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The twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad in India have many churches of architectural value which very primarily built during the British colonial rule during the nineteenth and the early twentieth centuries. Although much smaller in size compared to Hyderabad, Secunderabad has far more churches than its twin as a result of it being a British Cantonment under direct British rule from its founding in 1806 to 1947. Most of the prominent churches in the twin cities are concentrated in and around the historic Clock Tower and Abids areas.



'Victory Christian Church, Potter's House. Victory Christian Church, Gachibowli is one of the prominent churches in Gachibowli Hyderabad, India. It is located near DLF IT park. The Church is pioneered by Pastor.Jeevan Babu. The church offers services in English and Telugu. Church focuses on Salvation,Baptism,Out reaching people with the word of God.


'LifeWay City Church, Clock Tower, Secunderabad. One Word from God will change your life for eternity. Church based on Worship & Word.

Victory Christian City Church (VC3), S.D Road, Secunderabad[edit]

The church with burden for urban youth. Amazing time of Praise & Worship, Word and Fellowship. A modern church with lot of young talent passionate for spreading the gospel.

The Fellowship Church, R.K.Puram, Secunderabad[edit]

The Fellowship Church, has a single purpose to prepare its members to follow Jesus and to impact our communities by the power of the Holy Spirit.

New Life Assembly of God, Church[edit]

New Life Assembly, Hyderabad, is committed to motivate and mobilize its members from all walks of life to obey our Lord's commission - "Go into all the world and preach the Gospel", focusing especially on planting churches in the cities of India.

St. John the Baptist Church[edit]

The Church of St. John the Baptist was consecrated and dedicated in 1813. It is the oldest church in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. Popularly known simply as St. John’s, the church initially served the spiritual needs of the British Forces stationed at Lancer’s Line, Secunderabad but currently serves a large cosmopolitan congregation of Anglicans in the city.[1]

St. Mary's Church, Secunderabad[edit]

St. Mary's Church, Secunderabad is the oldest Roman Catholic church and arguably the most popular church in the city of Secunderabad, India. It was formerly the Cathedral of the Archdiocese of Hyderabad. It is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Adjacent to the church is the convent of St. Ann's which runs the locally famous St. Ann's High School, Secunderabad.[2]

All Saints Church, Trimulgherry[edit]

All Saints Church, Secunderabad is a church under the auspices of the Church of South India. It is located in the Trimulgherry locality of Secunderabad. It was originally a Garrison Church, presided by Army Chaplains but was subsequently bequeathed to the Church of South India in 1947. The church currently serves the Tamil Anglican congregation of Secunderabad and offers services in English every week and in Tamil every alternate week.[3]

Holy Trinity Church, Bollarum[edit]

Holy Trinity Church, Bolarum is located in the Bolarum locality of Secunderabad. Construction of the church, in 1847, was personally funded by Queen Victoria, on land donated by the Nizam of Hyderabad. It was initially an Anglican church, and a place of worship for British army officers and other Indian Christian families.[4]

Garrison Wesley Church, Trimulgherry[edit]

This is another garrison church that exists in close proximity to All Saints Church, Secunderabad and Holy Trinity Church, Bolarum. In its initial years, the church catered to the spiritual needs of the British officers and soldiers stationed in Secunderabad.

Wesley Church, Clock Tower[edit]

Wesley Church, Secunderabad is one of the prominent churches in the city of Secunderabad, India. It is located opposite to the historic Secunderabad Clock Tower. It was built in 1916 by British missionaries Rev. William Burgess and Rev. Benjamin Pratt. The church offers services in English, Telugu and Tamil.

