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This list uses the word organization in its loosest sense. Some of the following groups would be better categorized as networks.

Dates of operation Name Base Description
1827–1830 Cincinnati Time Store Cincinnati, Ohio (United States) Mutualist store
1864–18?? International Revolutionary Brotherhood International Secret organization founded by Mikhail Bakunin
1868–1869 International Alliance of Socialist Democracy International Caucus in the International Workingmans' Association
1871–??? Jura Federation Switzerland Regional federation
1872–1877 Anarchist St. Imier International International Network formed by federations expelled from the First International
1886–Present Freedom Press London, England Publisher
1891–1893 Socialist Revolutionary Anarchist Party Italy National organization
1899–1903 The Gemidzsii Ottoman Empire National organization
1903–1906 Chernoe Znamia Russia Anarchist Communist revolutionaries
1905–Present Industrial Workers of the World* International Industrial Union
1906–1911 Mexican Liberal Party Mexico Anarcho-communist organization and militia
1906–Present Anarchist Black Cross International Political support organization
1907–1909 Women's Rights Recovery Association Japan Anarcha-feminist group
1910–1912 Red Brotherhood Ottoman Empire Revolutionary anarchist association
1910–1914 Revolutionary Avengers Poland Militant group
1910–Present Central Organisation of the Workers of Sweden Sweden Anarcho-syndicalist trade union federation
1910–Present Confederación Nacional del Trabajo Spain Confederation of anarcho-syndicalist labor unions
1910–? Chinese Assassination Corps China Militant group
1911–1912 Bonnot Gang France and Belgium Illegalist criminal group
1918 Black Guards Russia armed group
1918–1920 Nabat Ukraine Ukrainian Anarchist organization
1918–1921 Revolutionary Insurrectionary Army of Ukraine Ukraine Guerilla army
1919–1933 Free Workers' Union of Germany Germany Anarcho-Syndicalist labor union
1922 Los Solidarios Spain Anarchist armed group
1922–Present International Workers Association International Anarcho-syndicalist federation of unions
1925–1928 Group of Russian Anarchists Abroad Russia Exiled group, publisher of Dielo Truda
1927–Present Federación Anarquista Ibérica Spain Anarchist national federation of affinity groups
1935–Present Federación Libertaria Argentina Argentina National federation
1936 Durruti Column Spain Military organisation
1937 Iron Column Spain Anarchist militia column
1937–1938 Friends of Durruti Spain Anarchist Communist revolutionaries
1945–1970s Cuban Libertarian Association[1] Cuba Anarchist national federation of local groups
1945–1970s Mexican Anarchist Federation Mexico Anarchist national federation of local groups
1945–Present Fédération Anarchiste France and Belgium Anarchist bi-national federation of local groups
1945–Present Federazione Anarchica Italiana Italy Anarchist national federation of local groups
1946–1968 Japanese Anarchist Federation Japan National union
1946–Present Confédération nationale du travail France Anarchosyndicalist trade union
1950–1979 Syndicalist Workers' Federation United Kingdom Anarcho-Syndicalist, IWA affiliate
1957–Present Centre International de Recherches sur l'Anarchisme Switzerland Multilingual Anarchist library
1962–Present Cuban Libertarian Movement Cuba Network of Cuban anarchists living in exile
1965–1967 Provo Amsterdam, Netherlands Counterculture movement
1966–1968 Diggers San Francisco, California (United States) Guerilla theater
1966–1970 Black Mask/Up Against the Wall Motherfuckers New York City, New York (United States) A Dada-influenced street gang
1967–??? Acratas Madrid, Spain Local protest group
1968–Present International of Anarchist Federations International Coordinator of national federations
1969–1973 Lund's Anarchist Group Lund, Sweden Local anarchist group
1970–1972 The Angry Brigade Britain Libertarian communist militant group
1971–1973 Movimiento Ibérico de Liberación Spain, France Armed group
1971–1980 Movement 2 June Germany Militant organization
1972–1989 Social Revolutionary Anarchist Federation[2][3] United States National federation
1977–Present Free Workers' Union Germany Anarcho-syndicalist labor union
1977–Present Jura Books Sydney, Australia Infoshop
1979–1987 Action directe France Urban guerrilla group
1979–Present Anarchist Black Cross Network International Political support organization
1979–Present Confederación General del Trabajo Spain Anarcho-syndicalist trade union
1979–Present Solidarity Federation United Kingdom Anarcho-syndicalist federation
1980–1983 Committee for Liquidation of Computers (CLODO) France Neo-luddite saboteurs
1980–Present Food Not Bombs International Collectives serving free vegetarian food
1981–1984 Libertarian Workers' Group New York City, New York (United States) Anarcho-syndicalist affinity group
1982 Anarchist Party of Canada Canada Dadaist political party
1982 Direct Action (Squamish Five) Canada Urban guerrillas
1982–Present Anarchist Bookfair London, England Organizers of annual bookfair
1983–Present Class War United Kingdom Class struggle group and publisher
1983–Present Workers Solidarity Alliance (United States) Anarcho-syndicalist group
1984–Present Green Anarchist London, England Green anarchism publisher
1984–Present Workers Solidarity Movement Ireland Platformist organization
1986–Present Anarchist Federation Britain and Ireland Anarcho-communist federation
1986–Present Federation of Anarchist Communists Italy Nationwide anarchist-communist federation
1987–1991 Revolutionary Anarchist Bowling League Minnesota (United States) Local network
1987–Present AK Press Oakland, California (United States) Publisher and book distributor
1987–Present Anti-Racist Action Canada and United States Militant anti-fascist network
1988–Present Federacja Anarchistyczna Poland National federation
1989–Present Free Union Netherlands and Flanders Transnational anarchist organisation
1989–Present Ontario Coalition Against Poverty Ontario, Canada Anti-poverty direct action network
