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Dino Attack
Other names Dino 2010
Availability 2005–2005
Total sets 5
Characters Shadow

DINO Attack, known as Dino 2010 in Europe, is a toyline made by LEGO and aimed at 6-14 year-olds. It was launched in July 2005 for the USA, Australia, and Japan, and was released elsewhere on October 2005.

Plot line[edit]

Dino domain[edit]

In Dino Attack USA version website, the main site has one flash animation showing the Dino domain around world. These are places where dinosaurs fixed, for order to dino appear:

  1. South of Peru;
  2. China coastline;
  3. South Africa;
  4. East Canada;
  5. East Siberia;
  6. France/Spain front line.

For these appear, Dinosaur expanding and turned various places to our main breeds:


  • Shadow is the most driven member of the team. His home city was devastated in the 1st dino attack, and although he survived, his neighborhood was ruined. He has been in every international hot spot, preferring to use the Sonic Screamer first and worry about the dino's intentions later, causing him to fight a lot with Specs.
  • Digger, a famous paleontologist, goes where no dinosaur hunter ever will and goes deeper than others in his search for bones. His knowledge of dinos and aim with his Cosmotronic Ray make him a valuable addition to the team, despite looking for peril. In some versions of the story he's told to do this by the TLF (True LEGO Fan) of the time he is leader of the squad.
  • Specs is a chemist, paleontologist, biologist, and nuclear physicist. He invented most of the equipment. He also quarrels with Shadow a lot. Nonetheless, he played a huge part in saving Shadow when his neighborhood was destroyed. He is also the Dino 2010 leader.
  • Viper is no scientist and was drafted onto the team. Hence he always calls the dinos scales. He thinks the best way to beat a dino is use what its name means against it. He gets along well with the rest of the team and "Strike first, strike fast, and get away clean" is his motto.


  • T-Rex: King of the Dino Attack monsters, the T-Rex is the ultimate creature. It can demolish buildings with one sweep of its tail or bite through solid steel. Its laser vision protects it from aerial attack, and its internal furnace can disintegrate oncoming rockets.

Powers: Massive strength; near-invulnerability; laser vision; mouth is a nuclear furnace that can disintegrate anything its jaws close upon.

  • Pteranodon: The Dino Attack "air force". The pteranodon is used for scouting missions and for launching attacks on the T-1 Typhoon. Its skill, speed, and agility make it hard to hit when in flight, and the lightning bolts it shoots from the tips of its wings make it a formidable force.

Powers: Flight; agility; lightning vision.

  • Raptor: The complete hunter. With enhanced sight and hearing, it can track down any prey and is strong enough to tear the Fire Hammer to bits. Its force field can shield it from most attacks, although it is vulnerable to the Cosmotronic Ray.

Powers: Strength; speed, heightened senses; force field.

  • Mutant Lizards: The bulk of the Dino army is made up of these mutant lizards. Powers vary based on breed, and they have shown the ability to adapt to attacks made against them (so the same thing rarely works twice).´ Particularly skilled at infiltrating bases.

Powers: Speed, and various assorted abilities, including chameleon powers, acid, darkness, heightened stealth, and fire-breathing. Not particularly strong individual, but they usually operate in groups.

Vehicles and Weapons[edit]

Dino Attack[edit]

  • Street Sprinter: An ATV used by Digger to target small Mutant lizards. As expected for its small size, it is quite a fast vehicle. It has a satellite to locate targets.
    • Cosmotronic Ray: A portable weapon used by Digger that shoots green rays to take out Mutant Lizards.
  • Urban Avenger: Shadow uses this vehicle as it has a good chance of clearing obstacles. It is fast and good at targeting small dinos. It has aerial radar.
    • Sonic Screamer: A long range weapon that fires ultra-high frequency sound waves.
  • Fire Hammer: A hummer used by Viper and other passengers to target large Dinosaurs or a small group of Mutant Lizards. It is fast and maneuverable on roads. Viper drives this vehicle.
    • Xenon Multi-Mode Launcher: A bulky launcher which fires solidified Xenon at its enemies. It also has extra ammo on each side.
  • Iron Predator: The most powerful asset to the Dino attack team on land. It is a large tank-like vehicle that has one large cannon and one driver and one defender to target Mutant Lizards. It can take out any Dino.
    • Z-1 Kinetic Launcher: Small launcher to target mid-sized and large dinosaurs on the sides of the tank.
    • Cryothermic Cannon: A cannon that launches a superheated beam.
  • T-1 Typhoon: The most powerful weapon in use against Dinosaurs. This helicopter has space for all members of the Dino attack team. Lit by various weapons and a boom crane to rescue members or lift heavy equipment.
    • XL-4 Voltanic Launcher: Discharges one beam of voltanic energy at its enemies.
    • Plarxx Radar Ray: A radar to target and locate anything in range.
    • Twin Quintronic Beam Emitters: An array of small cannons that fire laser beams at their enemies.
    • Twin Sonic Screamers: A group of Sonic Screamers to defend the rear end of the helicopter.

Dino 2010[edit]

  • Dino Air Tracker: A large helicopter equipped with nets and a cage to capture the T-Rex.
  • Tracker ATV: A small jeep to capture and carry small dinosaurs.
  • Buggy Chaser: A mid-size vehicle with a harpoon to target and take out the dinosaurs.
  • 4WD Trapper: One jeep with cage to capture lizards.
  • Dino Transport: A tank-like vehicle to transport the cage and contain the T-Rex.


Dino Attack[edit]

  • 7473 Street Sprinter vs. Mutant Lizard

Minifigs: Digger, Mutant Lizard.

  • 7474 Urban Avenger vs. Raptor

Minifigs: Shadow, Raptor.

  • 7475 Fire Hammer vs. Mutant Lizards

Minifigs: Viper, 3 Mutant Lizards.

  • 7476 Iron Predator vs. T-Rex

Minifigs: Viper, Digger, Specs, T-Rex.

  • 7477 T-1 Typhoon vs. T-Rex

Minifigs: Digger, Viper, Specs, Shadow, T-Rex, Pteranodon.

Dino 2010[edit]

  • 7294 Dino Tracker ATV

Minifigs: Digger, Mutant Lizard.

  • 7295 Dino Buggy Chaser

Minifigs: Shadow, Raptor.

  • 7296 4WD Dino Trapper

Miinfigs: Viper, 3 Mutant Lizards.

  • 7297 Dino Transport

Minifigs: Digger, Viper, Specs, T-Rex.

  • 7298 Dino Air Tracker

Minifigs: Digger, Viper, Specs, Shadow, T-Rex, Pteranodon.

Based from the real world[edit]

  • Dinosaurs:
    • T-Rex - Tyrannosaurus rex
    • Raptor - Velociraptor
    • Pterarodon - Pterodactyl
    • Mutant Lizards - Compsognathus


  • The Pteranodon's wings are inaccurate. They are shaped like a bat's, with four extended fingers and a thumb, when they should really be three short fingers and one extremely long. Also, the Pteranodon has teeth in its bill.
  • The T-Rex has three fingers and more closely resembles a large Ceratosaurus along with the Raptors.
  • The Raptor should be much smaller - it is closer in size to a T-Rex compared to the minifigures than a dromaeosaur, or a troodont, or even a deinonychosaur would be. In fact, the mutant lizards are closer in size to actual raptors than the raptor figure. The raptors also lack the distinct sickle claw.
  • However, all dinosaurs are said to be mutants, and inaccuracies could be blamed on this fact.

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