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Video of Chinese fitness dancing

Chinese fitness dancing is a popular activity throughout China.[1][2] Several forms exist, the most common being a line dance consisting of a large number of women, dancing in synchronicity to music played over a loudspeaker. The main purpose is fitness, but is also done to continue and perform traditional dance moves, for community spirit, and simply for fun. Another form of fitness dancing consists of pairs ballroom-style dancing, with male-female partnerships being most common.

Most participants in fitness dancing are adult women ranging from 20 years old to seniors, with most being middle-aged.

Chinese women engaging in fitness dancing in the Summer Palace grounds, Beijing

The groups congregate in the early morning and evening, at parks or public squares. The dancers organize themselves into rank and file. The front rank comprises the most proficient dancers, the best being in the center. Each rank back from the one in front contains dancer who are less proficient. All the dancers face forward. This allows dancers to learn from those in the rows ahead. The back rank is often populated with beginners just learning the moves, while the front rows are well-coordinated.

People engaged in Chinese fitness dancing at the West side of Haikou People's Park, Haikou, Hainan Province, China.

Apparel varies greatly. Black is a very common colour. Some groups also wear clothing similar in style, such as loose, black robes, while other groups will all wear similar coloured t-shirts. Some groups have no colour or style coordination at all. Occasionally, fans are used as props while dancing.

The music is usually broadcast from a portable CD player and amplifier on wheels, powered by a large vehicle battery.

Among students[edit]

Common in schools throughout China, pre-school children and kindergarten students gather outdoors each morning. They assemble in formation to engage in fitness dancing to music played over a loudspeaker.

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