Centenary Baptist Church, Secunderabad[edit]

Centenary Baptist Church, Clock Tower is a Baptist church in the city of Secunderabad, India. It was established in 1875 and has a current membership of more than 3000 members. The original older structure and a new centenary structure built in 1991 exist side by side in the same premises. Worship services are only held in the new sanctuary. The churches offers services in Telugu, English, Hindi and Manipuri.[5]

Millenium Methodist Church, Secunderabad[edit]

Millenium Methodist Church, Secunderabad is one of the prominent Methodist churches in the twin cities. A small chapel with a red brick exterior built in 1882 existed in the spot where the current church structure stands. The old church was demolished at the turn of the millennium to make way for a larger structure in order to accommodate the increasing number of Methodists in the city. The new church was consecrated in 2001 and was renamed the Millenium Methodist Church. The new church is a modern structure with elegant Gothic styled windows and doors delicately incorporated into the structure.[6]

St. Thomas S.P.G. Church, Secunderabad[edit]

St. Thomas (SPG) Cathedral, Secunderabad is one of the oldest churches in the city of Secunderabad, India. The church was built in 1852 by the British missionary society called the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts.[7] The church is prominent structure in close proximity to Secunderabad Railway Station. Across the street from the church is the St. Thomas (SPG) Boys' High School which is run by the church. The Girls High School is further down the road. The church possessed extensive lands much of which were bought by the British government of Secunderabadin order to build the existing Secunderabad Railway Station. The church now serves a predominantly Tamil congregation.[8]

St. Andrew's Orthodox Valliyapally Church, West Marredpally[edit]

This is the only church serving the Syrian Orthodox Malayali congregation of Secunderabad. The older Gothic structure of the church was torn down and replaced by a more appropriate Indian Baroque church in 2007. The state of Kerala, where the Syrian Orthodox of India is based has a rich variety of Baroque architecture owing to the influence of the Portuguese.

Mor Gregorios Jacobite Syriac Orthodox Cathedral[edit]

This church serves the Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Malayali congregation of Secunderabad-Hyderabad. This church comes under the Mylapore diocese of the jacobite Syrian orthodox church.

St George's Jacobite Syriac Orthodox Church[edit]

This church serves the Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Malayali congregation this church comes under Mor Gregorios Cathedral, mettuguda It is located in nagaram, BMR enclave

St. Andrew's Marthoma Syrian Church, West Marredpally[edit]

This church serves the Marthoma Syrian Malayali congregation of Secunderabad.

St. Anthony's Church, Mettuguda[edit]

St. Anthony's Church is a shrine that is popular with the local Catholics. Many sick and suffering penitents attend mass at this church every Tuesday.

Sacred Heart Church, South Lallaguda[edit]

Sacred Heart Church is the parish church of the Anglo-Indian community in Secunderabad. The church is located in South Lallaguda which is popularly known as Little England on account of the large Anglo-Indian population that resides there.

Shekinah Christian Assembly, Venkatapuram, Alwal, Lothukunta, Secunderabad[edit]

This is a Tamil - Telugu - Hindi - English medium big, independent, spiritual church near the Railway track at Lothukunta. The Pastor. D.David Sudhakar, who came the south district of Tamil Nadu, Tirunelveli, established this church in 1984.

St. Anthony's Church, Venkatapuram, Secunderabad[edit]

St. Anthony's Church, Venkatapuram was under Holy Family Parish till 1998. In 1998 Archbishop S. Arulappa created this parish, with Fr. Narisetty Anthony Paul Raj as priest. It is a three-floor church. Fr. Paul Raj worked hard to raise needed money about 43 lacks and Archbishop Marampudi Joji gave 10 lack rupees, 5 lack rupees as grant and 5 lack rupees as a loan to be repaid in in installments. As a first installment Fr. Paulraj paid rs. 25, 000 and he was transferred to Shrine of Our Lady of Health, Khairatabad, Hyderagad, A.P.

Aradhana Hindi Kalisiya, Near Suchitra Circle, Jeedimetla Village, Secunderabad[edit]

This is an authentic Hindi Church in Suchitra cross road, Jeedimetla and Kompally area. This church belongs to Good Shepherd Community Church, the Church movement of Operation Mobilisation India. Ps Selwyn Rajkumar leads this church. Aradhana Hindi Kalisiya is formed with an objective to disciple Hindi speaking people in Jesus Christ in the cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad in South India. Today more than 50 Believers from about 10 North Indian States are actively involved in the life and ministry of the Church.


