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Denis Jaromil Roio
Jaromil Chaos Communication Camp 2011.jpg
Born 1977
Pescara, Italy
Residence Amsterdam, Netherlands
Nationality European
Other names Jaromil
Rasta Coder
Denis Rojo
Occupation Developer, Media Artist
Employer Netherlands Media Art Institute (NIMk)

Denis Roio (also known as Jaromil) is a free software programmer, media artist and activist. He has made significant contributions to the development of multimedia and streaming applications on the Linux platform. He was born in Pescara, Italy and now lives in Amsterdam, Netherlands while completing his Ph.D research at the Planetary Collegium M-Node.[1]

He is one of the authors of the dyne:bolic Linux distribution, and of various free software projects, including MuSE and FreeJ.

His artistic creations are related to the context of netart and software art; the code :(){ :|:& };: has been said to be "the most elegant fork bomb code ever written".[2] However, this code existed on the internet long before he published it as art; the original author is unknown.

In 2000 Jaromil started the dyne.org foundation under the flag of Freedom of Creation, playing hybrid between the fields of politics, art and technology.

Art exhibitions[edit]

  • Streamfest – Salento Media Festival 2007 – Lecce [3]
  • Connessioni Leggendarie – Net.Art 1995–2005 – Milano [4]
  • I LOVE YOU [rev.eng]:[5] 2002 Museum of Applied Arts Frankfurt, 2003 Transmediale festival Berlin, 2004 Brown University – Watson Institute for International Studies Providence USA, 2006 Museum of Contemporary Art Novi Sad, 2006 Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade
  • Kulturforum Potsdamer Platz – p0es1s. Digitale Poesie 2004 Berlin[6]
  • Runme software art 2003 Helsinki [7]
  • Ars Electronica Festival 2003 – CODeDOC II Whitney Museum of American Art’s artport[8]
  • Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts, Tokyo 2003[9]
  • A Space gallery, Toronto 2003 WILL / Negotiations[10]

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