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This article lists political parties in Spain.

Spain has a multi-party system at both the national and regional level. Nationally there are two dominant political parties, (the left-leaning PSOE and right-wing PP) which make it extremely difficult for any other formation or coalition to achieve an electoral majority in the bicameral Cortes Generales (consisting of both the national Congress of Deputies and regional representation in the Senate).

Regional parties can be strong in autonomous communities like Catalonia and the Basque Country and are often essential for national government coalitions.

National political formations of Spain[edit]

Political parties in Congress[edit]

Party Position Ideology Results (2011) Seats in Congress (Total: 350) Coalition partners
People's Party (PP)
Partido Popular
Centre-right Conservatism, liberal conservatism, Christian democracy, economic liberalism, unionism 10,866,566 votes, 44.63% of the electorate 185
Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE)
Partido Socialista Obrero Español
Centre-left Social progressivism, social democracy, Third Way, asymmetric federalism 7,003,511 votes, 28.76% of the electorate 110
Plural Left
La Izquierda Plural
Left-wing Democratic socialism, communism, republicanism, secularism, green politics, anti-atlanticism, soft euroscepticism 1,686,040 votes, 6.92% of the electorate 11 IU (8 seats)
ICV (2 seats)
CHA (1 seat)
Union, Progress and Democracy (UPyD)
Unión Progreso y Democracia
Centre Progressivism, social liberalism, secularism, reformism, radical centrism, radicalism, centralism, constitutionalism, European federalism, Spanish patriotism, Spanish nationalism 1,143,225 votes, 4.70% of the electorate 5
Convergence and Union (CiU)
Convergència i Unió
Centre-right Catalan nationalism, liberalism, economic liberalism, Christian democracy 1,015,691 votes, 4.17% of the electorate 16 CDC (10 seats)
UDC (6 seats)
Left-wing Basque nationalism, Basque separatism, socialism, ezker abertzalea 334,498 votes, 1.37% of the electorate 7 Independents of ezker abertzalea (5 seats)
EA (1 seat)
Aralar (1 seat)
Alternatiba (0 seats)
Basque Nationalist Party (PNV)
Euzko Alderdi Jeltzalea
Partido Nacionalista Vasco
Parti National Basque
Centre-right Basque nationalism, liberal conservatism, Christian democracy 324,317 votes, 1.33% of the electorate 5
Republican Left of Catalonia (ERC)
Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya
Left-wing Catalan separatism, left-wing nationalism, democratic socialism, republicanism, progressivism 256,985 votes, 1.06% of the electorate 3
Galician Nationalist Bloc (BNG)
Bloque Nacionalista Galego
Left-wing Galician nationalism, left-wing nationalism, democratic socialism 184,037 votes, 0.76% of the electorate 2
Canarian Coalition (CC)
Coalición Canaria
Centre-right Canarian nationalism, liberalism 143,881 votes, 0.59% of the electorate 2 CC (1 seat)
New Canaries (1 seat)
Initiative for Catalonia Greens (ICV)
Iniciativa per Catalunya Verds
Left-wing Green politics, eco-socialism, Catalan nationalism caucus with United Left to the general elections 2
Commitment Coalition
Coalició Compromís
Left-wing Valencian nationalism, democratic socialism, progressivism, green politics 125,306 votes, 0.51% of the electorate 1 Coalició Compromís (1 seat)
Equo (0 seats)
Asturian Forum (FAC)
Foro Asturias
Centre-right Asturian regionalism, conservatism, liberal conservatism 99,473 votes, 0.41% of the electorate 1
Yes to the Future (GBai)
Geroa Bai
Centre-left Basque nationalism, social democracy 42,415 votes, 0.17% of the electorate 1
Navarrese People's Union (UPN)
Unión del Pueblo Navarro
Centre-right Conservatism, liberal conservatism, Christian democracy, Navarrese regionalism, unionism, pro-life caucus with People's Party to the general elections 1

Political parties represented in regional parliaments but not at the Congress[edit]


Party Ideology Seats (Total Seats: 67)
Aragonese Party (Partido Aragonés) Centrism, Aragonese regionalism, Aragonese nationalism 7
Aragonese Council (Chunta Aragonesista) Democratic socialism, Aragonese nationalism, environmentalism 4

Balearic Islands[edit]

Party Ideology Seats (Total Seats: 59)
Més per Mallorca Catalan nationalism, democratic socialism, Green politics, republicanism 5
Ibiza for Change (Eivissa pel Canvi) Catalan nationalism, democratic socialism, Green politics, republicanism 2

Basque Country[edit]

Party Ideology Seats (Total Seats: 75)
EH Bildu Socialism, Basque nationalism, left-wing nationalism, abertzale left, independentism 25


Party Ideology Seats (Total Seats:39)
Cantabrian Regionalist Party (Partido Regionalista de Cantabria) Regionalism 12

Castilla y León[edit]

Party Ideology Seats (Total Seats:83)
Leonese People's Union (Unión del Pueblo Leonés) Leonese regionalism 1


Party Ideology Seats (Total seats: 135)
Citizens – Party of the Citizenry (Ciutadans - C's) Social liberalism, European federalism, Postnationalism, Centre-left 9
Candidatura d'Unitat Popular Catalan independence, Direct Democracy, Far-left 3

La Rioja[edit]

Party Ideology Seats (Total Seats: 33)
Riojan Party (Partido Riojano) Regionalist 2


Party Ideology Seats (Total Seats: 50)
Nafarroa Bai Basque nationalism 6
Bildu Socialism, Basque nationalism, left-wing nationalism, abertzale left, independentism 7

Political parties running for the Spanish general election, 2011[1][edit]

Political parties without any representation[edit]

Illegal parties[edit]

(* Note: Batasuna is legal in France; it is however an association and not a political party) Batasuna is in the list of terrorist organisations of US and EU.

Defunct major parties[edit]

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