List of English-language euphemisms for profanities

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This is a list of notable euphemisms for profanities in the English language.

A euphemism is a common word or phrase intended to soften the harshness of a literal meaning. A profanity is a word that is considered vulgar, obscene, and/or offensive.[clarification needed]

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Notable Idioms In English
Euphemism Vulgarity Region Source Notes
Bleeding Bloody
Bog off Fuck off
Piss off
Bugger off
Patrick off Fuck off
Piss off
Bugger off
Rack off Fuck off
Piss off
Bugger off
Dang Damn USA
Darn Damn Scotland
Deuced Damned
Dipstick Dipshit England
Eff Fuck
F-bomb Fuck USA
F-word Fuck
Feck Fuck Ireland
Fudge Fuck
Crap shit
Crud shit
Ruddy Bloody
Freak Freaking
Penis dick

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