WordPower Ministries, LB Nagar[edit]

WordPower Ministries is dedicated to share the healing Word of God to the suffering humanity in this dark world. In the beginning, the Word that God had spoken drove away the darkness from covering the earth and later everything became beautiful. The story of creation ended with blessing upon Human beings and also a day of rest with sanctification. When Adam and Eve have disobeyed God, the darkness once covered the earth covered their hearts which needed to be rectified only by the involvement of God’s Word and nothing else. If God uses His Word to first cast away the darkness and went ahead to undo the void and shapelessness of the earth, how much more he would need His Word to interfere in to the dark lives of the people who are in His image? That’s why Jesus came in to the World as God’s Word.

Pearl City Church, Hyderabad[edit]

Pearl City provides the possibility to be able to do Church together, each day and not just on Sundays; to have conversations with people that create camaraderie and build relationships as we share and care for each other.

St. George's Church, Abids[edit]

Main article: St. George's Church, Hyderabad

It is the oldest church in the city of Hyderabad, India. It was built in 1844 AD. The church was originally an Anglican church but is now under the auspices of the Church of South India. The British Resident of Hyderabad used to worship in this church. The foundation stone was laid in February 1844 and the building complete and opened for Divine Service on 19 September 1844.[9]

St. Joseph's Cathedral, Gunfoundry[edit]

Main article: St Joseph's Cathedral, Hyderabad

It is the Roman Catholic Cathedral of Hyderabad, India. It is large Baroque structure. Established in 1820 AD, the construction of the present structure began in 1869 when Fr. Antonio Tagliabue,[10] bought an extensive plot of land near Chaderghat, in what is presently called Gunfoundry (so named for the ammunition centre built there by the Nizam of Hyderabad), to build a school, a church and a convent. Msgr. Pietro Caprotti Pime, laid its foundation on 18 March 1870, the eve of the Solemnity of St. Joseph. Fr. Luigi Malberti Pime took charge in 1872 and completed the main building, which was consecrated and opened for divine worship on Christmas Eve of 1875. Hyderabad was made a separate diocese in 1886 AD, and in a consistory held in 1887, Pope Leo XIII declared St. Joseph's as the Cathedral of the diocese, now an archdiocese.[11][11][12][12][13][13]

Centenary Methodist Church, Abids[edit]

Centenary Methodist Church, Hyderabad is one of the largest Methodist churches in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The Methodists of the Hyderabad used to worship in the Methodist Chapel, Chapel Road until the existing structure was built in the 1970s. The church offers services in Telugu, English and Kannada.

Methodist Chapel, Chapel Road[edit]

Methodist Chapel, Hyderabad is a small structure that exists on the same premises as the Centenary Methodist church. The chapel was built in 1817 and is the oldest Christian religious structure in the city of Hyderabad.

Shrine Of Our Lady Of Health, Khairatabad[edit]

Shrine Of Our Lady Of Health is the biggest octagonal church in Asia. It is one of the oldest Roman Catholic Churches of Hyderabad and is dedicated to Blessed Virgin Mary. In this church, the birthday of Blessed Virgin Mary is celebrated on September 8 every year. On the day of the feast and during the feast lakhs of people visit the Shrine to pay their respects to Blessed Virgin Mary. The feast celebrations start with the Flag Hoisting on August 29 of every year, after which Novena to Our Lady Of Health is held daily in the evenings, where in a parish from Hyderabad or Secundrabad comes to host the Holy Mass. After the mass, there's a procession with the Statue of Our Lady Of Health taken out in the grounds of the Church after which Benediction takes place. Even on First Saturday of every month, there's a Holy Mass conducted during which also the Statue of Our Lady Of Health taken out in the grounds of the Church after which Benediction takes place and thousands of people attend the mass.