1991–Present Alternative libertaire France Publisher and nationwide libertarian organization
1991–Present CIB Unicobas Italy Syndicalist union
1991–Present Haringey Solidarity Group London, England Local collective
1992–Present Critical Mass International Bicycle-centric direct action network
1992–Present Homes Not Jails United States Homelessness and prison abolition group
1992–Present Mujeres Creando Bolivia Anarcha-feminist collective
1993–1998 Love and Rage Federation United States and Mexico Continental federation
1993–Present Red and Anarchist Skinheads International Anti-racist, anti-fascist skinhead group
1993–Present Swedish Anarcho-syndicalist Youth Federation Sweden Anarcho-syndicalist federation
1995–Present Anarchist Black Cross Federation International Political support organization
1995–Present Comision de Relaciones Anarquistas Venezuela National network
1995–Present Federação Anarquista Gaúcha Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil National federation
1996–2000 Revolutionary Nuclei Greece Militant group
1996–Present Institute for Anarchist Studies New York (United States) Thinktank
1996–Present New Revolutionary Alternative Russia Underground insurrectionary group
1996–Present Peoples' Global Action International Anti-authoritarian communication and coordination network
1997–Present G7 Welcoming Committee Records Canada Independent record label
1998–2003 Movement Against the Monarchy London, England Anti-monarchist protest group
1998–Present Biotic Baking Brigade United States Pie throwing activists
1998–Present CrimethInc. United States Decentralized anarchist collective
1999–2002 Black Star Greece Armed group
1999–2002 Direct Action Network United States Antiglobalist confederation
1999–2011 North Eastern Federation of Anarchist Communists (NEFAC) Canada and United States Regional platformist federation
1999–Present Independent Media Center International Global network of participatory journalists
1999–Present Space Hijackers United Kingdom Culture jammers
199?–Present Awareness League Nigeria Anarcho-syndicalist association
2000–Present Green Anarchy Eugene, Oregon (United States) Regional federation
2000–Present Red and Black Cafe Portland, Oregon (United States) Restaurant / Event space
2001–Present Black Bridge International International Decentralized Anarchist Mutual-Aid Network
2001–Present Curious George Brigade New York City, New York (United States) Thinktank
2002–Present Autonomous Action Russia, Belarus and Ukraine National federation
2002–Present Pittsburgh Organizing Group Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (United States) Local direction action group
2002–Present Thieves in Black Athens, Greece Criminal group
2003–2006 Direct Action Anti-Authoritarians Collective Modesto, California (United States) Local community activist collective
2003–2007 Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Federation (ZabFed) South Africa Platformist anarchist communist political organisation
2003–Present Anarchist People of Color United States National network
2003–Present Anarchists Against the Wall Israel Direct action group opposing Israeli Gaza Strip and West Bank barriers
2003–Present Informal Anarchist Federation Italy Federation of militant anarchist groups
2003–present Revolutionary Struggle Greece Urban guerrilla group
2004–2010 Capital Terminus Collective Atlanta, Georgia (United States) Local collective
2004–Present Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group Melbourne, Australia Local federation
2005–Present International International network of platformist/especifista organisations, and anarchist news and discussion website
2005–Present Tachanka (Taçanka) Ankara, Turkey Anarchist Communist Collective
2006–Present Anti-State Justice Athens, Greece Local militant cell
2006–Present New York Metro Alliance of Anarchists New York City, New York (United States) Local network
2007–Present Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Front South Africa Regional (i.e. Southern African) platformist-especifist anarchist communist political organisation; descendant of ZabFed
2008–2011 Buffalo Class Action Buffalo, New York (United States) Local Anarchist-Communist Organization, merged in 2011 with Common Struggle.
2008–Present Columna Libertaria Joaquin Penina Rosario, Santa Fe (Argentina) Local Anarchist-Especifist organization
2008–Present Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei Athens, Greece Militant group
2009–Present Revolutionary Anarchist Action (Devrimci Anarşist Faaliyet-DAF) İstanbul, Turkey Revolutionary anarchist group
2009–Present Sect of Revolutionaries Greece Militant organization
2011–Present Common Struggle United States Especifist-platformist anarchist communist political organization; descendant of NEFAC
2013–Present Anarchist Affinity Melbourne, Australia Platformist anarchist communist group
2014–Present Fag Army Sweden Left-wing queer anarchist group

* The Industrial Workers of the World, despite running on an autonomous and libertarian framework, is not politically aligned with anarchism. To call it an "anarchist organization" is incorrect.[4] However, many still consider the IWW as an anarchistic union.

  1. ^ "The surviving sectors of the revolutionary anarchist movement of the 1920–1940 period, now working in the SIA and the FGAC, reinforced by those Cuban militants and Spanish anarchists fleeing now-fascist Spain, agreed at the beginning of the decade to hold an assembly with the purpose of regrouping the libertarian forces inside a single organization. The guarantees of the 1940 Constitution permitted them to legally create an organization of this type, and it was thus that they agreed to dissolve the two principal Cuban anarchist organizations, the SIA and FGAC, and create a new, unified group, the Asociación Libertaria de Cuba (ALC), a sizable organization with a membership in the thousands."Cuban Anarchism: The History of A Movement by Frank Fernandez
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