew had decided to cancel their trip. The producer said they will plan for an Antarctica trip in 2011.[28][29]

Media response[edit]

On December 27, 2008 at the 2008 KBS Entertainment Awards, all six cast members were present at the award show and performed "No Matter What" by Park Sang-chul. The show took home five awards – Best Newcomer (Variety), Best Variety Show Writer, Top Popularity Award, Viewer's Choice Program, and the Grand Prize (Daesang).[30] In the Top Popularity Award category, three out of the four nominees were from 1 Night 2 DaysEun Ji-won, MC Mong, and Lee Seung-gi, for which Lee won the award. The Viewer's Choice Program was based on viewer's votes through surveys and SMS. Happy Sunday ended up with 108.3% of the votes, and trailing behind them with 40.3% of the votes was Happy Together (Gag Concert with 33.1% of votes, A Chat with Beauties with 12.9% of the votes and Sang Sang Plus with 5.3% of the votes).[31][32]

Visited locations[edit]

Guest appearances[edit]

Appeared in episode # Appearance by Trip Title Notes


  • Kim Young-chul
  • n/a


  • Dokdo Special


  • Year-End/new Years Trip
  • The members visited famous novelist Lee Oe-soo's house.


  • Trot singer Kim Hye-yeon
  • 1st Year Anniversary Trip
  • Kim appeared and sang the wake-up song during the wake-up mission.


  • Night Fishing Trip


  • n/a (Episodes 86–89)
  • Severe Winter Training Camp (Episodes 124–125)
  • Foreign Trip Special (Episode 205)
  • When Park appeared for second time, he was planning to stay for just a few minutes, but the members requested him, to spend the night together.
  • Park made a third appearance when Lee Seung-gi and Lee Soo-geun visited Osaka, Japan.


  • Baek Ji-young
  • Han Min-gwan (Gag Concert)
  • Kim Jae-wook (Gag Concert)
  • Lee Sang-ho (Gag Concert)
  • Lee Sang-min (Gag Concert)
  • Korea National Sport University female Judo team (15 members) – Kang Ho-dong's team
  • Happy Single mom's team (15 members) – Kim C's team
  • Ajou University male nurses team (9 members) – Lee Soo-geun's team
  • Gukak National High School dance team (11 members) – Eun Ji-won's team
  • Wonju, Gangwon's 8 princess' and 8 sons team (18 members) – MC Mong's team
  • Middle-aged high school girls team (9 members) – Lee Seung-gi's team
  • 1st Viewer's Special Trip
  • Baek Ji-young, Han Min-gwan, Kim Jae-wook, Lee Sang-ho, and Lee Sang-min were the concert guests for the 1st Viewer's Special trip.
  • The Gag Concert members Han Min-gwan, Kim Jae-wook, Lee Sang-ho, and Lee Sang-min stayed for the rest of the trip and spent time with the 1 Night 2 Days members. The reason for them staying was that their managers had left according to Han Min-gwan.


  • Park Gwang – Kang Ho-dong's friend
  • Min Kyung-hwan – Lee Seung-gi's friend
  • Jeon Hee-seung, Kim Jung-hwan – MC Mong's friend
  • Shin Myung-sun – Lee Soo-geun's friend
  • Lee Geun-soo – Eun Ji-won's friend
  • Lee Sun-kyu (Jaurim) – Kim C's friend
  • Soo Geun-ee – Sanggeun's dog friend
  • "Let's Go Together, Friend" Trip


  • Niddeen (India) – Kang Ho-dong's partner
  • Akira (Japan) – Lee Seung-gi's partner
  • Scott (USA) – MC Mong's partner
  • Dan (Romania) – Lee Soo-geun's partner
  • Andrew (UK) – Eun Ji-won's partner
  • Waf (Ivory Coast) – Kim C's partner
  • Global/Foreigner Trip


  • Jung Young-jin – Kang Ho-dong's manager
  • Park Gwang-chul – Kim C's manager
  • Kim Dae-won – Lee Soo-geun's manager
  • Kang Young-hyun – Eun Ji-won's manager
  • Lee Heon-suk – MC Mong's manager
  • Park Dong-jin – Lee Seung-gi's manager
  • n/a
  • The members' managers appeared in a game of Blessing-Curse-Blessing for Sleeping Places.


  • Baek Ji-young
  • Kim Tae-woo
  • 10-year friends Year-3 high-school students from Yeongwol School team (9 members) – Kang Ho-dong's team
  • Korea's only female rugby team (13 members) – Kim C's team
  • Eunpyeong-gu's private taxi drivers team (15 members) – Lee Soo-geun's team
  • Universal Ballet team (15 members) – Eun Ji-won's team
  • 30-years ago weightlifter OB team (10 members) – MC Mong's team
  • 11 siblings team (11 members) – Kim Jong-min's team
  • "Hot Young" Korea Aerospace University team – Lee Seung-gi's team
  • Korea National Sport University female Judo team (15 members) from 1st Viewer's Trip
  • Gukak National High School dance team (9 members) from 1st Viewer's Trip
  • 2nd Viewer's Special Trip
  • Baek Ji-young and Kim Tae-woo were the concert guests for the 2nd Viewer's Special trip.
  • Kang Ho-dong's Korea National Sport University female Judo team and Eun Ji-won's Gukak National High School dance team from the 1st Viewer's Special Trip were also present on the trip to perform as concert guests.


