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This is a list of active rebel groups around the world whose domains may be subnational, transnational or international. A "rebel group" is defined here as a political group seeking change through armed conflict in opposition to an established government or governments.

Groups which control territory[edit]

The following rebel groups control a certain amount of land or territory. Such control might be temporary, contested or fluctuating within a state of war.

It does not include the governments of stable breakaway states or other states with limited recognition.

Rebel Group Country Conflict Territory Controlled Notes
Al-Shabaab  Somalia War in Somalia (2009–present) Parts of southern Somalia (see Somalia control map)
Hamas  Palestine Fatah–Hamas conflict Gaza Strip Opposing Fatah party controls internationally recognized Palestinian government.
Houthis  Yemen Shia insurgency in Yemen Sa'adah governorate and surrounding areas of northwestern Yemen (See Houthis article)
Kachin Independence Army  Burma Kachin conflict Parts of Kachin State and possibly Shan State Military wing of Kachin Independence Organisation
Kurdish forces in Syria  Syria Syrian Civil War Parts of northern and northeastern Syria (See Syrian Kurdistan campaign (2012–present), Cities and towns during the Syrian civil war) Ambiguous relationship with Syrian government
Rebel forces in Syria  Syria Syrian Civil War See Cities and towns during the Syrian Civil War Various groups not necessarily allied, but difficult to say which group controls which areas.
Sudan Revolutionary Front  Sudan Sudan–SRF conflict Parts of South Kordofan state, Blue Nile state, and possibly Darfur
Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant  Syria  Iraq Anbar clashes (2013–14), Syrian Civil War Parts of Northern Syria, Ar-Raqqah, Fallujah in Iraq.

Other groups[edit]

Other rebel groups are listed by the states within which they operate. Because the above list of rebel groups controlling territory may be incomplete, this list may still contain some groups which do control territory.







Central African Republic[edit]




Congo, Democratic Republic of the[edit]


Ansar Bait al-Maqdis





























Movement of Democratic Forces of Casamance

South Sudan[edit]






United Kingdom[edit]



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