List of terrorist incidents, 2005

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This is a timeline of incidents in 2005 that have been labelled as "terrorism" and are not believed to have been carried out by a government or its forces (see state terrorism and state-sponsored terrorism).

  • Thailand Thailand, January 7: Explosion at a railroad crossing - no casualties. One Buddhist shot dead in southern Thailand.[1]
  • Indonesia Indonesia, January 9: Blast in Sulawesi inside a church. Four killed and injuring over 30.
  • Thailand Thailand, January 16: One person dead, over 50 others injured in an explosion in a commercial area in southern Thailand.[1]
  • Thailand Thailand, February 17: Seven people dead, 40 injured by a car bomb outside a hotel in southern Thailand.[1]
  • Colombia Colombia, February 22: A car bomb explodes in front of the offices of RCN TV, injuring two.[2]
  • Israel Israel, February 25: A suicide bomber in Tel Aviv kills five Israelis and undermines a weeks-old truce between the two sides.
  • Thailand Thailand March 6: A Buddhist monk was killed by gunmen in southern Thailand.[1]
  • Thailand Thailand, March 7: Two policemen and three unknown attackers were killed in a shootout with five gunmen disguised as veiled Muslim women at a police station in southern Thailand.[1]
  • Thailand Thailand, March 15: One policeman was killed, three injured by bomb in southern Thailand.[1]
  • Qatar Qatar, March 19: Car bomb attack on theatre in Doha kills one Briton and wounds twelve others.
  • Thailand Thailand, March 19: 15 people, ten of them policemen, injured in two explosions. One of the bombs was detonated via a cellphone.[1]
  • Thailand Thailand, March 26: One Buddhist dead, two injured, in two attacks by gunmen in southern Thailand.[1]
  • Thailand Thailand, March 27: Two bombs used to stop an armored train patrolling in southern Thailand, terrorists then fired on the policemen on the train. Approximately 20 policemen and some other passengers were wounded.[1]
  • Thailand Thailand, April 3: 2005 Songkhla bombings: Two people killed (possibly five), 54 injured, by three explosions in Hat Yai -one at the airport, one at a hotel, and another at a department store.[1]
  • Afghanistan Afghanistan, May 7: A suicide bomber attacks an Internet cafe at a guesthouse in Kabul, killing a UN engineer and an Afghan national and injuring five others.[3]
  • Burma Myanmar, May 7: Multiple bomb explosions across Myanmar's former capital Yangon kill 19 and injures 160.
  • Afghanistan Afghanistan, June 1: A suicide bomber blows up in a mosque in Kandahar, killing 20 people.
  • Russia Russia, July 1 - Blast in Makhachkala killed 10 soldier and wounded 7. [4]
  • Israel Israel, July 12: Islamic Jihad takes responsibility for a suicide bombing in Netanya, which kills five people at a shopping mall.
  • United Kingdom United Kingdom, July 21: Attempted London bombings - Small explosions in three London Underground stations and one double-decker bus. This was pronounced as a "major incident" rather than an attack, and only minor injuries were reported. These four bombs were designed to cause as much damage as the 7 July 2005 London bombings, but the explosives had deteriorated and failed to detonate.
  • India India, July 28: Jaunpur train bombing: 13 are killed when militants detonate a bomb on a commuter train.
  • Israel Israel, August 4: Jewish settler in an IDF uniform opens fire on a bus in Shfaram, killing four Israeli Arabs and wounding five.
  • Bangladesh Bangladesh, August 17: 17 August 2005 Bangladesh bombings: Total 493 homemade bombs exploded in 288 different locations in all districts of the country except Munshiganj; 2 were killed instantly with above 100 more wounded.
  • Indonesia Indonesia, October 1: A series of explosions occurs in resort areas of Jimabaran Beach and Kuta in Bali, as three suicide bombers kill 20 people and injure 129.
  • Iran Iran, October 15: Two bombs exploded at a shopping mall in Ahvaz, Khuzestan. Six people died and over 100 were injured.
  • Israel Israel, October 26: A Palestinian suicide bomber detonates a bomb near a falafel stand in Hadera that kills himself and six others. Twenty-six people were also wounded.[7]
  • Indonesia Indonesia, October 29: In Poso, Central Sulawesi, four Christian schoolgirls aged 15 to 17 years on their way home from school were assaulted by six masked Muslim men who beheaded three of them, Theresia Morangke, Alfita Poliwo, and Yarni Sambue, with machetes and placed their severed heads in front of a church and a police station. The fourth girl, Noviana Malewa, survived but suffered serious machete wounds. The terrorists belong to the group Tanah Runtuh whose leader Hasanuddin confessed at his trial that the well-planned assault was inspired and financed by Guru Sanusi, a former Muslim rebel (Moro Islamic Liberation Front) from Mindanao.[8][9] Central Jakarta District Court sentenced two of the killers to 14 years in prison and mastermind Hasanuddin to 20 years.[10] See: 2005 Indonesian beheadings of Christian girls
  • Australia Australia, November 8: Several suspected terrorist were arrested in Sydney and Melbourne after police say they foiled an attack on the country.
  • Afghanistan Afghanistan, November 14: Twin suicide attacks in Kabul target NATO-led peacekeepers, killing a German soldier and eight Afghans and marking the first attack in a wave of suicide bombings that will continue into 2006.[3]
  • Israel Israel, December 5: A suicide bomb attack kills at least five people in Netanya in north-western Israel.
  • Afghanistan Afghanistan, December 11: A suicide bomb attack injures three civilians in the southern Kandahar Province.[3]
  • Afghanistan Afghanistan, December 14: A suicide attack rocks the famous blue mosque of Afghanistan's northern Balkh Province but did not cause serious injuries.[3]
  • Afghanistan Afghanistan, December 20: A suicide bomber detonates in the western Herat Province, injuring three International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) soldiers.[3]

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