  • 6 City Special


  • Foreign Workers' Special


  • Actress Special
  • Filmed May 6–7, 2011


  • Supporting Actor Special



  • 3rd Viewer's Special Trip Training Camp
  • The four guests will take part in the 3rd Viewer's Special Trip as MCs.


  • Baek Ji-young
  • Sung Si-kyung
  • Jun Hyun-moo
  • Kim Byung-man
  • Hyeon Cheol
  • Koyote
  • 0–9 years-old team – Jun Hyun-moo's team
  • 10–19 years-old team – Baek Ji-young's team
  • 20–29 years-old team – Kang Ho-dong's team
  • 30–39 years-old team – Uhm Tae-woong's team
  • 40–49 years-old team – Lee Seung-gi's team
  • 50–59 years-old team – Kim Byung-man's team
  • 60–69 years-old team – Lee Soo-geun's team
  • 70–79 years-old team – Eun Ji-won's team
  • 80–89 years-old team – Kim Jong-min's team
  • 90-100 & 102 years-old team – Sung Si-kyung's team
  • 3rd Viewer's Special Trip
  • Hyeon Cheol, Koyote, and BEAST were the concert guests for the 3rd Viewer's Special Trip.


  • Celebrity Friend Special
  • Every member bring their celebrity friend as a team


  • Summer Vacation Part 1: Straight Road Trip
  • The guests sing in a mission for the member


  • Island Song Festival Trip
  • The guests are the band for music festival for the citizens


  • Seollal Special: Durae Town Field Day
  • Special Trip with Olympic medalist


Year Award Category Recipient Ref
2007 6th KBS Entertainment Awards Best Entertainer Award Lee Soo-geun
(1 Night 2 Days, Gag Concert "We Need Conversations")
Top Excellence Idea Corner Award 1 Night 2 Days
2008 20th Korean PD Awards Best Show Host Kang Ho-dong [34]
44th Baeksang Arts Awards Grand Prize (Daesang) - TV category Kang Ho-dong [35][36]
35th Korea Broadcasting Awards Best Entertainment TV Program Happy Sunday [37]
15th Korea Entertainment Art Awards Best Comedian Lee Soo-geun [38][39]
Best Program 1 Night 2 Days
7th KBS Entertainment Awards Best Variety Show Writer Lee Woo-jung [40][41]
Best Newcomer in a Variety Show Lee Soo-geun
Top Popularity Award Lee Seung-gi
Viewer's Choice Program Happy Sunday
Grand Prize (Daesang) Kang Ho-dong [42]
2009 21st Korean PD Awards Best Variety Show 1 Night 2 Days [43][44]
10th Korean Broadcasters' Awards Best Produced Program 1 Night 2 Days [45]
8th KBS Entertainment Awards Excellence Award, Male MC in a Variety Show Lee Soo-geun
(1 Night 2 Days, Sang Sang Plus Season 2)
Viewer's Choice Program Happy Sunday
Grand Prize (Daesang) Kang Ho-dong
2010 Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism Appreciation Plaque
(presented by Yu In-chon)
1 Night 2 Days [47]
Korea Tourism Awards 2010 Merit Division 1 Night 2 Days
9th KBS Entertainment Awards Top Entertainer Award Eun Ji-won
(1 Night 2 Days, Crisis No. 1)
Excellence Award, Male MC in a Variety Show Lee Soo-geun
Top Excellence Award, Male MC in a Variety Show Lee Seung-gi
Viewer's Choice Program Happy Sunday
2011 38th Korea Broadcasting Awards Best Entertainment TV Program 1 Night 2 Days
10th KBS Entertainment Awards Top Entertainer Award Uhm Tae-woong [49][50][51][52]
Grand Prize (Daesang) Lee Soo-geun
Lee Seung-gi
Eun Ji-won
Kim Jong-min
Uhm Tae-woong
2012 11th KBS Entertainment Awards Best Variety Show Writer Choi Jae-yeong [53]
Best Newcomer in a Variety Show Joo Won
Top Entertainer Award Cha Tae-hyun
Top Excellence Award, Male MC in a Variety Show Kim Seung-woo
(1 Night 2 Days Season 2, Win Win)
2013 12th KBS Entertainment Awards Male Top Excellence Award Cha Tae-hyun [54]
Grand Prize (Daesang) Kim Jun-ho

Digital single[edit]

A digital single of the show's theme song was released on March 29, 2010 and was first heard on episode 135, which was aired March 28, 2010. The title of the song is called "Let's Go Paradise" and is sung by Gil Hak-mi (a contestant on Mnet's talent show Superstar K Season 1) and Han Bora (from AB Avenue).

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