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Gameloft S.A.
Type Société Anonyme
Traded as EuronextGFT
Industry Interactive entertainment
Video game industry
Founded 1999[2]
Headquarters Paris, France ("general meeting of June 19, 2012". 19 June 2012. )
Area served Worldwide
Key people Michel Guillemot
(President and CEO)
Revenue Increase €164.4 million (2011)[3]
Operating income Increase €21.1 million (2011)[3]
Net income Increase €18.2 million (2011)[3]
Total assets Increase €138.5 million (2010)[3]
Total equity Increase €103 million (2011)[3]
Employees 28 studios - 5,000+
Parent Ubisoft

Gameloft is a video game developer and publisher headquartered in Paris, France. The company also has subsidiaries in 28 countries around the world. They have created a number of games for mobile phone handsets, tablets, games consoles and other platforms.

Founded in 1999 by Michel Guillemot, one of the co-founders and owners of video game publisher and developer Ubisoft, Gameloft has expanded to employ a staff of 5,000 at the end of 2011. Gameloft has posted consolidated revenues of $68m in 2006, $96m in 2007, $110m in 2008 and $122m in 2009.[4] In 2010, Gameloft consolidated sales reached $141m and went up to $164m in 2011. Through agreements with major telephone carriers, handset manufacturers, specialized distributors and its online shop, Gameloft states it has a distribution network in over 100 countries.[4] Unfortunately, in many of these countries the Gameloft salary is deemed as one of the lowest ones in the market. Gameloft is notorious for underpaying its employees, with the QA department receiving almost no money whatsoever. Working conditions in Gameloft offices can also be quite harsh.[citation needed]

As of 2013, Gameloft had development centers in 20 countries. They closed the Hyderbad India center in January 2013.[5] The Hyderabad studio was largely responsible for developing Android version of various iOS games.[6]


  • MMO of the Year 2013[7]
    • Best Android MMO - Audience Award ("Order & Chaos Online")
    • Best iPhone & iPad MMO - Audience Award ("Order & Chaos Online")
    • Best Classic Mobile MMO - Audience Award ("Order & Chaos Online")
  • Pocket Gamer Developer of the Year 2011[8]
  • Best MMORPG on iPhone & iPad 2011 ("Order & Chaos Online")[9]
  • Best Action Game ("The Adventures of Tintin")[10]
  • Spike TV Video Game Awards 2008
    • Mobile Game of the Year (The Oregon Trail)[11]
  • Spike TV Video Game Awards 2007[12]
    • Mobile Game of the Year (Assassin's Creed)
    • Best Mobile Action Game (Assassin's Creed)
    • Best Mobile Visual Design (Assassin's Creed)
    • Best Action Game (Heroes: The Official Mobile Game)
  • IGN Game Awards 2007:
    • Best Strategy Game, wireless device (Rise of the Lost Empires)[13]
    • Best Story, wireless device (American Popstar: Road to Celebrity)[14]
  • IGN Game Awards 2008:
    • Best Platform Game, wireless device (Castle of Magic)[15]
    • Best Graphics Technology, wireless device (Hero of Sparta, iPhone)[16]
    • Best Action Game, wireless device (Hero of Sparta, iPhone)[17]
    • Best Racing/Driving Game, wireless device (Asphalt 4: Elite Racing, iPhone)[18]


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