St. Gregorios Orthodox Syrian Cathedral, Gandhinagar[edit]

This church serves the Syrian Orthodox Malayali congregation of HyderabadSouth.

St. Mary's Orthodox Syrian Church, Ramachandrapuram (near BHEL)[edit]

This church serves the Indian Orthodox Malayali congregation of HyderabadWest. St.Marys Orthodox Syrian church is one of the four orthodox parishes in hyderabad. Church was first blessed by Zachariah Mar Dionysius (Madras Diocese) on 20th, October 1986. From then on the church has seen many miracles that happened to the believers of Mary, the blessed woman. As 25 yrs passed the church is not in that good shape. So the members of the church has decided to build a new one. At present the church has been reconstructed and was blessed on 10th, June 2011 by 'HH Baselious Marthoma Poulose 2'. Now church belongs to Bangalore diocese, led by Abraham Mar Seraphim Metropolitan. Church consisting of more than 100 families is an Malayalam congregation. Follow in fb @

St. George Orthodox Syrian Church, Jeedimetla[edit]

This church serves the Syrian Orthodox Malayali congregation of HyderabadNorth.

Ascension Marthoma Church, Hyderabad[edit]

This church serves the Marthoma Syrian Malayali congregation of HyderabadSouth. The Ascension Mar Thoma Church, at RTC X Road, Hyderabad is one of the four Mar Thoma parishes in the twin cities of Hyderabad-Secunderabad. and is a part of the Chennai-Bangalore Diocese of the Mar Thoma Syrian Church of Malabar. Although the Order of Worship is traditionally in Malayalam, monthly services in English are also held.

Bethel Marthoma Church, Neredmet[edit]

This church serves the Marthoma Syrian Malayali congregation of Secunderabad North.

Mother Mary Malankara Catholic Church, West Marredpally, Secunderabad[edit]

This church serves the Malankara Catholic Malayali congregation of Secunderabad-Hydearabad.

CSI Malayalam Church, Secunderabad[edit]

This church serves the CSI Malayali congregation of Secunderabad-Hyderabad.

St. Thomas Evangelical Church, Nacharam[edit]

This church serves the Evangelical Church of India Malayali congregation of Secunderabad-Hyderabad.

Hyderabad St. Thomas Mar Thoma Church, Ramachandrapuram[edit]

The Hyderabad St. Thomas Mar Thoma Church, Ramchandrapuram, is one of the four Mar Thoma parishes in the twin cities of Hyderabad-Secunderabad. Located in HUDA colony, Chandanagar, Hyderabad, the Hyderabad St. Thomas Mar Thoma Church, Ramachandrapuram belongs to the Chennai-Bangalore Diocese of the Mar Thoma Syrian Church of Malabar. Although the Order of Worship is traditionally in Malayalam, services in English are also held from time to time. The church celebrated its silver jubilee on 2 October 2011.[14]

New Life Assembly Of God, Hyderabad[edit]

  • Pr. Valson Varghese.

Kukatpally Baptist Church, Beside JNTU Campus, Kukatpally, Hyderabad[edit]

Started in 1985 in a believer's house in Kukatpally Housing Board Colony with three families and established in 1992 as an independent Baptist Church beside Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Campus. The Church celebrated its Bi-decennial celebrations on 7 October 2012.

Fusion Church, Madhapur, Hyderabad[edit]

Fusion Church strongly believes in five connections, to GOD - Worship, to one Another - Fellowship, to become more like Christ - Discipleship, to the community - Missions and Evangelism, and connecting Gifts and Talents - Ministry.

Started in 2006, with the vision to reach the corporate side of Hyderabad. Especially to meet the timings of the corporate world, three services on Sundays.

Adonai Fellowship Center[edit]

The Adonai Fellowship Center holds worship every Sunday, led by the Eternal Joy Singers (The EJs).

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