London Motorfair

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London Motorfair
(London Motor Show)
London Motor Show 1999.jpg
Status Inactive
Frequency biannually
Venue Earls Court
Location(s) London, United Kingdom
Country United Kingdom
Inaugurated 1977
Most recent 1999 (1999)

London Motorfair (London Motor Show) was an alternative London auto show to the British International Motor Show that was held at Earls Court biannually from 1977 to 1999.[1] In 1993 when the event won the support of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders and P&O Events changed the name from "Motorfair" to "The London Motor Show".[2]


The show runs from October 20–31 and includes Classic Car Day (October 26) and special Motorsport Days (October 27–28).[3]




The 1991 motor show was larger than previous years with the use of the new Earls Court 2 extension, opened by Princess Diana on 17 October for the Motorfair.[15]